Tuesday Teaser Time


Happy Tuesday!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?????

Clowie and staff are we secure and ready for class??

“Security check complete – ready for class Professors!”

Then let us begin!     We’re sneaking up to Christmas – after today’s class only one more “Pre-Christmas Teaser” to go before we have the DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS TEASER CLASS and special badges for those who win them that day at school.

“We’re DETERMINED to guess a Teaser in the next few weeks!”

Let us begin by sharing our RULES – which we are STRETCHING a little for today’s Teaser.    STRETCHING?    What does THAT mean???     Well, today’s photo is different – it’s not so much a CITY/TOWN as it is an AREA.    So you will be guessing what AREA it is in either a STATE (if USA) or a COUNTRY (if not in the USA).     So for TODAY ONLY here’s what’s required to WIN:


1.   YOU MUST TELL US WHAT AREA IS SHOWN IN THE PHOTO (example:  North Pole, California Coastline, Alaskan Tundra, The Med, etc.)


Got it?     Good – perhaps when we show you the photo some of this will make sense (or not).     Here are the badges you MIGHT win if you figure this one out:

Today’s photo is a GUEST TEASER and we will share who sent this little gem in when we have our TELL ALL class tomorrow.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT LEAVING A COMMENT:   Our wacky Graphics Department (you know who that is) keeps changing our blog theme for the holidays, so if you have trouble figuring out how to comment – look at the very bottom where links are and you’ll see the words LEAVE A COMMENT – click it!

“Gosh those instructions are CLEAR AS MUD…….But I’ll TRY!”

Well, I guess we might as well give this a whirl.    Sorry if it’s confusing but we will be more LENIENT than usual with guesses for this one………………….oh and you’ll be excited to see OLD SARGE back again this week to show the photo since our regular Security Guard is still on vacation for the holiday.    Sarge has promised to TRY and be nice in the spirit of Christmas!


Since we gave our lazy Security Guard yet ANOTHER day off -I’m gonna show you the TEASER photo for today myself…..

WELL, so much for NICE!    

So the question is – what AREA of the world was this photo taken in??????

Our Cheer Team will cheer you on as you try to figure this one out………………………….GIRLS?????????????? You’re ON !!

Well this photo is confusing and that’s no lie
We won’t be surprised to see the students cry!
But we honestly believe someone will figure it out
We’ll be saying their name tomorrow as we twist and shout
We hope YOU win like a good student should
Cuz Santa is watching and you all need to be GOOD!

OK girls………good job.    We’ll find out tomorrow whether your faith in the class was warranted or if everyone will be getting COAL IN THEIR STOCKINGS!!!     Is everyone ready for lunch???   Good – let’s go!

Pre-Holiday Greetings you dear little Ding Dong School students……the cafeteria staff has prepared some delightful choices for you today so please come through the tray line and pick your favorites!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Students we’ll see you tomorrow in class for the TEASER TELL ALL – who wins?  We’ll find out!   GOOD LUCK!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

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  1. I don’t know but if that is the Florida Keys, I am astounded! I never dreamed that is how they would look from above! And I don’t think I could feel really comfortable living there. Was with various weather happenings.
    I am delighted to see Sarge back. I have missed him and asked after his health a few times I know. XOX
    Katie Isabella

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sarge is always around – most often in his personal hot tub or harassing students in the hallways. We will find out tomorrow WHERE this photo was taken – obviously from a plane or a balloon or something but WHERE??!!

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Warden Phil Poseidon was tired of all of the escapes from his apparently not too super supermax penitentiary. Too many bad guys were getting back out on the streets and terrorizing the nearby town… even going so far as to rip the Do Not Remove tags off of innocent people’s mattresses. So the warden, having read comments from prison experts on past Teasers, decided to build a huge moat around the prison and fill it with man eating otters…

    Three weeks later, the hose hooked up to the prison shower was still running… and the warden’s moat wound up flooding out everyone within a three mile radius. While the townspeople were obviously not too thrilled about being put out by floodwaters from the prison, they could at least rest assured they would no longer be dealing with escaped felons making their lives a living hell. The man eating otter problem in the town was another story entirely….

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  3. Of course being late, I can’t be too sure with all these guesses I see above, but, I wondered if it was the coastal Massachusetts shoreline, just a wild guess.I looked up deltas, peninsulas and shorelines. This seemed to match the best:)
    Likely wrong though, MOL!

    Gotta run and finish my errands and appointments. New glasses in my agenda…maybe new glasses will help me figure out teasers better?? Bwahahahaha!

    Its cold and snowy here, a holiday Hot Chocolate will keep me warm, Thanks!


    • New glasses always make me happy – I think I can see well until I put on new glasses then I find I’m amazed I haven’t run into walls! Stop by tomorrow to see how you did on the Teaser!

      Hugs, Pam


  4. It looks dang cold there. Is that snow all over the ground? I would have to say not near us….there is no body of water near us that is that big.

    I would say…no, it can’t be Newfoundland. How about Hudson’s Bay……western side.



  5. I’m late for class and I don’t know where it is, Teddy and Angel Sammy. I hopped every island all over the world, but had to give up because my tummy called for Roast Beef that I saw somewhere between the lines😸Pawkisses for Better Luck to everyone🐾😽💞


    • Hi Little Binky! I can imagine that you might not have any idea on this one – unless your Granny has flown OVER the state of Florida before!!! I hope you enjoyed your roast beast (beef!)!!

      Hugs to you…….Teddy


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