Sunday Selfie Hop


Yoo hoo!!   Time to do a selfie for The Cat On My Head…………………it’s a great Hop – why not join in?  Just click on their badge and link up with us.    You will NEVER believe it – my Mom actually took a photo of me in the living room when I was not on my back!    Yep – I was performing some “routine maintenance” on my body AND it was dark and the flash didn’t work properly so Mom tried to “edit it lighter” which didn’t turn out so well but at least it’s a NEW photo of yours truly.

SO here’s my selfie for today!

I saw her with her camera so stopped in the middle of my tummy cleaning – at least I thought maybe the fact the flash hadn’t flashed gave me a chance to avoid having my photo taken but OH NO………Mom persisted.    She hasn’t Lunapic-ized a photo of me in a while but she gave this one a shot with this result:


Oh boy – this will be a PIP of a puzzle!   This is Lunapic’s “NOUVEAU” art effect and it sure makes the oriental carpet look funky !!    Here’s a puzzle – this one is a DOOZY!

Click the MINI-ME for the puzzle………….Good Luck!

Now we know that our buddies, the Kitties blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD are doing a Halloween-ish Selfie Hop today – so even though Mom couldn’t resist posting a photo of me having a wash, we still have one of ME in my Halloween costume for this year……………..ready?    Be prepared for VAMPIRE GINGER!

Wait – What?   Mom – where are my ears?   That gray hair looks like a rubber hat!   What’s with that???!!!!


That wraps it up for Selfie Sunday……………………..see you in the blogosphere everyone!

Gingery Teddy Hugs!


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  1. We are never safe when it comes to clandestine selfies or even failed flashes, MOL Oooh Vampire Ginger sounds mighty scary, but not as scary as that wig 😉
    PS.Mrs H managed 17:14 on the jigsaw this week, and is now very crossed eyes!

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  2. I will save the puzzle for later. The sun is shining after a wet day yesterday and the bipeds have said we’re going to make the most of the nice weather. A nice long walk with lots of puddles – what could be better?

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  3. You look absolutely Stunning! in your costum, Teddy and what a purrformance on that carpet, as the artwork looks very magical to me, now we only have to put the pieces together huh…and we will do that later😺Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday🐾😽💞

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    • Many of my pictures are up on the back of the couch in a sunpuddle. Looks like I’m recycling but I’m not. Just up there enjoying TV. XX Mom loves the suns on my furs.

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      • I seem to get more of my sun appreciation done outside lying in the leaves. I move to a new spot when the sun moves. That means when I move, Mom or Dad or both move…..they just adjust their chairs so they can ALWAYS ALWAYS see me to keep me safe. I love being outside in the sun. Inside in the sun is my “second preference” !!

        Love, Teddy


  4. It got harder and harder for me to get pictures of the cats where they didn’t look away. I knew they didn’t like the flash (who does?), but how did they know? They were looking at the red light that came on the front of the camera when I was getting ready to take a picture! I started covering that up with a finger and had better luck getting their fuzzy faces…


    • Good idea……….sometimes I think it takes my flash so long to flash that it spoils the moment – I’ll try covering the red up – Teddy seems to have photo radar and just knows when I am WANTING him to be still…..he’s sneaky that way!


  5. Sorry we are late commenting on the Sunday selfies we were out volunteering at next year’s WorldCon.

    Have a great Sunday and I LOVE the filter it’s all Rennie Macintosh!


  6. Teddy when the flash goes off, you are supposed to be doing your best pose, not breaking from it! MOL! And yes, that includes your very best cello pose, if you know what I mean. 😉


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