Tuesday Teaser – Class Is In Session!


School Bell Ringing Students!  

Remember to COMMENT before taking your seat in class!!

“Last one inside to comment is a rotten egg” !!!

Good morning class………are you ready to stare down today’s Teaser photo and figure out WHERE it was taken?    I bet you are……no doubt you have all recovered your hearing from the noise of July 4th if you’re here in the USA so buckle up and get ready to GUESS.

I didn’t hear a thing!

Here’s a quickie review of how we want you to figure out today’s photo AND the badges you might win if you’re a lucky duck!


There you have it…………..how to guess and what we need you to do as well as a reminder of what swell badges you can show off on your blog or page or post somewhere proving you are a smarty pants.

I think most of us are READY Professors……we know the rules and the badges and we’re PRIMED!

Good – then on with the show……………..cheer team?  Would you like to start things out with a little motivation for the class?    Then we’ll have our Security Guard bring in today’s photo!

Glad we don’t have to wear patriotic hats
We think they made our heads look fat
It’s just us girls in our cheery clothes
Looking cute from our heads to our toes
Are you ready for a Teaser to figure out?
Will we cheer for you tomorrow when we sing and shout?
Good luck to you all – you’re quite a bunch
Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to have some lunch!


Well ladies that wasn’t exactly a STIRRING cheer, but I’m sure the students appreciate your effort – oh – and for the record those hats you had on for the holiday did NOT make your heads look fat and you won’t catch us talking about what you all look like when you walk away and we get a view from behind either.   (cough cough)

Uhoh…..I have a feeling the girls won’t like THAT comment!

Security Guard Rusty, please report to Geography Class with the Teaser Photo!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

It’s a doozy isn’t it?   So where was this photo taken?   Good Luck!!

Remember we will have our Tell All class tomorrow and find out who our winners are including FIRST COMMENTER and remember too that even if you guess and are WRONG, you still win a badge!

Ready for lunch?

I need food – I’ve got a headache from starvation!!!

Let’s go…………………………….NO SHOVING IN LINE!

Greetings Students!   We enjoyed not having to do lunch service yesterday – we like this new schedule!   Today we have some delicious eatables for you though so line up with your trays and let’s get underway!

What’s For Lunch Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure you’re in class tomorrow at the regular time – we’ll hand out badges for winners (and losers!)

Your Professors


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  1. Ha Ha we like this teaser professor as this is Naw Leanz or New Orleans Louisiana and the fabulous Greenwood Cemetery. Dad saw that place on one of his day trips when he was at the Mardi Gras way back when there were dinosaurs. Cheer Team you are spot on and your heads never look fat even if… um, never mind. Miss D thanks for a wonderful meal can we have a couple Club sandwiches and maybe an order or two of your yummy crab cakes. See you all soon

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well…I sure like wherever it is! I just sat down with mommy so we’re late. BUT we’re here. That duckie is adorable with her daisies.


  3. I think kolytyi and Timmy Tomcat are right. I searched for a cemetery with a stag statue and that’s what I found.

    Have a great Tuesday!


  4. Great cheer ladies, but it is too early for lunch. This looks like the dome the Teletubbies live in so I guess England, but no clue where in England. XO


  5. Hi Teddy I’m reporting for class.Our Guess is Marie Laveau’s resting place Greenwood Cemetery is a cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana.Marie Catherine Laveau was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo renowned in New Orleans,xx Speedy

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  6. This is where the hunter from the Bambi movie wound up after the game warden caught him cleaning the carcass of Bambi’s mother out of season (And doing other things we can’t mention on this, cough, hack, family blog). Being a world of animal justice, Bambi was given the opportunity to stand guard over the hunter’s cell, to gore him in the buttocks should he try and escape. But being a big star and everything, Bambi didn’t have time for that… so he paid Ronno a few bucks (Ha ha, bucks!) to do the guard job for him.

    Unless the Tuesday Teaser is now being sponsored by The Hartford and this is just some subliminal advertising. Hmmmm, I’m in the mood to shop for insurance now….

    Liked by 2 people

    • HAHAHAHAHA…….Maybe The Hartford buries all the insurance agents there who told their clients “sorry – you don’t qualify for compensation” ????? They’d need a bigger tomb for that I expect….never mind……..


  7. Hey, I am late,but a wee bit earlier than sometimes, MOL!
    I was still getting my Zzzz’s when this went live…
    I don’t think I want an elk standingonmy bones later on when I am resting, cuase I don’t think that would be very peaceful, tee-hee.
    My guess like the others is:
    Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana.

    Looks lie an interesting place to have a visit, though…intriguing actually.


  8. I’m here but as I am last does that make me the rotten egg? Maybe someone else will come along even later than me and save me from that ignominy.
    The scan was an ultrasound for lump that has come up on my shin bone. It went well and is caused by fluid, so nothing to worry about. My doctor didn’t want to take any chances with my medical history. Better safe than sorry.
    I agree with everyone else that it is Greenwood cemetery in New Orleans. I googled stag statue on mausoleum and got lots in the UK, so then I googled stag statue in cemetery and it was the second photo to come up.
    I didn’t look at anyone else’s comments at first because I wanted to see if I could find it for myself.


    • Bravo for you finding it on your own Miss Jackie! So happy to hear that your lump was fluid and nothing more. Best to make sure of these things (my Mom agrees!!)………know what else? You weren’t LAST after all. Tee Hee You are right though with your answer and we’re proud of you for going it alone and not just agreeing with the others – it’s fun to do your OWN research isn’t it!

      Hugs, Teddy


  9. The hill looks like a representation of Newgrange, n ancienta tomb in Ireland – so I will guess this too is in Ireland


  10. Not sure but here is my guess: That looks like a type of museum. That elk could be considered guardian of the deer. It’s on a beautiful field of acres of land well… I’ve seen pictures of Mass. So Since I think that I’m going with Deerfield Musuem in Massachusetts.


  11. Meow wow Teddy what a furabuluss photoe!! LadyMeowy said “Iss this photoe fore reel??”
    Mee an shee have NO idea where such a beeuteefull place iss….
    So wee collect another Greenie, mew mew mew….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


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