Tuesday Teaser Time


Good Morning Students!   Don’t forget to stop by the COMMENT DESK as you arrive this morning!

Last one into class is a rotten egg!!!!

Alright students.   Hope you commented before you flew in the door this morning.

Today we have a SINGLE PHOTO for you to examine for Teaser.   Not one of our multiple guess ones – back to basics today and it’s a great photo we think.   It’s a GUEST TEASER photo too so one of our students contributed it and we thank them.

I’m still waking up…..zzzz

Time to be ALERT……………..we need to remind you of the rules AND we even have some BRAND NEW BADGES (surprise!) for you to win.   We don’t want your stockpile of badges to look the same – add a little variety to them with some new designs right?

So hopefully you will collect one of the new ones tomorrow when you get to class and see who wins what from today’s Teaser!   Let’s get our Security Guard to bring in today’s TEASER photo so you can get started figuring it out!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Where was this photo taken????    Tomorrow we’ll find that out AND who gets what in the way of a new badge.

Oh I like that building….I bet there are some tasty mousies in there!

Well I would imagine there are but I happen to know that mouse stew is NOT on the cafeteria menu today……………..so just hang in there and let’s get a CHEER from the CHEER TEAM before we head to lunch OK?

Bring on the broads!

Here we are all cute and energetic
Hoping you have good guesses and aren’t pathetic!
We say look for some clues and figure it out
Then tomorrow your name in our cheer we will shout!
The new badges are cool and would be fun to WIN
Now the cheer is over we’re taken the Harleys out for a spin!

Thanks girls……………..If you weren’t so wrapped up in those Pink Harleys of yours, you would have done a better job with the cheer today!     Be careful – don’t pick up any strange guy hitchhikers OK?

Let’s head over to the cafeteria for a spot of lunch shall we??????

Greetings Shtooodents…..I am the substituting guy this veek while Miss D has her vacation.  I hope you like your lunch!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow when we announce the BADGE WINNERS!!!!!    Y

our Professors

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  1. Not sure where this teaser is either. Some town hall but where we dont know but we DO know that lunch is superb and we thank our dear Miss D for it. We thank the cheer team and everyone at the school


  2. We hate to say it, but our mom is a “pathetic” quitter. She says her eyes are becoming crossed trying to find this building. She may revisit later if no one has guessed. We are all heading to the cafeteria. That lemon tart looks yummy! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  3. I guess I am a rotten egg. I have no clue about where the photo was taken. Great cheer ladies. I hope Mrs. D has a nice vacation- maybe she will meet someone 🙂 XO

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  4. Even the prison in Florence, Italy has lots of pretty artwork surrounding it. Wait… there are no inmates inside! Could it be……? Yes, this is how they deal with prisoners in a town obsessed by classical art. Just put a loincloth on the bad guys, dip them in plaster of Paris (As opposed to plaster of Rome), an voila! They’ve solved the overcrowding problem! Plus, now they don’t have to pay for cable TV since statues don’t watch television…. or do anything at all. Including escape…

    I was going to point out your error about mousie stew not being available in the cafeteria, but then I saw Miss D is on vacay… so we’ll have our mousie stew back next week. I hope she’s staying at a really terrible bed and breakfast…

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  5. TUNA CAKES! Mom and I LURVE those! We even make sandwiches of them when they are cold from the fridge. Mom keeps going back and nipping away at any leftovers. She’s a piggy about them and about salmon cakes. I wonder if possibly that building is in Spain?
    Katie isabella

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    • It might be in Spain dear Katie……but if is, WHERE in Spain is the question! As for tuna cakes – my Mom makes salmon cakes all the time but never even THOUGHT of doing the same thing with tuna! We are gonna give it a try (which means I’ll get the tuna water!!!!).

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. If I had gotten up earlier, I might have been here earlier…or not, MOL! Chores and furry hooligans seem to take precedence over the computer…
    We thought imagine f all those statues came to life, what a story they would tell us!

    We hunted for all the arches with square windows and statues…and came up with:

    Town Hall in La Rochelle, France …but we see we are not first with our guess either…close but NO cigar!


  7. hiho! are we late? we say la rochelle, france… and guess what? the mama used the enter key to send the comment, but this is NOT facebook you have to press “post comment” instead…. isn’t she fabulous? we say throw rotten eggs at her!!!…teddy is there a badge for the last commenter too?


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