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Friday!   YAY!    It’s been a long and hot week here and I think you can say that for almost anywhere.   Summer is being MEAN this year.    I haven’t even asked to go outside.   That’s when you know its’ bad.    Today is fill-in Friday which is when our two co-hosts each give us two sentences full of holes – we fill in the holes (blanks!) and voila – we find out more stuff about each other.   Fun huh?   Well it is, and if you wanna join in – click the badge above and link up.

Here are our four sentences for this week.   Mom and I both filled in………..she did more than I did though!   Her words are BLUE and mine are GREEN.

1. I have been contemplating the possibility of one last European cruise for my husband and me – for our 30th anniversary next year.

2. I want to read a newspaper article about something uplifting/happy/positive JUST ONCE!.

3. People should worry less about getting older and more about enjoying whatever age they are NOW.

4. I want to make the world a better place by making people smile when they see me!!!.


Yep – that’s me and Mom for the week…………..we put our heads together and filled in the blanks.   Thanks to our co-hosts for giving us such fun every Friday.   Now I’m READY FOR THE WEEKEND!

Me and my Mom say HAPPY FRIDAY!    

Hugs, Teddy

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  1. I live one day at a time so much better than I used to. Perspective changed, and all for the better.
    Teddy, who in the world wouldn’t smile at YOU!~
    XXOO Katie Isabella


    • Oh I hope people ALWAYS AND FOREVER smile at me! I am a people cat – I hug everyone who comes to visit us. Then I go on my way but I always greet everybody so I can see them SMILE!

      Happy Friday!
      Love, Teddy


  2. Teddy, the heat really is excruciating😜🥵. We are happy you are staying inside. We think your fill-in is the BESTEST! Mom Pam did great too. We hope she gets to take that trip and this year’s trip to Maine as well. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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  3. Thank you both for these great fill-in answers. I hope you get to take that big cruise, you both deserve it. And Teddy, you always make me smile- and your mom does too. Have a nice weekend! XO

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  4. Teddy you have more than accomplished your wish 87 x over!!
    Oh i agree about worrying…what has past…it is over and done. Focus on the here and now!!
    Hugs Cecilia

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    • Worrying is such a sad waste…..people can’t help but do it – it’s tough not knowing what’s ahead but then if you just think of it as an unknown adventure to go on then it’s not so scary. The past is a DONE DEAL………focusing on the moment is all we can CONTROL. You know this and live it too and it’s a lot more comfortable being in the present isn’t it! 🙂

      Love, Pam


  5. Teddy, we loved your and your mom’s fill-in answers. A nice cruise does sound good to go on right now. Maybe it’s cooler somewhere else. This weather is too hot. Thank you or sharing. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.


  6. Teddy you and Mom have some great answers and we hope they get to go on that trip too.
    Thanks for making me smile my friend and also for coming to my birthday pawty. What a great time we had


  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaw Teddy, you look so handsum with your bootyful mommy. And we think it’s so pawsum to have been married fur 30 years. You should fur sure celebrate it awnty Pam. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  8. Mom agrees with you about all the bad news. It seems like the newspaper is full of political hatred, murders, drugs, and a lot of tragedy.

    That cruise sounds like a great idea. Mom and Dad have thoroughly enjoyed every cruise they have been on.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  9. LadyMeow an mee say “GO FORE IT!!!” If you want to take one more trip then do it!!
    An wee agree wee live inn THE moment…no more wurryin ’bout rinkellss an spotss an age…just enjoy each day! All tho’ like you Teddy mee not asked to go out eether. Iss too *HOT* outside!!
    Purrayin fore rain tontie…..
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


  10. These fill-ins are what we call fantastic! I know what you mean about the newspapers and their disheartening stories these days. I’m always hesitant to open the paper, or even turn on the news, because I’m afraid of what I’ll find. Teddy, you’re more than succeeding at making people smile each and every day!


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