Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    Time for the selfie Hop with The Cat On My Head…………our friends the Kitties Blue host this fun Hop and we try to pawticipate every week because it’s fun to see everyone posing for the camera in our “Sunday Finest” !!   HAHA      I’m usually asleep in my photos – seems I do that a lot and it also seems like Mom likes to capture photos of me in that “condition” more than any other photos of me.    I am awake SOMETIMES you know!

As always I have a FLASHBACK Selfie today.

This little gem is from October 11, 2017…….not exactly MODEST am I ?    Well truth is I’ve never been modest – I like to let things all hang out!    Mom says my tummy looks like a landing zone for a drone or something.    Well, I do have my LANDING LIGHTS on (hahaha) to guide it to the landing spot.

Mom said this photo of me would make a TOUGH puzzle……………all that carpet all around me?   Gonna make it tough………..but then again everyone who does jigsaws likes them to be challenging right?    Good – cuz here’s your challenge!

Click the Mini-Me photo for the jigsaw puzzle!!

Happy Sunday!!   

Hugs, Teddy

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  1. Teddy, we love you awake selfie and the idea of landing lights for the drones. Mrs H suggested that if I do that they could just airdrop my food straight into my mouth, lining the strike up along my tummy white fluff. 🙂
    Have a lovely week, and we shall let you know how we get on with the jigsaw 😉


  2. Back in the day when Ody was in landing pad mode, a certain mischievous brother of his named Spilly would have taken that invitation literally and launched a sneak attack on the belly! And then the entertaining sport of cat rasslin’ would ensue. I miss those days…

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