Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!!


We’re BAAAAACK!   Make sure and COMMENT then have a seat!

Clowie and her Security Team sounded the “all clear” for safety – no introoders around – THANK YOU SECURITY TEAM!

We know it’s not Halloween yet but the School Board wants us to make things “festive” for all of you for the month of October.   

Today we’re back from our little break along with our Graphics Department, and ready to tease you with photos for Teaser from a GUEST TEASER.    There are TWO photos actually – one of which may give things away but then again SOMEONE has to guess right no matter how many photos we give you right?

I’m ready to be teased AND thought I’d try out my costume too!

First, let’s give you a refresher course on the RULES for Teaser and the badges that are up for grabs this week!

Now it’s time for us to bring in the guard with today’s TEASER photos!    Ready?

Here’s today’s Teaser photos Professors!

The ornament is on the gate to this bridge…………….but WHERE is the bridge located???    That’s the question!!!    We’ll find out who the winners and losers are tomorrow for our TELL ALL!

Cheer Team – – – you’re ON!

Now that it’s October
We promise to stay sober!
No more bar hops and beer
Won’t be long until Christmas is here!
Santa won’t be happy
If we don’t start acting snappy!
So let’s hope the best for you lot
Let’s hope your answers are all hot
Tomorrow we’ll tell you who wins
When the fickle finger of fate spins.
Good luck to all girls and geezers
Tuesday is fun thanks to TEASERS!

Rrrrrrriiiipppp!  (Darn, Sarge just had those pants fixed!)

Poor Sarge!

So we will be seeing you tomorrow for the Tell All – meanwhile study hard and try to figure out WHERE the photos were taken………………..YOU might be a winner tomorrow!   Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch????


Greetings Teaser Class!   Time for lunch and we thought we’d have another “food from around the world” menu for you!   Enjoy choosing some favorites or some new things you’ve not had before!

Today’s International Delights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow for the TELL ALL!  

Your Professors……………….


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  1. Oh My Catness that is the Iron Bridge in Shropshire England. Dad saw pictures when he was in Bristol and learned of the iron making in early England. Cool we know this. It was made of Cast Iron which is very brittle but served well for many years. Great meals, Great Cheer, Great fun! Thanks Professors

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  2. Darn! I was trying to be first ans got distracted by FB One needs complete concentration to be first. Nice cheer ladies. No need to stop drinking, it is the most fun time of the year with Halloween. No idea where this bridge is, but it is pretty. XO

    Liked by 1 person

    • Facebook can be very distracting I agree…..Class requires 100% concentration though that’s for sure – even we Professors have a tough time with 100% of anything except LUNCH!

      Hugs, The Professors


    • I thought you were going to get a nap! HAHAHA Maybe you’re right – tomorrow we’ll find that part out – in the meantime – **holding watch up in front of your face** – “YOU ARE GETTING SLEEPYYYYYYYYY”……………tick tock……..ZZZZZZ


  3. I agree it’s The Iron Bridge. It’s across the River Severn, near Ironbridge (oddly enough! :D) which is near Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, England, Planet Earth.

    HAve a fun Tuesday!

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    • Hello Security Supervisor! Tomorrow we’ll get the scoop on this photo and who submitted it but you sure sound like you are PAWSITIVE that you’ve got it! Thanks again to you and your trainees for making us all feel safe and sound. One of these days you need to introduce your Trainees to the class! 😉

      Hugs, Teddy

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  4. I guess that is the prison bars version of a rose window. The perfect aesthetic accent for St. Judas’ Catholic Penitentiary. This is an outdoor facility that features the Garden of Eden on one side of the river (Notice all of the apple trees… and I assure you they are all snake infested), and Hell on the other side. You obviously can’t see all of the fire and brimstone in this photo since it was taken from the Hell side, but notice that Hell does have a fence around it. Even Satan doesn’t want trespassers cutting through his domain…

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