SPARK and Teaser Reminder


Time to SPARK!     What exactly IS this Monday SPARK thing we do?   Well, most of you know that Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – who started SPARKS – was hacked and has been on an extended break from blogging although her idea to spread some inspiration on Monday of every week goes on.   Many of us who participated in her SPARKS Blog Hop and found value in sharing a thought on Monday continue doing that to hopefully give each other a “Monday boost” – perhaps something to think about to inspire us in the week ahead OR help us deal with something that’s on our mind.    Why not join us by sharing something that SPARKS you?   It might just start a spark in us too.

Today’s SPARK is one of my favorites………………..I read this a long time ago and still believe it totally………………the value of friendship can’t be overstated………….!

Hopefully everyone has at least one really good friend to get them through the bad times, share the good times with, and remind us all of the real VALUE of not just HAVING a friend but BEING a friend.

Happy Monday!

Hugs, Pam

P.S.  I was asked to remind everyone that tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday – heaven forbid you should forget that – if you did, Angel Sammy and Teddy would give you a demerit in class and I’d get in trouble for not reminding you!!


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  1. I certainly remembered that it’s Tuesday tomorrow.

    There were a few teething problems last week – not surprising given the age of the trainees! I’ve been training them intensively this week but I would request that students not leave anything chewable unattended. The team would like to apologise to the student with the slightly nibbled homework and to the two students with holes in their gym shoes.

    On the plus side – they were excellent at escorting trespassers away from the school buildings.

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    • Oh teething is a tough time and I know your trainees didn’t mean to have a bit of a nibble on homework or gym shoes…’s to be expected! That will also “train” students not to leave their important stuff lying around! So far your Trainees are doing a splendid job under your tutelage dear Captain Clowie! Everyone says they feel EVER so safe at school now!!

      Hugs, The Professors and Graphics Department Lady(haha)


      • Well, I am thankful and HAPPY you are my forever friend and I am forever there for you. Our sense of funny makes me smile every day… 🙂 We’d be lost and without hope without our friends! Hey, I can hear that song… “We Are Family” … 🙂


        • So that’s what I hear in the background huh? “We Are Family”………I wondered what that buzzing sound was!!! It’s true though that without smiles and friends life would be incredibly BLAH. I don’t enjoy BLAH. Never have. No matter HOW old I get!!

          Love, Pam


  2. That is a beautiful spark. I have a special friend who fits that role exactly. Sadly she lives at the other end of the country so we don’t see each other as often as we would like, but the phone is always there when we want to talk.


  3. I like what Cupcake said too…that friends are family members we choose. They DO make our lives complete. Had to tend to stuffs in the Big City yesterday and didn’t get home till late in the afternoon. So, I didn’t comment. XX


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