Tuesday Teaser Time


Welcome Students!   You have time to COMMENT while we wait for Clowie’s Security Team to finish checking the schoolyard and hallways…………

All secure Professors!   My Team says they’d like some sweaters in this cold weather though!

We’ll have to see if the school can pick up the tab for some cold weather gear for Security.    Thanks Captain Clowie!

Students we have a great GUEST TEASER for you today…………we think it’s tough but then again almost always when we say that, someone guesses it right away.    We’ll see if today is any different.

Well I have NEVER guessed it so THERE!

Let’s show you the rules – AND the “Fall Badges” we promised you that you might win if it’s your LUCKY DAY…………

The Fall Badge Collection


Glad you like them………………….now let’s get started shall we?     First we’ll hear from our Cheer Team……….that always gets you all PUMPED!

Is it Tuesday again already?
Are you SURE Professors Sam and Teddy?
Well, we’re here to do a cheer
Although our vision may not be clear
We had a little party
We were very nearly tardy!
But we hope you students are more alert than us
We could hardly find the bus!
We’ll promise tomorrow to be alert
Because Sarge’s lectures always HURT!!!

Well girls, we don’t want you to get in trouble with Sarge – he’s been very cranky lately.

Guard, will you please bring in the Teaser photo for today??

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Good luck……!!  

Tomorrow we’ll let you know who wins what and who our Guest Teaser was this week……………………….


Well just do your best…………………………and those of you who want to take a little FOOD break before you make your guess – let’s go to the cafeteria shall we??????

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Happy Tuesday Students………..have some lunch then go back to your schoolroom to hit the books and figure out today’s TEASER photo!

What’s For Lunch Today?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck students – hope you win a badge!   

Your Professors

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  1. Hi, those youngsters I’m training need to toughen. Great Pyrenees don’t feel the cold. It would be like a Husky complaining about a spot of snow! I’m obviously not working them hard enough.

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  2. That is Yodel-A-E-Hoo Penitentiary (aka The Chalet) deep within the Swiss Alps. Every winter, three lucky inmates are drawn from a lottery for a chance to win their freedom. One winner is always a petty criminal… probably in the joint for stealing pens from work or jaywalking in a school zone. Another winner is a hardened criminal… maybe someone doing 10 to 20 for armed robbery. And the third winner is one of the worst of the worst from death row.

    And so, these three winners are taken out to the prison yard and led up to the top of the three sledding tubes that lead down the cliff….. er, mountain. The petty crook gets to ride the bunny slope. The hardened criminal the more difficult course. And the death row inmate…. well, you can probably guess. Should any of the inmates actually make it to the bottom of the mountain in one piece and alive, they’ve earned their freedom and may walk the streets again. This is the 164th year for the prison lottery, and so far there hasn’t been a single successful escape from The Chalet. But you never know… this may be some lucky prisoner’s year!

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    • Oh I like that! Nice that Yodel-A-E-Hoo Pen cares about their prisoners enough to give them a chance at freedom every winter. Not sure I like the ODDS but then again, I wouldn’t want to be in The Chalet either – I’ve heard they have a lot of accidents with soap.

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    • Well that sure would not be yours truly. I did learn to ski when I was in my 20s and distinctly remember thinking I would break both legs and both arms or smack into a tree………I survived my ski lessons but preferred the fireplace and hot chocolate in the chalet over freezing to death on the slopes! Still feel that way over 50 years later! HAHAHA

      The Non-Adventurous Pam


  3. It brings back bad memories for my peep. The first time “skiing” two skis left the house and one plus two half skis made it back. No broken bones! Who needs those hills when you can do a flying 720 in the air (more like a 750)?


  4. Girls we are happy you didn’t miss the bus. We always are let down when you don’t have a cheer. Mom wants to know if she can have one of those Oreo Magic Cakes delivered? Concats to Mom Sharon on being first to arrive yet again. Love to all and stay warm. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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  5. Totally forgot about today. Had to take Tubby to the vet for a cold. I do not know where that is. Sure looks like some kind of ski place. That’s the best I got today. Ha,ha,ha. Hope your having a good one.
    Sue B


      • The vet didn’t think he was bad enough to get an antibotic today but; suggested a new supplement they have that has helped other cats who get colds all the time like Tubby and Charlie got. So am trying that out. One lady said it was like night and day for her kitty. I am hopeful. So far I got him to eat it in his food.

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  6. We’re first!! No? Son of a sea cat!! Ok, down to business. Mom hasnt a clue what this is but I know….it’s a house used for smoking fish. See all the vents, that’s to let the moisture out so the darned house doesn’t go mouldy and then collapse from the water inside.


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  7. Oh my whiskers, that place looks a lot like a place in our neck of the woods called Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho. It’s almost on the Canadian border, We’re not too sure about those metal thingys in the upper right hand of the photo though.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto & The Tribe of Five


  8. EEKKKK!!! Mee iss so late it iss all most tomorrow Teddy! Furry sorry…LadyMew is sick with Sinusitis again….
    So wee puzzled an puzzled over THE photo. LadyMew red commintss an then shee said to mee “BellaDharma mee red a story ’bout a place like this inn Norway or Sweden.” So that iss our guess…LadyMew sayss there iss a fancy Chalet inn THE story which may or may not have anything to do with yore photoe…Wee gotta cut her sum slack…her head an sinuses are REELLY hertin her!…
    Mew mew mew BellaDharma


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