Teaser Tuesday Time!


It’s HERE!    TUESDAY!   Have you commented yet???  You better do that NOW!

I have just received word from our fabulous Security Team that we are all secure and officially cleared for class to begin today………………..a big hand (or paw) to Clowie and her team for making sure all is well on campus!

We’ve “gotcha covered” Ding Dong School Class !!  

We’re here to have some fun with our regular Tuesday class where we get eyestrain looking at a photo that was taken SOMEWHERE by SOMEONE and we have to figure out WHERE!    It’s a challenge most weeks and this week we have a photo from one of our students instead of our Graphics Department (she gets a break).

Here are the rules for our fun – AND our badges that you just might win if you’re lucky.

(grumble…grumble…..I’m still sleepy – not ready for rules yet!!!!)

AND here are the lovely WINTERIZED badges you might just find yourselves winning one or more of !


I like it when we have NEW badges to win!!!!

Are you ready for the photo for today?   Please remember the rules – use your brain to figure it out – it’s more fun AND you learn more that way.

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

How’s this for a Toughie students?     I love this photo…………………good luck figuring out WHERE it was taken………………………….!    This one just might take a lot of figuring out – we love a challenge right students??????????????????

WOW……..this is really hard stuff…….I don’t wanna disappoint my parents…….I’ll try hard I pawmise!

Perhaps if the Cheer Team does their thing they will inspire everyone to do their best to figure this tough Teaser out………………..

Nice badges for you lucky students
We think doing your best might be prudent
The Professors expect great things from this group
So show them you’re a very smart troup!
We can tell you that we think this one is ROUGH
But we’re sure someone will get it – you’re TOUGH!
Ready, set, go for our lunch…..
Some good stuff for our tummies we’ll munch!!!

Alright little darlings – shall we adjourn to the lunch room while you think about this one?   Then you can come back to the classroom and get down to work guessing.   Tomorrow we’ll TELL ALL……………..

Welcome to the cafeteria students…………..belly up to the bar lunch line with your tray and choose something delicious so you can go back to class and get the TEASER correctly !!!!   

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class at regular time tomorrow students and GOOD LUCK!   

Your Professors



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  1. I am here at last after spending half the night and morning in ER. I will email later but I need to get some sleep first. Another gall stones attack!

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  2. Salty the Seagull sits perched atop the statue of James Audubon at the avian penitentiary named in his honor, watching the prison yard like a hawk looking for any signs of one of the inmates attempting to “fly.” It’s the one hour morning activity time at The Birdcage, and the usual suspects make their way out to the playground made up of cheap plastic toys and mirrors. There’s Pauly, the wiseguy pigeon who was once the top wingman for Don Minestrone and the Guano crime family. Sulking in the gravel pit in the corner is Poe the raven, who just botched yet another parole hearing and will earn his freedom nevermore. But Salty’s eyes are drawn to the most nefarious squab in the Cage, a foul mouthed squawker named Kismet. Looks like Kismet’s been sneaking food from the outside again since they don’t serve crackers in the prison kitchen. Salty decided to look the other way at this serious infraction, though… heck, not even he would want to eat in the prison cafeteria ever since they hired that birdbrain chef Dingleberry from the local school….

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  3. Good Morning ☀️ We’re late because we love Amelia. 🥰😻 Boy do we have to answer lots of questions. We’ve seen that statue before in photos. Is it Paul Kruger in Church Square in Pretoria, South Africa?


    • Hi Correne – it’s a VERY VERY tough photograph – usually we don’t just have a THING in a photo – it’s a location/place and it’s not QUITE as tough as this one is!! At least you took a peek………..

      Hugs, Pam

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  4. Hmmm, that seagull made me think of lands by the sea. OK, that is way TOO broad! Abe Lincoln wore hats like that but no, its is NOT him, MOL! Look, he has a scroll! Hmmm, did he write something important? Well, then search for statues of writers…and lo and behold, this man was there! Score…but I see I am not first, so no cigar for me, but that is OK, I don’t smoke anything, MOL!
    That is a Statue of Alexandria Kielland, Norwegian author, in Stavanger, Norway.

    And I for sure am not first…I think you would faint if I was a firstie…Hah!


    • Good googling! It’s a good photo for “honing our skill” to figure out where a photo was taken isn’t it…………..you have to look at everything and keep searching…..I think it’s fun but I guess it isn’t everybody’s “thing” – you are a googler extraordinaire.

      Hugs, Pam


    • I suspect that guy’s hat is a well-known and much used landing pad for many a pigeon and no doubt there is a LOT of poop on the guy’s shoulders – happily I guess his head is protected by that hat!

      Hugs, Teddy


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