Tuesday Teaser Time!



OK Team – we can go in and report to the Professors that all is well on the school grounds!   

Then we’ll guard the door and THEN we’ll head to the cafeteria for lunch!   

Happy Tuesday Class!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?   You’d better do that NOW then have a seat!

Happy day two of Fall!    We’re hoping to get a cool down (it was 94 here yesterday) and some rain (haven’t seen that in well over a week) but in the meantime, we have Ding Dong School to keep us busy right?

Our Teaser today is from our oh-so-fab Graphics Department.    Hopefully it will provide you with more than enough “stumping” material so that you will have to give it some thought before you figure it out.

It better not be too hard or I’ll get pretty grumpy!

And I’ll just get MAD!

And I’ll get depressed!

OK – you’ve all made your point.   I hope this will be an EASY TEASER.    First let’s show you the rules and badges – ready?

When we say in #2 rule “don’t use a computer program to tell you” we mean programs like GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH – it can recognize a photo and tell you where it is (if the image is on the internet) – we’d like you NOT to use that – use your imagination to figure it out!!

Now you know what you’ll perhaps WIN and how to give a proper guess.     Let’s get on with the show then.    Let’s get the PA system to request our Teaser Guard to bring in today’s photo shall we?


Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken?   What planet?  (just kidding – it looks pretty much like Earth to us!)………………follow the rules posted above and GOOD LUCK!   Tomorrow we’ll let you know where the Graphics Department dug this one up (haha) and pass out the badges.


Cheer Team?   Want to whip the students into a frenzy of studying?   Come on in!!

Scooby doo and rah rah rah
And toss in a little sis boom bah!
Here we are to give a cheer
To de-fuzz your brain so the answer will be clear!
Maybe tomorrow we’ll be cheering your name?
This might just be your claim to fame!
So study it well and give it your best
Whatever you do don’t fall asleep at your desk!

Thanks gang………….now you can go for a ride on your Harleys – or go to the beach and get tanned (remember your sunscreen) – or go shopping – or look for Halloween costumes (won’t be long now!).    We’ll see you tomorrow.

Yes Audrey?   You say you’re hungry?  Well let’s go to the cafeteria shall we?

Hello Teaser Class!   Ready for some lunch?   Step right up!

Today’s Ding Dong Delicious Lunch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow for the awards !!!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Teddy

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    • Clowie everyone is so impressed with the job you’re doing training your trainees AND keeping watch over us. On top of THAT you’re still a Teaser student – good thing your trainees can be in the kindergarten while you’re in with the Teaser class though or the kids would be a bit distracting..ARF ARF. Enjoy your lunch!


  1. You have to look really hard to see this week’s Teaser prison, but it’s that giant structure to the left of the lighthouse there. Another excellent example of an escape proof prison… as even if a foolish prisoner were to survive scaling down the sheer cliffs to the beach, there is an entire school of hungry sharks just waiting for them to try and swim for it. Look at all of those sharks with their cute little fins sticking above the water!!!! I’ll bet Miss D’s thinking of catching one for the next chef’s surprise day in the cafeteria, but I digress…

    And no, the prisoners can’t just try to escape by running in the other direction from the water… because this prison is on a movie set and the backgrounds behind the prison are all fake.

    Liked by 2 people

    • HAHAHAHA……Sharks would certainly discourage any NORMAL prisoner from trying to escape through the water but there will be those who would rather become a shark meal than spend another day in the pokey!


  2. My guess is the Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai HI. Forgot it was Tuesday once again. You know I like to either be first or last. I wasn’t even awake at 8 a.m. Going to check out what Miss D has for us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  3. I’m late because I muddled up my classes and had a swim class! But I not only survived but no lifeguard wanted to jump into the pool to save me!!!
    How is it possible that EVERYBUDDY knows that Martha donah but me???


    • HAHAHAHAHA……Well I’m sorry no lifeguard was standing by to rescue you from the pool – good thing you know how to swim! You dont’ get any demerits for being super late to class either because for a change Marge is in a good mood!


  4. Well, only 4.5 hours late…MOL, MOL!
    Ah well, there must be a back seat somewhere we can sneak into un-noticed??

    Anypaws while petcretary snacks on some of the peppermint cheesecake( good thing its virtual), I will paw the keyboard and be in agreement with the others…’
    That picture is of Gay Head on the Clay Bluffs, at Martha’s Vineyard, MA. But…we don’t see any vineyards on those barren looking bluffs…

    See ya!!
    Wags from the rascal monsters who must be digging some more…cause they are not with petcretary and me…


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