Teaser Tell All Time!


Welcome to Tell All class kids – please have a seat and let’s get started!

Yesterday’s Teaser was guessed pretty darn quickly so I guess our Graphics Department gets a low grade for “fooling everyone” ……. sometimes it just works out that way and someone recognizes it lickety split.    It’s all about fun though so if everyone still had fun – then we have a WIN/WIN!

First up though let’s talk about FIRST COMMENTER shall we???

The suspense is killing me………

The Teaser went live at 7:22AM Virginia time……………and it was two minutes before anyone popped in with a comment!     Who was it that did?

Ta Daaaaa……….it was Phenny and his brother AND their Mom!


YES THEY WERE and they win this:

We were up early enough to be the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of December 3, 2019! YAY FOR US!

I wanted to get up early to be first commenter but my alarm clock was broken!

Here’s the photo we had for TEASER yesterday which was selected by our Graphics Department and turned out to NOT have fooled our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for long – like maybe five minutes maybe.   HAHAHAHAHA

It’s a beautiful photo – looks kind of Christmasy too!    The location of the photo is the very picturesque town of Utrecht in the Netherlands.   This really is a gorgeous part of the Netherlands with a lot of things to see and do and we have a link for you to follow if you’re interested in learning more about Utrecht.     CLICK HERE

So who was the lucky FIRST COMMENTER?    It was one of our newer students in class!!

Little Binky !   

This badge is all for you and your Granny Binky for being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS:

I won my VERY FIRST badge at Ding Dong School for being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of December 3, 2019! YAY FOR ME AND GRANNY!


I know that there were more RIGHT GUESSES yesterday after Binky got it correct so if you were one of the lucky ones who guessed Utrecht – please take one of these badges for your very own!

I wasn’t FAST enough to be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of Dec. 3, 2019, but I did guess RIGHT so I get a badge for that!

And you know the drill – if you were WRONG with your guess – well – what can we say except YOU GET A GREENIE for your badge collection!

Well I was WRONG with my guess on the post of December 3, 2019 but I’m just going to try harder next week – yep – I’m gonna get it RIGHT!!

Well at least we have more chances to get a Pre-Christmas badge – three more in fact!

Yeah well I’m still UPSET……and when I get upset – well – you’d better have some clean diapers handy!

OK OK OK – that’s enough diaper talk – let’s bring the Cheer Team out shall we???????????????????????

The Teaser photo turned out to be too easy
In fact it was just barely “teasy” !
But our FIRST COMMENTER was wide awake
Give Phenny and his brother a badge for heavens sake!
Then we waited just a few minutes before the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER came along!
It was LITTLE BINKY singing the winner’s song!
Congrats to our winners for being so good
Ding Dong Students are the smartest in the ‘hood !!!!!

OK ladies – I think you have the right idea…………..let’s all slide on over to the Cafeteria and see what delightful delights Miss Dingleberry and staff have prepared for us today shall we???????

Time for lunch students!  Step right up to the cafeteria line and pick out your favorites!

What’s Cookin’ Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy your lunch students – then you’re free to head to your bus for home!   See you in class next week!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

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  1. concats Binky&granny!!!! at least the mama was in da right country, that is a great progress too, right? hahahahahaha… she first thought it is prague, fortunately the bikes on the left side sent her in a different direction

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  2. Thank you guys, this is really pawsome! Concats to Phenny and Nelly for being the first commenter🎉 Utrecht has many beautiful places to visit. Granny was biking from Rotterdam to Utrecht many years ago, to visit the City and she remembered this place…like imediately…MOL… I think the confusion lies in the canals. We have a lot of them in our Country so it could have been Amsterdam too…well…in a way 😉 Let me take the badge now and a tuna burger. I got hungry from guessing😸Extra Pawkisses for a wonderful day to all of you…you just made mine!🐾😽💞

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  3. Congrats to the Weims, and Little Binky and Granny.
    After yesterday’s huge lunch I was going to have a light snack today, but our neighbours just rang to say they have booked a table for 1.30 in a nice country pub!
    It is to thank us for helping their sons to look after the dogs and chickens while they were cruising for 3 weeks. We had morning duties and their sons did the evenings. I was going for the weekly shop but I know which I will prefer! Another fat and full day!

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  4. Good Morning everyone ☀️ 🎄
    Congratulations to Phenny and Nelly for being first and congratulations to Little Binky for first right guesser. Oh and we had fun trying to guess right. 😉


  5. Bar B Q please, hold the bun, with eclairs and hot chocolate for dessert. Thanks, Miss D. Mom thinks she should get a special badge for dreaming what time time Teaser was going to go live. Congratulations to the Weims and Little Binky. Sending love and warm hugs to all. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


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