Time To Tell All

We’re here to tell it all!

Good job yesterday students………………..not only did we have THREE First Commenters right off the bat but we had a RIGHT GUESS very quickly.    Our Graphics Department thought they would be pulling a “FAST ONE” on you all with something that might fool everyone but did it?   NO IT DID NOT!

Let’s start at the beginning though – who were our THREE First Commenters??

Sharon (Friends Furever) , Janet (The Cat On My Head) and Phenny (Easyweimaraner) !!


All three of you get one of these so please help yourselves to copying it !!

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of June 25, 2019 – YAY FOR US!

I was here early but I didn’t comment – I was busy practicing my smile in the mirror in the litterbox room…..

Then we waited just a few more minutes and there it was – the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………..wanna know who it was???????    It was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS!

Da Phenny and Da Nellie and Da Mom, were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS and one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of June 25, 2019 – WOO HOO!!


That’s right – everyone in Phenny’s house figured the photo out first!   Want to know what the story of the photo is?????

The Graphics Department thought you all would be fooled into trying to figure out WHERE in Europe this castle is…………………..when in fact it isn’t in Europe at ALL and it’s barely a castle – it’s sort of a “fake” and has quite a tale to tell……………………this is Bannerman’s Castle located in the Hudson River Valley – Fishkill, New York, USA.     If you CLICK HERE you can find out the history of this place which has a VERY “checkered” past !!

Gosh – I studied hard but didn’t see any clues! Pooey!

If you also guessed correctly on this interesting Teaser – you may have one of the badges below which will tell the world we didn’t fool YOU either!

I was RIGHT with my Teaser guess on June 25, 2019, but I wasn’t FIRST….oh well….slow but sure – that’s me!

If you were WRONG with your guess, you still get a GREENIE (with cherries on top!):

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 25, 2019 but I still get a GREENIE!

BRAVO STUDENTS……………..our Graphics Department will be getting a reprimand on not being CREATIVE enough this week.    Maybe YOU have a photo you think might stump Teaser Class?????  If you do, email it to us – we can use it one week and have fun with it !!!!

Guess I’ll put my Sherlock outfit away for another week – it didn’t help me AT ALL!

Let’s see if our Cheer Team can do their usual job of bringing CHEER shall we???

Our Graphics Department should be fired
They sure didn’t fool you – maybe they’re tired?
We had THREE FIRST COMMENTERS right on the mark!
Sharon, Janet and Phenny arrived early in the dark!
It was shortly thereafter that our FIRST RIGHT GUESS came
It was Phenny again – so we’re repeating his name!
So much for fooling you with a photo that was crummy…..
Let’s try to forget that by filling up our tummy!!!

GOOD IDEAC HEER TEAM………………………………..Who’s up for lunch?    It might cheer you up if you blew it this week…………………….AND you can sit at a table with some others who are depressed about losing and talk about how you’ll just try harder next week.   Let’s go!

Hey buddy – no butting in line!

OK Students….nice orderly line please.  No arguments in line or I’m afraid our new Security guy will have to step in and he looks like the kind of guy who might not take “line butting” lightly !!    Let’s all settle down and have a nice lunch shall we????

Today’s Lovely Menu Selections:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Job Students!!  We’ll look forward to seeing you in Geography Class next week!!  

Your Professors


  1. 1

    concats to sharon and janet and to da twins!!!! that was a mighty fine teaser, like howloween in june! well our temperatures are like that, so we could enjoy all the scary details and the story about this haunted castle!

    Liked by 3 people

    • 2

      You all were SO SMART to know about Bannerman’s Castle – a very strange structure indeed!! One place I don’t think I’d want to visit – it looks like it’s crumbling already…………concatulations!

      Hugs, teddy


  2. Hooray, I was right, but just late…not unusual, MOL! Confuser time takes second seat around here it seems…but hey I might be a firstie here,MOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 6

    Kosmo here, one day late again. Teddy, now I have a reason, not only my soft head, mom has been sick, and I have been her nurse, but she is better now, maybe next week …

    Liked by 3 people

  4. 10

    You completely fooled us (happens rather a lot) 😀 Well done everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 12
    Clowie Says:

    Congratulations everyone!

    I was right about it not being ‘real’, but it’s a greenie for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. 13
    kolytyi Says:

    I was sure that it’s not Europe but America or some exotic place! But I’m still not completely convinced that it’s not gingerbread MOL

    Liked by 1 person

  7. 15
    Carole Schulman Says:

    Gosh I couldn’t have gotten a right guess oh this one!


  8. Congratulations to Sharon, Janet and Phenny for getting here first to comment. Congrats to Phenny, Nellie, and the mama for being super duper quick to guess the right Teaser! That was a quick one yesterday! It’s a cool Teaser photo and I will have to follow the link. I think the club sandwich looks very good today! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 18

      Our Graphics Department does a FAIR job of finding cool photos for Teaser…..this one seemed like a good one to fool everyone but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – those Weims in Brittany came up with the answer within minutes! Well, maybe next week we’ll do better???? Hope you enjoyed that club sammmmmmmmmich.

      Love, Teddy Bean


  9. 19

    We were delighted to be one of three “forsts” yesterday. The castle looks like a neat place to visit. Hope they can raise the money to keep it from deteriorating any more. We’ll show off our badge tomorrow. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer d

    Liked by 1 person

  10. 22
    Cecilia Upchurch Says:

    The graphic department sure fooled me…but then that is easy to do. Congrats to the firsties
    Hugs Cecilia


  11. We’re excited to have made it as one of the firsties again. We were also clueless again!!! We will proudly display our badge!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. 26
    Kismet Says:

    I’m willing to share my sunflower seeds with those rejecting the “cooking”.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. 31

    Way to go da Phenny and da Nellie, you were one of the first commenters and you were first right guesser. Congratulations also to Sharon and Janet. I’m off to read about this castle.


  14. 33
    15andmeowing Says:

    Congrats to Sharon and Janet! And double congrats to da Phenny! XO


  15. […] The 7th post in my Reader was this one by Pam. […]


  16. 35

    Those boys sure are smart!


  17. 37
    The Island Cats Says:

    We thought that was a real castle! You fooled us! Congrats to all the quick ones…and smarty pants.


  18. 39
    Memories of Eric and Flynn Says:

    Congrats to Sharon and Janet, and double congrats to da Phenny and da Nellie.


  19. Congratulations to the winners, and that looks like a really neat building, no matter where it is.


    • 41

      It is a very unusual looking building – a “fake castle” as it were………and it looks a bit worse for wear even though it’s not NEARLY as old as the European castles that are TWICE its’ age!

      Hugs, Teddy


  20. 42

    Crab, trout, and bacon??? YUM!


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