Tuesday Teaser Class!


Greetings Students!   Make sure and COMMENT then head to your desks please.

It’s time to Tease you…………..we have a GUEST TEASER photo for you today.    Some will say it’s EASY and others will say “HUH??” but all of you will think it’s an interesting photo I think.

Shall we give you a quickie primer on rules and awards you could receive??

Now I know that getting a badge isn’t really the important part of Teaser class – it’s obviously figuring out the mystery of WHERE THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN, but some of you do display your winning badges on your blogs or other social media and we say WOO HOO for YOU!     Some of you say you have the world’s largest selection of Greenies but you never know when all of a sudden like a bolt of lightning – you’ll get it right!   New badge!   WOW!     So anyway, good luck.

I twy to get it right – but sometimes my glasses get all foggy from me thinking so hard!

OK……that’s a good excuse if I’ve ever heard one!

Yes that could be a big problem on Teaser day – just concentrate!

Let’s see if our cheer team can motivate you shall we??

Today we’re riding our Harleys
It’s a nice day instead of gnarly!
We’ll cruise around looking for guys
Though our Moms said that wasn’t wise.
But those stories are for some other day
We’re supposed to be here just to say
RA RA and good luck to you
Just do the best you can do
Winning a badge is so cool
Let’s hear it for Ding Dong School!

Thanks ladies……………….I would advise you just enjoy the day on your Harleys and not worry about guys…….there are a lot of gangsta’s out there you know!

Not me!

Me neither!

Well I think we should bring in our Security Guard and take a peek at the photo don’t you?    Just study it hard and remember we need all the info……………..and tomorrow we’ll have the TELL ALL and announce who gets what!

I’m in the hot tub – would someone else SCREAM for the guard please??


Ya gotta love Marge……….she doesn’t mince her words does she!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

OK students…..where was this photo taken????

Now, you can head to the cafeteria with us, OR stay here to study and figure out the photo.   It’s up to you……………………Sometimes it’s better to GUESS on a full tummy!    Line up and lets go!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!   Time for a lunch  break so you can hit the books fully alert!   We heard the Teaser is a goodie today so good luc………cafeteria staff standing by for your order!

Today’s Delish Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GOOD LUCK guessing Students – we will see you here tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors

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  1. WordPress was being a jerk and wouldn’t post my comment. I was here at 8:11 and there were no other comments yet, so I sure hope I get counted as being a firstie! Pfffft on WordPress!


  2. This is that border wall you hear so much about these days…. you know the one, that Mexico is going to pay for. Well, they finally paid for it… but due to typical government incompetence, it was built on the border of NEW Mexico and Colorado. And so, you see a whole bunch of angry New Mexicans trying desperately to get across the border so they can get some of that legalized Good Stuff from that big dispensary building on the other side. And when that OTHER wall gets built… well, nothing like being a prisoner in your own state. Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

    Liked by 2 people

    • OOOHHH! So that’s the wall we’re talking about huh? Well they sure didn’t put the money to good use – the thing is falling apart already – typical expenditure of government $$ – materials probably only cost $1.99 a square yard and the government paid the contractor $199,000 a square yard for a crumbling structure. Anyway, we’ll find out tomorrow which government where built what (or not).


  3. Wow, that sure looks like part of the Berlin Wall, in of course, Berlin. Germany, That balloon with
    ‘Welt’ on it triggered the searching mode, cause that is German for world, I think.

    Off to the cafeteria, lets see what was concocted, MOL! And after doing some sweaty yard work, a dip in that pool would be great, even if it s a hot tub, Ha!


  4. Well I am unfashionably late but this one I know.
    Berlin Wall. We had a West German student in our group when it fell. I’ll never forget his elation.
    He had family still on the other side. Then a few years later we had 2 graduate students from Former East Germany. Their trip to USA was their first ever out of their country
    Hugs Cecilia

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are RIGHT of course – it’s “THE WALL”…….and we thank Miss Csilla for sending us the photos. Looks like a wonderful display of photos for those who probably (from the looks of the age of most of them!) only HEARD about it coming down rather than saw it.

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


    • I don’t think we would have known either – I remember the Wall coming down but it’s one of those distant memories and it wouldn’t have come to mind I don’t think.

      Hugs, Pam


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