Teaser Tuesday Thanksgiving Style


Welcome to Thanksgiving Week Teaser !   Have you COMMENTED????????????

Security Patrol reporting all is secure inside and outside Ding Dong Sheep School…..let the TEASING begin!

We are so THANKFUL that all of you are in class today and we are also THANKFUL that we have such a great security team keeping an eye out for introoooders or other troublemakers here on our lovely campus.    Are you all ready for class today?     You should know that Miss Dingleberry and her wonderful team of cafeteria workers are going to have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving feast for us tomorrow on TELL ALL day.     So we are ready to celebrate – even if you and your family aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving we’ll still have fun and good food together.

Our Graphics Department came up with a great Teaser for us today.    So get those glasses cleaned up so you don’t miss anything.

Yikes – I guess I hadn’t realized just how many of you wear glasses – but they all look clean and shiny so let us BEGIN!

The rules for Teaser are:

And here are the SPECIAL Thanksgiving badges that you might win if you are lucky today!   We will announce winners tomorrow!

Now let’s bring in the guard with today’s Teaser Photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this taken?

And to get your brains working and your imaginations popping, let’s bring in our team of fabulous Cheerleaders shall we?

Here we are looking silly
Tossing turkeys willy nilly
It’s our duty to be all cheery
But keeping this headgear straight makes us weary!
Anyway we wish you luck as you study and guess
Your Professors expect perfection and deserve no less
We are thankful for the Profs, all of you, and Miss D
Now lets all head to the cafeteria for a glass of iced tea!

Thanks ladies – good job and I think you can take those things on your heads off now AND please put those turkeys down.   Don’t spill stuffing all over your cheer uniforms!


Good luck with your guesses everyone – tomorrow before we have our Thanksgiving dinner together, we will find out who gets badges and who doesn’t!     Meanwhile, line up and let’s march to the cafeteria together shall we?

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!   Welcome to “Pre-Thanksgiving Lunch” – our regular menu today but tomorrow we’ll have lots of Thanksgiving favorites!   Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Studying!  See you in class tomorrow!   

Your Professors

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      • I was actually checking my emails and it suddenly popped up. I thought I was going to be first but hadn’t allowed for the fact that we were driving along a bumpy lane. It is not easy trying to print “here” on a small screen as you go over bumps and I had to keep correcting it. It is lucky there are only 4 letters in “here” or I might have been 10 minutes late!!
        I am sure it has been guessed so I will just say it looks like Italy, maybe Lake Como as that is the most well known one.


  1. That Teaser sure does look familiar and we think by the trees and cliffs its in Italy! That is not the ocean as it would have been washed away so a lake in Italy. Yup. Now let us dig into that delicious Mss D meal and get our bellies ready for tomorrows Turkey. Then we will have Turkey on Thursday at home. We sure are Thankful for all our friends and having fun with you all on Tuesday with the Teaser. Purrs Professors and family dont eat too much this week!
    Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Buddy, Miss Fitz, Einstein, Fanny Feral and Family

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    • We are so thankful to have you all as friends – so you’re having turkey tomorrow AND Thursday? Lucky!!!! We are SUPER happy that you have fun with us on Teaser Class days and EVERY OTHER day. One of our thankfuls this year as it always is – is that we have so many fabulous friends. Thanks for being one of them!

      Love, Teddy and Mom Pam (The Professor and the Graphics Department 🙂 )

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  2. Professor Roy Hinkley, warden of Lost Forest Island Maximum Security Penitentiary, was confident that his prison was the most escape proof in the world. He knew from his days stranded on a desert island with six silly castaways back in the 60’s just how impossible it was to escape from the middle of the ocean. So confident was he in the fact that his prisoners were going nowhere, that he just sat back in his posh beachside quarters admiring the view of the sea… completely oblivious to the giant scar forming in the forest behind him where the inmates had been slowly but surely chopping down the trees for years. And when the day came that the entire criminal population of the penitentiary set sail on all of the makeshift rafts they had worked tirelessly on… the Professor stood on the shore too stunned to even call out for the guards. Of all the things the Professor made while he was a castaway… his prisoners were able to craft the one thing he never thought to. And everyone thought Gilligan was the idiot of that bunch…

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  3. Now we know how Miss D gets her customers-it is a forced march to the cafeteria. I can’t use matches or lighters with my wings. Would somebody please light the fuse on that bomb that is coming out of the turkey that’s on Miss D’s head. It will be delicious to see the results. Miss D will have finally made something delicious.

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  4. Good evening here, Teddy😻We have seen all the houses on the internet in Europe, but we can’t find it, but after all the hard work, we sure get in line for a cup of tea😸Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday 🐾😽💞


  5. Oh, MY! That turkey on Miss D’s head…um…something seems wrong with that, MOL, MOL!

    We are going to go with the majority once again, on account that we are late as per usual…getting ready for Thanksgiving takes TIME!
    So therefore we think its:
    The Villa Balbianello,in Lenno, on Lake Como,Italy. Does George Cloony abide there? OMC! What a place to live, I am envious, MOL!


  6. Are we first? NO? Sheets!! This is a beautiful mansion on a calm lake….Lake Placid maybe? If it was the ocean, huge waves would be lapping at the house. We’ll say Lake Cuomo, Italy….owned by some flashy cats that love running up and down stairs.



    • Oh dearie me – visitors for Thanksgiving? As long as they pay their due to you – pets, treats, etc. – you can tolerate them right? At least you have your nights with Mom for snuggles!

      Hugs, Teddy


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