Tuesday Teaser Class!


Greetings and Salutations Ding Dong Students – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??????

The report from our superb security team is that all is well on campus so let the class begin and THANK YOU Clowie and Company!

Last week as you all remember we had a TEASER WHOPPER.    Nobody guessed it and it was one of the toughest photos to figure out that we’ve EVER featured on Tuesday Teaser.    We’re not claiming that this week’s will be any EASIER, but we never know for sure.    I can tell you that our Graphics Department was in charge of procuring the photo for today so we can blame HER if there are any issues with the photo.    Tee Hee

I will STREEEETCH my imagination this week to figure out the photo!

First up we have our RULES and our BADGES to show you.    It’s important to know the rules and to follow them and hopefully we’ll be handing out all the badges tomorrow!

There you have it – now all you are “prepped for success” – or we can hope so anyway!   IS EVERYONE PUMPED UP??


Then let the fun begin.     Will our Security Guard PULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE bring in today’s photo?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN?????????????????????????????    That’s your mission as you know – study the photo, see if there are any clues – follow them up and make your best guess.  Tomorrow we will let you know who wins what.

Cheer Team?    How about getting these students IN THE MOOD for guessing…………….only YOU can fire them up (or wake them up!):

We can’t wait for Spring so we can ditch the hats
Most of us think they make us look too fat!
Anyway, we’re here to cheer
Then we’ll go drown our sorrows in a nice cold beer
We’ve seen the Teaser you are going to study
And all we can say is “GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!”
Could be any busy town in any busy city
But we’ve gotta admit it looks quite pretty!
Good luck gang and give it your best
Then tomorrow with badges you will be blessed!!

Thanks girls……and enjoy your LUNCH – I hear that dive you all go to is a bit rough – be careful!!

You girls are going there by yourselves?  YIKES!

Shall we adjourn to the lunch room and have some lunch so you students will be able to have the energy to figure out the Teaser for today?     I think you need all the help you can get!!!!

Hello you adorable students – welcome to another well planned, well cooked, well presented lunch in your school cafeteria!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck with the Teaser kids – see you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL!   

Your Professors

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  1. Professors Thanks. Cheer Team Thanks. Miss D that is a super lunch and the FLAN is delicious. Hello Everyone. We have no idea where that is but will say NY, NY just because. The flowers look like spring and we cant wait


  2. I am earlier than usual, but not early enough. Great cheer ladies. I don’t go to bars, but that one is tempting 🙂 Have a great day! XO


  3. Looks like Main Street in Klinksville. Outdoor cafes can be found all along the avenue in beautiful downtown Klinksville… and that includes the outdoor prison in the middle of the street where bad tippers are locked up in until they serve their 15% of the total check. It’s common for townspeople to throw food (both new and “recycled”) at the cheapskate visitors as they wait out their punishments… making it the first and only genuine tourist trap in the world!

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  4. Teddy, I give up..I have been through Europe, but can’t find it…maybe because it is not in Europe😸We have dinner now, so I have to stop searching, but I’m very curious where this was…tomorrow huh? Good luck to everyone who guesses where it is😸Pawkisses for a wonderful evening to all of you🐾😽💞

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  5. I think I would love to be there right now, its so bright and colorful! Here its dreary times 100, and the forecast us more of the same, probably to July, MOL!
    Looks nice and warm, too:)

    I see interesting lamps, a flag with a logo, and outdoor seating in the street, so its a pedestrian mall…I thinkl!
    I am going to guess as some others already have: The historic pedestrian Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    And of course I am not first, MOL,MOL!


  6. My heavens, it looks so warm there. Let’s move there, mom! Mom feels like it’s San Diego but we don’t think so. Those tall flowers look like tulips. It seems builders of malls in cold climates like to have outdoor malls where one has to hustle from store to store or freeze. This location looks like the Hawaiian mall down by the water so mom will guess Hawaii, Honolulu….but she forgets the name of the mall.



  7. I only just got home to look at the photo. It is too small on my phone to see details. I don’t know where it is, but it looks Parisian.


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