Teaser Tuesday Time


“Alright Team – let’s report in and let the Professors know all is secure for class today shall we????”

Good Morning Class!   TIME TO COMMENT!!!!

Thank you Clowie and Team for securing the school yard for us this morning.   Nice to know we’re free of any distractions or safety hazards so we can get class underway.     We’ve got a GREAT Guest Teaser today who sent us an amazingly TOUGH photo so students – straighten up in your seats and pay attention pullleeeeeze!

I’m awake…..don’t I look awake??????

I’m WEADY…..I mean READY.

First order of business is to give you the rules for guessing AND show you the “non-Halloween” badges that are up for grabs for the Teaser today.

What? No Fall badges?

No worries Penelope – we will have special “Thanksgiving” badges for the Teaser of November 26th!

Well as leader of the Ginger Patrol in class, we think some FALL badges would be cool.

You got that right Coop!

You betcha!


Count me in too!

Gosh – I guess we’d better get the Graphics Department to come up with some FALL BADGES for next week’s class…………..now let’s get down to business – as we said, today’s photo is a GUEST TEASER………..let’s ask our Security Guard to bring the TWO photos in shall we????

Here’s today’s TWO Teaser photos Professors!

WHOA…….this will be a goodie……………please follow the rules and don’t use GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH………..you can google clues that you might see in the photos but just loading the photo up in image search is NOT using your brain!

I’ve got a brain but sometimes……….well…….you know!

Just do your best……tomorrow we’ll tell you who sent this great Teaser in AND who wins what badges!     Cheer Team is ready to pump you up for guessing so let’s bring them in shall we??

Hello class let’s rock and roll
Pay attention and don’t fall down the rabbit hole
These photos are tough and that’s the truth
Don’t grind your teeth or you might lose a tooth!
Do your best and you know we’ll cheer
If you’re a winner then YOUR name you’ll hear!
Our spandex cheer costumes sure come in handy
We all ate too much Halloween candy!

I think we all ate too much Halloween candy but that won’t stop us from heading to the cafeteria for lunch…………………..and then you students can come back HERE to study those Teaser photos and make your guesses.    Ready?   Let’s go!

Hello Students!   Time to fortify yourselves with a good lunch from your Ding Dong cafeteria.   Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class tomorrow!   Good luck!    Your Professors

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  1. People in Contrarian City, West Dakota (You didn’t know there was a West Dakota? Well, now you do!) like to do things differently from everyone else. Green lights mean STOP. Banks are only open on holidays. Fire hydrants pee on dogs. Stuff like that. So when Contrarian City was chosen by the West Dakota governor as the “host” for the new state penitentiary, how do you think they built it? With horizontal bars, of course! Those crazy Contrarians. They’ll probably have the inmates guarding the guards…

    Liked by 2 people

    • HAHAHAHA…….alright – this is just crazy enough to be possible. Same with inmates guarding the guards – which I suspect they probably do ANYWAY! West Dakota is on my list of places to visit – I think my husband was born in Contrarian City. I’d bet anything on it.


  2. Did you know that Miss D has a day job? This is her restaurant (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). This is the seating area. What’s that? You don’t see anyone there? Of course not. Nobody eats there. The ones that did are either dead or in the hospital. Where is it? Do you really want to know? Just avoid Dingleberry’s Diner if you want to live.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What a humongous boat…and a museum at that! Imagine thin king those are steps that you have to climb…um..no thanks! Esp since there is that watery ‘moat’ underneath…
    I am going to go with the flow and say that is:
    the V&A Design Museum, in Dundee, Scotland.

    Now I would love to indulge in some of that peanutbutter – chocolate pie! Good thing its virtual, MOL!


  4. Holey Moley, Teddy, now I know why this is called a teaser Tuesday…our brains are cracked after almost half an hour of searching. We saw a building in Österreich, Hypo Alpe Adria, but with a closer look it doesn’t look like any of your buildings. We thought it was a climate building, but that didn’t brought us to the solution either and now Granny and I give up…but we had fun with your post 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday to you and your mom🐾😽💞


  5. Mew mew mew what a TEEZER Teddy!!!! Mee has NO clue an showed photoess to LadyMew an her guess iss an Airplane buildin inn Dubai/United Arab Emiratess.
    Mee hopess wee are at leest on THE rite side of THE werld, mew mew mew…..
    **purrsss** BellaDharma


  6. What a weird looking building. Believe me it will fall over one day. Tsk tsk. I’ll bet no one wants to stay there so they use it for peeps afraid of heights. They make them look over the sides from the first floor and they make their way up the floors. Those that can look over the top floor without barfing on the poor souls below….graduate and can finally leave this torture.



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