Pre-Tease Monday


Monday is here……are you?

Also – please make sure you see our SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Pre-Teaser Mondays at the END of today’s class post!!!!

We agree that Monday’s class is really not serving much of a purpose – just reminding you tomorrow you need to be SHARP to guess where the photo was taken – but other than that – we could all be out enjoying a summer day right?   Oh well………here we are so let’s do this.

Yep – we hear ya.

All that aside, let’s get down to business…………here’s the rules and badges for tomorrow’s BIG EVENT…………….

This is my best “determined” look……I am gonna get a badge this week.   OR ELSE.

OR ELSE what?

Tomorrow’s Teaser is from our ever-hopeful GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT.    Yep – another one of those.    So who knows what she they will come up with?!    Just remember this if you don’t remember anything else:


Yep – that’s right and also you need to remember to COMMENT as soon as you get here before you even sit at your desk or go to the bathroom…… it?

GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer Team?   Would you like to do a little cheer for our students to make sure they arrive tomorrow FIRED UP and ready to guess??????????????

July 4th is coming this week
So we’re giving you a sneak peek
Our patriotic outfits might not be very scanty
But we’re wearing red/white and blue panties!
We hope that you will be a winner
We like a room full of grinners!
We’re totally ready to party
So tomorrow don’t you be TARDY!

OK girls – I’m sure everyone gets the general idea……………….!    I’ve heard that we’re having a special July 4th feast in the cafeteria after Wednesday’s TELL ALL class.   It will be one day early but who cares.    Meanwhile, today’s lunch is ready so let’s go shall we?

Hello Students!    I’ll be in my red/white/blue uniform through Wednesday to celebrate the 4th.    We’ll have a special menu that day too.   Meanwhile, enjoy what we have for you today – and the picnic area outside is available if you’d like to take your lunch out there!

Today’s Luncheon Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!!!!!!  

Your Professors

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT STUDENTS!    Starting NEXT Monday, we will have a different blog post instead of Pre-Tease Monday.    You all don’t need a Pre-Tease class – you’re too good at teasing to need a lesson how to do the Teaser!    We will just REMIND you Teaser is the next day…………..that way our Graphics Department can do a post for “SPARKS” instead.    MAKING LIFE EASIER FOR OUR GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT!!!!!!


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  1. Girls, as long as you’re in the spirit of things right down to the panties…I’m happy. Couldn’t ask for a better cheer team. You girls rock! The graphics department deserves a respite!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We definitely have too much fun with Teaser Tuesday to stop that but who needs a preparation class? The Students at Ding Dong are used to the Teaser testing and a little reminder on a Monday post is enough I think…….we’ll see how it works out!! Thanks for the comment – the cheer team will have Mondays off now too!

      Hugs, Pam

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    • Nope – definitely won’t be stopping…..just instead of three posts dedicated to the Crazy Happenings at Ding Dong School, will just be Teaser Tuesday and Teaser Tell All. That gives me a chance to do something different on Mondays! Thanks for your note though – makes me feel good!

      Hugs, Pam

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  2. Teddy I sure do hope somebuddy makes Miss Dingleberry a sugar cookie for the 4th…she needs a little sugar in her life.
    Hugs Cecilia


  3. We have been late to class the past few week so are glad we got the news fur tomorrow, Thanks fur a great 4th of July Cheer and some super grub. Hope to be here on time YEAH


  4. Teddy, you sure do some fun things on your bloggy! That picnic area looks like the purrfect spot to eat some of those tasty noms you have planned for lunch. Question: is it the 1st photo of today’s post that you’re asking everypawdy to guess the location of? Purr purr purr.

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  5. I’ll set off spectacular (and LOUD) fireworks display tomorrow in class. I think it will be not only booootiful but also considerably improve my chance of success 😉


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