Pre-Teaser Class on Monday

Morning Students!   Let’s get to work shall we?

We want you to be tuned up for tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser class where we whip out a fabulous photo of some mystery place in the world and ask YOU to figure out WHERE the photo was taken!

Yep – and I’m READY for tomorrow……

Some of you THINK you’re ready for tomorrow but we’re here to MAKE SURE you are………… let’s start with the rules and badges OK?

So that’s the deal – what you have to give US in the way of a guess tomorrow AND what we will give YOU if you deserve a badge of some sort.     It all starts of course with FIRST COMMENTER – that’s what you need to do when you FIRST arrive here tomorrow because the first ones in the first 60 seconds we go live will get the FIRST COMMENTER badge.   Just say HI…..just say BOO…..just say ANYTHING and that counts.

Then we move on to see who will be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………….you know you want THAT one right????

I want to be first right guesser – if I don’t do well I get a headache!

THEN on Wednesday we have our TEASER TELL ALL class where we announce who gets what………….you have to wait until then to find out (although our Graphics Department emails the big winners ahead of time USUALLY).    Then you can pop your badge on your blog or social media and BRAG that you were an excellent student in the Teaser Class!

Being RIGHT would finally mean I can ditch this DUNCE cap!

Our Ding Dong Sheep School Cheer Team is here to leap around and cheer you on…….get you in the mood to study tonight so you will be ready for the Teaser tomorrow.   Oh – and while we’re at it – we make it EXTRA HARD to be the FIRST COMMENTER tomorrow because you don’t know what SURPRISE TIME we have chosen to go live.    HAHAHAHAHA   So you just be alert OK?

Now Cheer Team – GO FOR IT!

Our breakfast cereal was with wheat and barley
To give us energy to ride our Harleys
After class today off we go
To the beach, then a picnic then to the show
It’s a real shame you’re stuck in school
Studying hard the old golden rule
Just remember to study tonight like crazy
Don’t be like us and be real lazy
We know most of you are smart and you’ll guess right if you try
And of course if you lose, we’re sure you will CRY!!

Very inspiring girls……………you’re excused now – go enjoy your pink Harleys for the afternoon but make sure you’re here tomorrow to cheer class on as they study the mystery photo OK?    We depend on you!

Gee those chicks are cute!

Let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch now shall we?   Then back to class and you can spend the afternoon studying geography…..and architecture…..and topography……and whatever else you think will help you examine tomorrow’s photo for CLUES!

I find my Sherlock outfit gives me some “EDGE” !!

Alright class – single file with no talking to the cafeteria!

Hello Students…..and a happy Monday to you.   Ready to eat?  We were going to let you eat outside at the picnic tables but it’s raining.   So just make yourselves comfy in the cafeteria!   Enjoy!

The Monday Menu Is:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will see you tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME for the Teaser Class!!!!


Your Professors!!

45 thoughts on “Pre-Teaser Class on Monday

  1. The Cheer Team are a delight as they always are and I love to see them Monday mornings.
    I’ll be here
    Never fear


  2. I will see you in the morning as long as all stays calm here. SSNS spent from 8 in the morning yesterday until 3 in the afternoon at the E-mergency room with a kidney stone that wants to exit but can’t quite make the trip. I don’t think Floridadeedaaaaaaaa likes us! Since we are cutting back on meat and drinking lots of water I will have the quiche!


    • I think those cupcakes look amazing……Mom says she could eat a whole box full of them – I’m thinking she could too – she’s a strawberry AND chocolate nut. Good luck getting your Mom up and at ’em in time to win a First Commenter badge – you all are FREQUENT FLYERS in winning them!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Mew mew mew look at Sherlick Holmess inn his coat an hat!! Hee iss do cute….Mee wuud love to have a Doxie like him fore a frend!
    An mee has LadyMew’ss basket reddy fore another Greenie, mew mew mew….
    Wee will bee late as LadyMew will bee @ Hospital fore who knowss how long….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


          • Agreed Teddy an Miss Pam! LadyMew iss goin to have a Kidney Ultrasound to figure out why her Kidney’ss not werkin rite an see if another ‘baddie’ can bee ruled out!
            **purrsss** BellaDharma


          • Yep – wise to rule out everything……sometimes as my Mom and Dad have found out, things are just not the SAME as when they were younger, but they aren’t “bad” – just older and more worn out. Mom says she didn’t know what getting older would mean when she was younger but WOW…what a difference a few years makes in how things “operate” !!! LOL

            Sending Hugs, Teddy


  4. Miss D., you really knocked it out of the park today with lunch and especially the desserts. Have fun on the Harleys, ladies. Hopefully our typist will remember tomorrow is Tuesday. We are sending her to bed early so she will be alert in the a.m. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • It is fun really and the competition is pretty STIFF to win a badge! LOL We usually just have one photo to guess but today we have THREE!!!!!! Hope you had a great vacation…

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


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