Tuesday Teaser Time!



Good Morning Students!    I hope you’ve commented and you’re now all comfy in your desk chairs ready for a fun-packed class.


We’re WEADY (oops……) ready too.    Today we have another EXTRA SPECIAL Teaser for you too.     Remember the vineyard guessing game we had?   Well we’re having another Teaser like that this week.   Only this week we have FOUR beach photos for you to examine and determine which one belongs with which country.    Ought to be fun.


Yep – FOUR photos and you figure out where the photos were taken.    You can do this!   It would be easy to just google the country’s name and “beaches” but maybe you’ll figure out a sneakier way to do your research…..one that is more challenging perhaps?

First up though are the rules………and the badges you might win:

Please Note:   For this Teaser, we are modifying the rules – you don’t need to guess TOWN just COUNTRY!!!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow the Cheer Team will be cheering for YOU if you win a badge!     Just do your best as usual and remember even if you guess and you’re wrong you still get a badge – a lovely GREENIE!

So if you all are ready……….let’s get the show on the road shall we?


Mr. Security Guard – please bring ALL four photos in and put them on our bulletin board ………….

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photos – all four of them!!!

Now your mission is to guess which beach is in which country.     Your FOUR choices are:

Malta, Madagascar, Greece, Spain


Which photo goes with which country?    If you’re right – well – the Cheer Team will be screaming your name in their cheer tomorrow – in the meantime, they are here to cheer you on as you agonize over the photos and figure this one out……………..GIRLS????

Teaser this week is a whopper
A really huge heart stopper
Just take your time and study
Don’t discuss it with your buddy
Remember all those rules
Your BRAIN and google are your tools!
Look for hints and do your guessing
With your minds the Profs are messing!
We’ll be back tomorrow to cheer
But right now – we’re ready for BEEEEERRRR!

Keep ’em comin’ bartender!

Alright girls – thanks for getting everyone in the mood.    We’ll look forward to seeing your guesses students – and good luck!     Take a break before you start agonizing though and have some lunch.   That’s what your Professors are going to do!!

Happy Teaser Tuesday students…..I was in the mood to put some flowers in my hairnet and attempt to smile.  As you can see, I managed the flowers, but smiling is another matter.   My mouth just doesn’t work that way.   Oh well – at least we made some wonderful food for you for lunch today!   Just PRETEND I’m smiling OK??

Todays Lunch Line Items Are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow students!   

Your Professors

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  1. Beach #1 is located behind a European penitentiary. It’s a nude beach, so you’ll want to NOT drop the suntan lotion…

    Beach #2 is the rockyard behind a prison in Oaxaca, Mexico. Those doing hard labor have to break that big rock down until it literally makes grains of sand. You do the crime, you do the time pounding sand…

    Beach #3 is actually the waste treatment facility that was built near a supermax in New Jersey. Used syringes isn’t the only kind of waste that will be floating by the prisoners in this community pool…

    Beach #4 is actually a prison in itself. Those guys standing on the rocks are guards making sure the prisoners in the cove below can’t escape the water. You think you get wrinkled if you spend too much time in the water, try spending 14 to life in a water prison….

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  2. We are not as late as we thought, but this is going to take a bit more thought than the last multiple choice. The only one of those places Mom has ever been to is Greece. We are all going to have a piece of Key lime pie and mull it over. Hugs! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Key lime pie might work wonders on the brain cells this morning – good luck!! It’s gorgeous here this morning – sunny and very windy but NICE. Just talked Mom into taking me out for a whole HOUR – it was great!

      Hugs, PRofessor Teddy


  3. I win! Miss D can’t overcook my sunflower seed wheel-or can she?

    1-Spain. The people there are speaking Spanish.
    2-Madagascar. Nobody there because nobody goes there.
    3-Greece. Nobody there because the Greeks can’t afford anything anymore.
    4-Malta. The sand looks like Malta’d milk.

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  4. I’m late for another impawtant date. We had to have the CR-V at the dealership very early then we waited for 2 hours. Still not fixed.

    Pic #4 is Horseshoe Beach in Bermuda….I think.
    Hugs Cecilia


    • OH NO on the CR-V. Hopefully you didn’t have to sleep at the dealership last night and were able to get home with a FIXED car! Bermuda wasn’t on the list of places but it does kinda look like Bermuda!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Hope all is well with your doctors’ appointment and lots of us are having rather “non-beachy” weather at the moment…..this morning it’s only 54 here….decidedly NON-beachy!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. **huffin an puffin**
    Mee-yow Teddy mee iss sorry mee so late….LadyMew furinallee got on WerdPress an wee looked at THE photoess….An LadyMew sayss THE order iss:
    Spain~ Madegascar~ Malta~ Greece…..
    Shee feelss connfydent; mee feelss nervuss, mew mew mew….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


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