Tuesday Teaser Time!


“Alright Team – patrol complete – all is well on campus – let’s go tell the Professors!”


Yes indeed – very important to comment – only way to get a FIRST COMMENTER badge is if you comment as soon as you get here………………..

It’s time to tease……………….and we’re ready to do just that – but first we have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:


We’ll celebrate Professor Teddy but we’ll also be TELLING ALL about who gets what from today’s TEASER.   Speaking of which – let’s get on with it shall we???   Rules and badges please!

Alright – we’re READY for the photo PLEEEEEZE!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

OK Class – where was this photo taken?   City/Town/Village/State or Country?    HMMM?   Put a fresh battery in your brain and go for it!


We don’t know where this Teaser was from
But you’re all smarties and we’re cute and dumb
But we do know this if you guess it right
You’ll win a badge that’s outtasight!
So turn on your brains and get them ready
To guess the Teaser and celebrate with Professor Teddy!!!

Well the party is tomorrow ladies and hopefully you will wear your party hats and gear to help us celebrate in style.   We just celebrated his GOTCHA a month ago and it’s already time to celebrate his birthday – THE BIG FOUR.

I used to be four………..but I’ve always been CUTE!


Good luck guessing today’s TEASER gang – now let’s go eat!

We meet again students!   Enjoy your lunch – tomorrow we’ll have some of Professor Teddy’s favorites AND a birthday cake too!


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Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

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  1. Nice cheer ladies. Tough teaser, looks like anytown USA with a brick factory building and a church. We will be here for Teddy’s big day tomorrow. XO


  2. So where is the prison in this photo? If you said that big gray prison-looking building in the center…. you’re only partially right. The prison is in the entire photo. You see, the boys in Cell Block 69 were bored (as prisoners often get when the stockroom runs out of soap)… so they convinced the warden to let them build a model town. It looks quite lovely for the work of a couple murderers, an arsonist, and someone who forgot to pay his parking fine… doesn’t it?

    Happy birthday to Teddy! As much as I’d love to have some of your birthday cake, I heard that Miss Dingleberry was going to leap out of it, and decided I’d rather not have to pick mustache hairs out of the icing…

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    • HA! The THOUGHT of Miss Dingleberry jumping out of a cake makes me somewhat nauseous but certainly if MUSTACHE hair was involved – URRRRRRP! As for this model town – I’d say they should remove the soap from stock more often because it brings out the best artists in the prison (I’m sure there’s a run on tattoos after the others see this artsy model town too!).


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  3. Well lookie here who showed up for the part=ee unfashionable late….M E!!
    We went out to breakfast, then took a nice walk then to Walmart…so count me Present now.
    I have no clue but it surely is a lovely little city.
    Hugs cecilia


  4. Mew mew mew iss Tuesday…..so wee are lookin at THE foto. An LadyMew shoutss “Eureka”!! I know where this iss (which meenss she has NO clue, mew mew mew….)
    So our no her guess iss Bangor, Maine where Mistur stephen King ree-seidss!
    Wee gotta give ehr an “A” fore tryin rite TEddy??? 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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    • Hi Toffee…..I’m a cat too and I am one of two Professors at Ding Dong School so I guess my brain is full of good stuff. Every week we do this TEASER thing – guessing where a photo was taken so please come back and see if you can guess some Tuesday OK? Other days of the week I just kind of talk about ME, ME and ME. Genipuss? That’s very cool so you should be pretty good at just about EVERYTHING!

      Thanks for visiting……….
      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Early fall pictures are SO pretty! I think since I don’t have too much searching time today, I shall jump on the same wagon as a lot of others and sit on the bench and take a tour to view:
    Harpers Ferry West Virginia.
    Hmmm, somehow I think your peeps are not that far from there, right??!


  6. What a lovely spot for a picnic! Did you bring the herring, Tyebe? Yep, put a little smoked paprika with them. The leaves remind me of smoked paprika. This looks like the ferry landing down by Williams Lake but nobody’s ever heard of William’s Lake where the Stampede is every year in BC. So I will say Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia….



    • It does look like New England – we agree – but it’s in West Virginia and only about an hour from where we live in Virginia!!!!!! It’s a wonderful town – lots to see and do.

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy


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