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Hello Class – the graphic is a bit of a flashback but we thought it might be fun to have a different START to our Tell All Class!     After all, we had a bit of a different TEASER yesterday didn’t we?!

Yes it WAS different and I’m not sure I liked that!

So sorry but if your sensibilities were insulted by a little extra FUN on a Teaser Tuesday then TOUGH because we Professors believe in SHAKING THINGS UP once in a while!

Ready to hear the scoop?    We’ll start by letting you know WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER – and YES we only had ONE First Commenter yesterday instead of a couple.    Our “Firstie” was what we refer to as a Frequent Flyer when it comes to being FIRST……..someone who obviously keeps an eye on their computer on Tuesdays and the minute we go live – HE’S THERE!



Yet again Timmy was the first to shout out his presence in class at Ding Dong School yesterday so he gets this badge ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL to himself:

I was the ONLY First Commenter on the Teaser of October 22, 2019!


Then it was WAIT AND SEE…………..because we did have a different type of Teaser and it involved multiple photos and multiple possibilities so it took a while for people to research and figure out what their guesses were going to be!     The GRAPHICS Department put the Teaser together and we thought it would fool EVERYONE but no it did NOT.    Here are the photos and possible cities again that needed to be “matched up”:






The CORRECT answers for each photo were:

PHOTO 1 – Hong Kong

PHOTO 2 – Singapore

PHOTO 3 – Toronto

PHOTO -4  Chicago

PHOTO 5 – Sao Paolo

Those who figured out that you could use Google and ask for “aerial photos of big cities” – might have been able to weed through tons of photos looking for these and found them – EVENTUALLY, but the person who was FIRST RIGHT was pretty QUICK to be right………..and it was our frequent winner and heavy traveler who got the order right FIRST:

Timmy!  (yes again….!)


AMAZING – and here’s your reward Timmy

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 22, 2019!! WOOT!!!


Because you were a DOUBLE WINNER yesterday, you also get this award:

Timmy Tomcat was a FIRST COMMENTER and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 22, 2019! WOWZERS!

There were a FEW MORE of you wonderful students who got ALL of the cities right……………….and if you were one of them, please take a copy of this award because we are PROUD of you for figuring them out!    By the way, even if you didn’t get ALL of them right but maybe a couple of them right?   You did SUPER DUPER WELL!

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of October 22, 2019!! YAY FOR ME!

And if you were WRONG with your guesses but you still TRIED – well you definitely deserve a GREENIE!

So I tried but just didn’t get all the answers right on the Teaser of October 22, 2019 – I got a GREENIE badge though!

Everybody give yourselves a cheer…………………………our Cheer Team will do that too but you should pat each other on the back for a job well done – it wasn’t easy around here yesterday with a change of Teaser TYPES.    Next week we have our Halloween Teaser class.    BOOOOOOOOOO!

WOW….is it just me or has our class become VERY large lately?????


Well sorry about that!!!!    Cheer Team?   Come save us from this angry crowd please!!

Watch out for the angry crowd
They’re not too happy and they’re very loud!
We think it’s fun to add more fun
Makes it cool for everyone!
Yesterday was an EPIC day
Timmy was a winner in every way!
FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT both badges he won
Left everyone else in the dust but we still all had fun!
Next week is Halloween and we’ll be spooky and scary
But we’ll shave our legs before class so we won’t be hairy!

Gosh girls – no need to do the leg hair thing – we’re used to – and love – your furry legs!     But we hope we will see you in costumes – that will be fun.    I’ve heard Miss Dingleberry is planning a special spooky menu too.    Some people say every day she has SPOOKY menus but we think – and more importantly the School Board thinks – that she does a great job feeding us good lunches around here.   So let’s head over now and EAT shall we?

Thank you….thank you very much!  I’m starving!

Happy Wednesday Teaser Class……I know it was a “trying” class today because you had a different kind of Teaser but perhaps we can restore your energy level with a good lunch!    



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you next week in class – it will be our Halloween Teaser – if you would like us to put you in class in a Halloween costume just email us your photo and you’ll be in the Teaser post all dressed up (photo shop or real costume)!!!    We will have a spooky good time……………………

Your Professors!   BOOOOO!


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  1. Double Congrats to Timmy & Crew!

    Next week and the couple weeks there-after we may not be around to do teasers…the fun times for petcretary are coming…called vacay at our Auntie…well for some of those days, the rest are staycastion for her with lots on her agenda. Hah! We may stop by to see if we know the pics, but greenies will likely be our lot, MOL!
    Don’t think we will do the dress up thing either…petcretary actually just about hates Halloween. Go figure!


  2. What? We won? No Way? We really thought we had it and then saw the numbers switched Hee Hee so number one was not… Well you professors know that. We should have sat out as the one we want to win is Halloweenie so we shall see. Purrs all


  3. What’s with no desserts today? Fruit smoothies do not count? We believe we are going to pout? Is Miss D on a diet? We’ll be having prime rib and onion rings to celebrate that we got the right answers. We actually like these teasers, as we do not have to search all over the world to figure out the locale. Choices make it easier. Girls, please don’t shave your legs for next week, unless you really do want to scare all of us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mau, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Miss D thought the fruit smoothies would count as dessert – OR – maybe she forgot to put the desserts out???? The Cheer Team has decided that having that hair grow back in and being itchy isn’t worth the shave thing so they will continue to have furry legs!

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Double concats to Timmy. Well done🎉We’re so new on this teaser tell, Teddy, will come back next week to be in time to guess. It looks like a fun game, very difficult too, but we can always give it a shot, right 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday🐾😽💞


    • You are welcome to try your paw at Teaser Tuesday ANY TIME dear Binky!! You might win a Teaser Badge!!! The post is live at a different time each week so it’s a SURPRISE – makes it more fun to be the FIRST COMMENTER!!

      Love, Teddy


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