Teaser Tuesday Time!


It’s Tuesday and beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!  


Security Team reporting in!   All is well at Ding Dong School today – quiet – and COLD!!!!!

Thank you Clowie and company and HOWDY everyone……………….here we are – first class of December and two days closer to Christmas.   Can you believe it?

Today we have a great Teaser for you.    It’s another GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT masterpiece and we hope you have a good time trying to figure it out!   We will be having some special Christmas badges for you to win coming up too.

Let’s get started though with the rules shall we?

And here are the badges you will be eligible to win if you’re lucky!   They are going to be Pre-Christmas badges until Christmas!

These are from 2018 – do you remember them?  Did you win any of these?

They look a bit familiar !

Hmm…..they kinda do!

Well they are still festive and appropriate and if you win one you’ll be just as happy about it NOW as you were in 2018 when they “premiered” in class!    We have a substitute guard to show us today’s Teaser photo…………..I know for a FACT that he’s familiar to you………..he doesn’t normally “guard” – he’s normally screaming in the hallways telling students to BEHAVE………

Since we gave our Security Guard the day off -I’m gonna show you the photo for today!   Whether you like it or not!  So there!

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN????????????????????????????  Looks like winter wherever it may be!     Give it your best shot students………..it’s what you’re so good at after all – figuring these photos out.

Here to help you with your figuring out – and to cheer you along the way – is our Cheer Team – Ladies – take it away!

Santa Baby we’ve been good
We study hard like good students should
The Professors’ students are pretty darn smart
They study geography, math and art!
Let’s see how well you all do today
This photo’s a doozy so what do you say?
Give it your best and we’ll see if you’re a winner
If you don’t give it your best you don’t get any dinner!

No dinner? That’s not fair!

Everyone gets to go to the cafeteria – just remember when you finish to come back here and STUDY and get your guesses made before class tomorrow!  OK?   OK!   Let’s go!!

OK Students!  We’re ready for you today – who’s hungry?   Go for it!

Today’s Selections:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Students – see you tomorrow at the usual class time!!   

Your Professors

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  1. Love the new look. We were going to post how Dad has an appointment at the stabby place and whee hoo here we are. That photo was taken in Scandinavia but exactly where we didnt open our books too much last night. Sorry it was the feral kittens. They are AMAZING to watch. Little puff balls of energy. Oh yes last night They ALL used the litter pan! AMAZING. Yes I meowed that twice. We will win a Christmas Teaser Badge next week fur sure. Or maybe the next Hee Hee
    Purrs All

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The plan was ingenious. The only thing separating Venice Penitentiary from the land of free Italians was a narrow moat that was infested with man-eating otters. How could the seven men from the cellblock on Floor Pink possibly get across the dangerous strait and to those bicycles the villagers carelessly left unchained so they could pedal off to freedom? Luigi remembered how his mother always used to chew him out when he was just a bambino for going outside and leaving the door open. “Mama Mia, Luigi!!! What are you trying to do, air condition the whole city!?!?” So for six weeks, Luigi snuck down to the prison loading dock and left one of the doors open every night. His crazy plan worked! Despite it being another hot and humid Mediterrainian August, soon there was snow falling everywhere! And the moat froze over!!! Or at least, they thought the moat had frozen over. Alas, the seven men from Floor Pink wound up as otter food… and the villagers’ bicycles remained where they had left them in the morning. They should’ve known the prison air conditioning wasn’t quite THAT good…

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  3. {Yawn}…sorry for showing up late. It’s cold and windy here and was hard to get up and face the wind. I’m going with my fur-iend, Binky’s guess…Utrecht, Netherlands. I originally thought Amsterdam but did a spot of studying and will go with Utrecht. Happy Tuesday.


  4. Being of Dutch heritage, the canal, those bikes and the roofs are a dead giveaway! However since I am as late as ever, I am not first at anything…
    But…that IS Utrecht in the Netherlands. I have been there, but not in winter…and who else but Binky and her Granny would know the right answer…they live in Holland I do believe!


  5. I just got here! We went out for the day to collect some new sections for our chimney, stopped for lunch and they were doing a Christmas lunch special, then called in to see friends. Our 4-5 hours out ended up nearer 8! I now feel fat and full.
    I couldn’t check the Teaser either as we were in a black spot, no internet, no phone signal and no data! Arghhh!!!
    The canal looks like Holland but I don’t think it looks right for Amsterdam. There is another city that has a famous canal and I can’t for the life of me think of the name. I am sure it has already been guessed so I will accept a Greenie with grace.
    Ha! I just noticed as I am typing that in the comment above me MM&TW say Utrecht. That is where I was thinking of but I wouldn’t have remembered without seeing it there, so I will still accept my greenie.


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