Teaser Tuesday Class


Greetings and Felicitations Class – Have you COMMENTED yet??

Clowie and her cracker jack Security Team have given us the go ahead for class.   All is well at Ding Dong School today!

I want to introduce two new students – Edgar is a big Harry Potter fan as you can see, and Marvin is just a happy guy period!


Always happy to have some new faces in the crowd aren’t we class.    Let’s get down to business.  Our Graphics Department came through with a really pretty photo for our Teaser class today and I hope it’s not TOO easy for you.    We do want you to be challenged and make you THINK – or else your brains will shrink and disappear in your heads – know what we mean???

Let’s review the rules of engagement for making a guess as to where the Teaser photo was taken!

And here are the badges you will win if you’re lucky!!

I can’t wait to get back to guessing !!!  I was MADE for guesswork!!!

OK then let’s bring on our Security Guard with today’s photo and then you can begin agonizing over it while our Cheer Team attempts to cheer you up………………………..

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Ta Da!    Whatcha think students?     Give it your best shot…………………make sure and follow the rules!    What TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE is this and what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA)??

Cheer Team – you’re on!!

We were feeling kind of chilly
Although hats and scarves look silly
But we’re here because we must cheer
And to remind that Teaser rules you must adhere!
So get busy and figure the photo out
Then tomorrow your name we will scream and shout!
Let’s start this year out with winners!
You’r experienced students NOT beginners!

Thanks team – that ought to put a fire under the rear ends of this pile of students here in class today.     And if THAT doesn’t do it – I bet if we go have some nice refreshing and delicious lunch, everyone will be in a better frame of mind to study the Teaser photo and make a GOOD GUESS.     Let’s do this!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hello Students……….please bring your trays up and let us load you up with some of our delicious lunch specials today.    Then back to class for you where you can agonize over that Teaser photo!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Class after you have completed your studying, you can hop on your bus for home and we will see you tomorrow at the usual class time and hand out BADGES!

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    • You are on time for sure – class has not yet started BUT you are one minute out of the first 60 seconds realm for a FIRST COMMENTER BADGE! SORRY ABOUT THAT but it’s wonderful to see you again!! 🙂


      • We don’t mind that we weren’t firsties, we’re just glad we were able to join class today. Our mom is working a different schedule these days, and dealing with some very bad headaches, so sometimes our computer time is limited.

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        • Oh so sorry about the headaches…….that’s not fun AT ALL. My Mom used to have migraines until her doc took her off one of the pills she’d been taking for years. NO MORE MIGRAINES! Hope your Mom adjusts to her new schedule – that’s always extra tough. Still it was nice seeing you again – we’ve missed you!!!!!

          Love, Teddy


  1. It looks like a covered bridge there so I am off to google covered bridges in America. Don’t worry, I am not googling the photo, no fun in that.

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  2. Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms separated by a river… East Klink to the west and West Klink to the east (Hey, the royal surveyor was dyslexic). Neither territory felt like harboring its own criminals… so for years East Klink would secretly deport its bad guys east to West Klink, while West Klink would secretly deport its felons west to East Klink. When both rulers realized what the other was doing after noticing that neither land’s crime rate was dropping… they came upon a compromise to turn the bridge dividing the two countries into a prison itself… creating a barred off no man’s land. Solid steel doors at both entrances made the only possible method of escape jumping into the river. Yet no East Klinker would dare swim west back home, nor any West Klinker swim east to freedom. Why? The river was infested with man-eating otters, of course! See them sticking their heads up there? They’re so cute, until they latch on to your jugular…

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    • YIKES!!!!! Man-eating otters would keep MOST from attempting escape but I’ve heard Klinkers are a tough lot….they like to roll the dice….like to take chances…..like diving from old covered bridges into the unknown. Thanks for filling us in on the particulars and – WELCOME BACK FROM THE BRINK OF THE ABYSS (that one in your kitchen).

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


  3. That Timmy looks to be a double winner today, and we are going to agree with him on his guess for the location. We can’t decide if the food is better here in the cafeteria or at Coop’s Gotcha Day party. He says, “thanks,” for the card. He’ll post it on Thursday. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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  4. Well, as usual I am still snoring away when these posts come in…wait, do I snore?? MOL!

    But seeing all the comments and Timmy is almost always right, I am going to second or more the guess he made:
    That is the Groveton Covered bridge over the Upper Ammonoosuc River in Northumberland, New Hampshire…USA!

    Some chicken tenders and key lime pie…those should hit the spot!

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  5. Wow! No SNOW!!! Though the temperature is a couple of degrees above freezing, we have had a TON of snow here in the Great White North! A covered bridge would make a whole lot of sense! Just like that one on the Upper Ammonoosuc River. Wanna see our snow? Check out Mommy’s Facebook post.


    • Oh Marv I will check out your Mom’s FB post – Our snow is no big deal – we don’t get TONS of snow but when we do you’d think the world was coming to an end….people forget how to drive safely, how to shovel snow, how to STAY HOME IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO OUT (!!!)……….anyway, it’s pretty to look at that’s for sure!!

      Hugs, Teddy


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