Tuesday Teaser Time!


Security Chief Clowie:  “Ok Crew – we can report in to the Professors that ALL IS WELL at school this morning!!!”

Thanks Clowie!  Good job as always……..now students – have you COMMENTED yet???

That’s always the first order of business after we have been told by Clowie that all is well in the school yard.   So if you haven’t commented – you’d best GET TO IT.    I’m assuming all of you are trying to win a FIRST COMMENTER badge?    GO FOR IT.

I commented as quickly as I could come in the front door of the school!

Good!   Maybe you are THE ONE this week Charlie!

Today’s Teaser is provided by our Graphics Department and over and above how difficult it may be to guess where it was taken – I think it’s a beautiful photo – so there (compliments to the Graphics Department).     Anyway, we will give you a reminder of today’s RULES and show you the badges up for grabs – we know you want one!

Next week is “THANKSGIVING WEEK” here and we will have SPECIAL Thanksgiving badges to give out even though Thanksgiving is not a class day.    In spite of that we will have a Thanksgiving meal in the cafeteria and celebrate a day or two early.   I’m sure nobody minds that right?


Of course there will be turkey on the menu!

Now let’s we see if our Cheer Team is UP for a little cheer before we see the photo shall we?    Oh yeah – let’s DO IT…………………


It’s “Pre-Turkey” Teaser time so give a cheer
Turkey, stuffing, apple pie – but will there be beer???
Today we have a pretty photo for you to study
No fair cheating though with your buddy!
You’re on your own to figure this one out
So straighten up in your desk chair and don’t dare pout
Tomorrow we’ll be here again to cheer for the winners
This guessing stuff is “old hat” for you because you’re NOT beginners!
Give it your best shot and get an award
You’ll be EVER so proud that you SCORED!!!

Thanks girls – well done………………..

These girls know how to shake their pom poms alright!

Our hall monitor will now bring in the photo for the week!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WOW! That is a pretty photo!

It might be pretty but your job isn’t to critique the photo but figure out WHERE IT WAS TAKEN…………………are you all ready?    THEN READY – SET – GO!     Make your best guess.   Tomorrow we will return to find out who wins WHAT!

We Will Do Our BEST!!!

Now what do you say we head to the cafeteria for something to eat………………then you can either (a) come back and have a nap at your desk or (b) come back and figure out the TEASER photo!


I’m coming back to STUDY the photo!

I will come back and study too…..I’m no napper!

Hello Students!   We’ve got a nice lunch for you today – next week we’ll celebrate an early Thanksgiving but today – it’s “business as usual” with all your favorites.   Enjoy!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Students!!!!   See you regular time tomorrow……..YOUR PROFESSORS

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    • Ya think? You boys might be right on target – and we shall find out tomorrow if you are……if you’re right maybe your Mama will make you some “bread Weims” instead of “bread men” to eat??????

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Seeing as I am late I looked straight at the photo. Is it Quebec old town? It looks like the murals on the walls in the Square. On phone so can’t see it well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shortly after his successful run at Warner Brothers Studios, famed animated thespian Wile E. Coyote was sentenced to 15 years in the Arizona Penitentiary sending a package bomb to Acme Products in retaliation for faulty merchandise. Life behind bars didn’t stop the cunning desert dog from his lifelong quest to finally capture that pesky road runner, though. Here is an example of one of his “tunnels” he painted on the back wall of the mediocre security wing of the prison. Just like always, the road runner ran right through the fake tunnel… causing Wile E. to smash himself face first on the wall trying to catch him. He may come out reformed, but Wile E. Coyote will never learn…

    “Business as usual” for Miss Dingleberry means nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Did you say “he may come out reformed” or did you MEAN to say “he may come out deformed” after smashing into that FAKE tunnel?????? Inquiring minds want to know. As for Miss Dingleberry’s culinary efforts in the school, it may interest you to know that the only person who has ever become ill after eating in the crapateria (oops…..I meant cafeteria of course) was that scumbag temporary supervisor she had a while back who talked her into that ridiculous body make-over that didn’t work out.


  3. MOL MOL Suzie Q and squad…your first two lines are always hilarious
    It’s “Pre-Turkey” Teaser time so give a cheer
    Turkey, stuffing, apple pie – but will there be beer???…Maybe beer batter turkey legs
    Hugs Cecilia


  4. I am so later, cause I am just now at the confuser for the first time today…and no doubt in my mind where that is, cause I have been there! (Old) Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada!
    And I love coming here where I can eat whatever I want, MOL!
    Lets try the baklava and a smoothie to go with it:)


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