Tuesday Teaser Class!


Good Morning Students!   Have you COMMENTED?    Better do it!   

Captain Clowie and her elite corps of guard pups have completed a perimeter patrol and have reported that there are no hooligans lurking around the Ding Dong Sheep School compound.   Isn’t it great to know they are ON THE JOB?????

Today we do our weekly peek at photos and see what we can figure out as to WHERE the photos were taken.    We get to learn more about the world, AND our humans find some spots they might like to visit one day!     Fun huh?

The only traveling I wanna do is from my high chair to my crib for a nap – or else I get very cranky!

Well you’re the exception to the rule……….most of our students LOVE to figure out the Teaser photo.  So let’s remind everyone how to do the guessing AND show everyone the FABULOUS badges they can win and show off on their blogs if they get one (or two!).

Wake me when the rules and badges thing is over with…..I know that stuff by heart!


Today’s photo is a goodie…………our fabulous Graphics Department came up with this one…………..are you ready?   Let’s bring it in and post it on the board!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Cool huh?     Give it your best shot students – you  might win a badge!     Our Cheer Team is here now to get everyone pumped up so you’ll be anxious to make your guesses!  Tomorrow we’ll have our “TELL ALL” to let you know who wins what……………

We just saw the photo you got for a Teaser
It’s a real toughie – a true heart squeezer!
Good luck is all we’ve got to say
We think this photo is spooky anyway!
Is that place haunted or full of ghosts?
Not a good spot for a hot dog roast!
We’ll be back tomorrow to see how you did
You’ll each get a “SORRY!” or a “CONGRATS SMART KID!”

Thanks girls…………………we’ll see you tomorrow…………….

Sigh……those girls are EVER so cute!!!

What say we end our class today with a trip to the cafeteria?   That is unless you prefer to stay here and study and get frustrated and upset because you can’t figure the Teaser out!    Everyone who’s gonna eat – follow us!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Greetings students – are you ready to chow down?   We have a lot of goodies on the cafeteria line for you today.  Our cooks have been hard at work trying to make things that you will enjoy for lunch!    

Today’s Menu Du Jour

Until tomorrow!!!   Good luck………….your professors

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      • No not yet, but I have been making more batches of tomato soup for the freezer. We will have some for lunch of course! I have had an incredible amount of tomatoes this year. They always do well in the greenhouse but the weather must have been right for them as the yield must be at least a third up on last year.


        • Oh fresh tomato soup is a REAL treat….lucky you. I haven’t had luck with growing tomatoes on the deck in a couple of years so I didn’t buy any plants this year – I’m getting tomatoes from the farmer’s market though!

          Hugs, Pam


    • Oh that pie is definitely something I will be sampling today – YUMMAROOO (as Raz would say)……………..tomorrow you can find out where you can visit to see this place in the photo – pretty cool isn’t it?!

      Hugs, Pam


  1. That has to be the world’s only prison that is also a drive in… probably located somewhere along Route 66 (A flooded part of Route 66). The inmates there enjoy movie time since their free cable TV has turned into all crappy reality shows, but if you happen to pass by a car on the lot with foggy windows….. do not look inside. I repeat…. DO NOT LOOK INSIDE!!!

    PS, you know how they “dress up” food to look appetizing in ads so you’ll want to buy it? I wonder how many gallons of acrylic paint and lipstick was needed to make the food Miss D allegedly prepared look edible in those photos?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Our art department does a good job “pretty-fying” the food photos. A drive-in prison is an interesting concept. I can remember when drive-in movies were the date night “thing” and for sure it was just understood that you did NOT try to peek in those cars with fogged up windows. You just walked on by to the food concession, got your popcorn or strange tasting hot dog and minded your own business on your way back to the car!


  2. Tee-Hee, Bella, I am even later than you!!
    And that sure looks to be a spooky castle…I will cheat and say with the others that its Château de Chillon – Veytaux, near Montreux in Switzerland. Its on Lake Geneva!
    My sister has been there, but not me…

    Here today we could use some Chill on…it was hot and muggy. UGH! I imagine some of the interior of that castle would be nice and chill!


    • YOU ARE RIGHT! You get a Right Guesser Badge………and thanks for clearing up the “where is this place for sure” mystery – we had so many town names we didn’t know WHERE it really was (other than on the water!).

      Hugs, Teddy


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