Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!


A frosty morning at Ding Dong School as the bus pulls up………….

Security Supervisor Clowie and her team are patroling and finding nothing of concern but they want to remind you students as you come in to:


Greetings students!    Welcome to the Teaser Class this week.    We have a GUEST TEASER for you today and we hope you will enjoy figuring it out later after we show it to you!

Well I’m present and accounted for and ready for teasing!

Me too…..!!

Good!    Then let the games begin!    First up we will review our rules for Teasing………………very important that you follow them.    We want everyone to have the same chance at winning so you must resist temptation to put the Teaser photo into a photo recognition program and find out the EASY way where the photo was taken.

THEN we want to show you what fabulous badges we have for those of you who win OR lose OR almost win !

Our Graphics Department will be changing up badges soon – we don’t want you to get tired of these badges now do we???

Please tell the Graphics Department we appreciate all the ARTSY badges they make!

We will definitely pass that comment on………………not everyone shows off their badges but some do and we like to give them some VARIETY – it’s the SPICE OF LIFE you know!!!!!!!

I dunnow what spice of life means…….HUH?

Nevermind…………let’s just keep on moving shall we??????     Let’s go ahead and bring in our Teaser Photo Guard Rusty who has been careful to keep a close eye on the photo so nobody gets their hands on it before class sees it every week……………………..

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WOW! What a view – that’s the biggest litterbox I have EVER seen!

So students you need to study this photo and make a guess where this photo was taken…………..!    Give it your best shot………………..and our Cheer Team is going to give you some encouragement to do just that!


Alright students get on the ball
If you guess this one right you’ll be standing tall!
We think this one might be rough
Guessing a beach location can be tough.
We know you’re smart – there’s just no doubt
So give us a reason to scream and shout!
Be a winner and when we do the Tell All cheer
It will be YOUR name that you will hear!!

Thanks Cheer Team………if that doesn’t fire up this group of students – nothing will!


Well almost all the students anyway………………………

Now who’s up for cafeteria treats?    The cafeteria is having “International” day…………………let’s see what’s on the menu shall we?    After lunch you can come back and study or make your guesses.      Then it’s back on the bus for home until class tomorrow when we’ll announce winners!

Hello Class!   Today we have goodies from all over the world for your lunch choices!  Enjoy!

Today’s Exciting Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck with your Teaser guesses!  See you in class tomorrow!   

Your Professors

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  1. Is that the Cliffs of Dover in the distance? If so this is Dunkirk France. Dad says knowing history helps, if we are right Hee Hee. Great Cheer it was a toughie. We shall see tomorrow.Thanks for the grub Ms D. Good luck fellow students
    Timmy and Family

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  2. Just another invisible prison with invisible prisoners on some invisible land that was made up in the mind of the idiot squirrel who never tries to actually solve these Teasers and usually gets sent to the principal’s office for “severe discipline.” Oh well, at least I’ll miss out on “World Menu Day.” Oh wait… so will everyone else since the World Health Organization had to quarantine the cafeteria. It’s about time…

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    • HAHAHAHA…We promise you won’t be sent to the office today for any of that severe discipline even though we think you SECRETLY love that kind of discipline – like Mitzi. Are you sure you don’t want a “variety platter” from the cafeteria today? Everyone is wearing a mask (fat lot of good that does….!) back in the CRAPeteria so I’m sure (haha) you will be able to eat your lunch in safety (or in the bathroom).

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  3. Very late we are…but…well, now that is a HARD teaser!!
    There is a long spit of sandy-ness, and some greenness for those who need greenies, MOL! And do we see mountains off in the distance?? Who knows.
    But we researched all of that stuff and came up with this:
    Abbotsbury, Chesil Bank Nature reserve and shingle bank, in Dorset County, UK.

    And here is a link to this amazing placer, at least if we are correct:


    We already ate, so we’ll just indulge in some fruit tart, its virtually calorie free, right?? MOL!


  4. My heavens, you sure make the best badges around, Teddy. I think this is a wonderful beach in Brazil called Ipanema. I think its in Brazil. That’s my guess. You should see underneath the sand. It’s been used as a bathroom for many moons. Talk about indecision. With all this kit lit how does one choose where to go?



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