Friendly Fill-Ins Friday

Woo Hoo!   Friday is here and it’s time to do a bit of filling in.   Every Friday our co-hosts Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing give us TWO sentences each with lots of “holes” in them that need to be filled in.   It lets tell a bit about ourselves when we fill those blanks!    If you’d like to have fun with us – just click the badge above and it will take you to 15andMeowing where you can link up.

Mom and I had a bit of a conundrum figuring out who should answer which sentences this week but we compromised.   We took turns.    My words are in GREEN and hers are in RED!

1. Bacon is my favorite item of the foodables residing in our refrigerator right now!

2. My favorite character on Big Bang Theory is (Neither Teddy nor myself have ever seen Big Bang Theory so we are passing on this one!!).

3. I could set a world record for time spent napping but something tells me there would be a LOT of us in that contest for the record!

4. Diving off the high board is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. (I’m NOT a daredevil but when I was a kid on the swim team we HAD to jump off the high board then dive off the board to stay on the swim team so I did it………ONCE………..NEVER AGAIN).
There you have it!   Another getting to know you post by me and Mom.    We’re a good team.    Oh yes – about our answer to #2 – we know we are probably two of the only people in the USA who haven’t watched Big Bang Theory regularly.   Mom remembers seeing it ONCE a couple of years ago.   She just doesn’t remember the names of the characters.   DUH.    Oh well – I’m sure we watch lots of stuff on PBS that nobody else has seen either.     Different strokes for different folks????

Love, Teddy

I don’t know about BIG BANG theory but I’m familiar with BIG BUTT !!!   HAHAHAHAHA


  1. 1
    Memories of Eric and Flynn Says:

    Why does #1 not surprise me, Teddy?
    Well done to your mom diving off the high board. I would happily jump of it when I was younger, but no way could I make myself go head first!

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  2. 3

    You should watch The Big Bang Theory at least once. My wife and I have very different tastes and we both love it.

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  3. 7
    Clowie Says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised about the bacon!

    Or the napping, you are a cat! 😀


  4. 9
    Carole Schulman Says:

    Mom was introduced to the BBT show a few years ago while visiting one of my brothers; and whenever she was there or he was here if— it was on he selected it, she got to watch it with himThere are a LOT of fun characters. Sheldon would have to be THE one if she were forced to pick one. But Mom never thought to tune it in away from brother. XX

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  5. #1… of course! I remember that high board story. Great Fill-ins Teddy and Mom! I have never seen the Big Bang Theory but then I don’t watch much TV. ShortsSandalsNoSocks (Jerry) likes Young Sheldon. Good Morning!


    • 12

      Hello there! You and I are in a minority dear Pix – seems everyone in the universe has seen BBT but hey – that just makes us more special right? We march to the tune of a different TV!

      Hugs, Pam


  6. 13

    Hooray for bacon Teddy, we love the smell when it’s cooking up!


    • 14

      It’s a rather heavenly smell isn’t it. I should ask Angel Sammy if their “Rainbow Bridge Bacon Bar” is the most popular spot there…..I bet it is!


  7. 15
    15andmeowing Says:

    Teddy, you do not have a big butt- it is the camera angle. Thank you both for these great fill-in answers. I am impressed that your mom did the high dive. Yes, Teddy you would have a lot of competition for the napping record 🙂 Have a wonderful bacon filled weekend! XO


    • 16

      Hello Miss Ellen – I told Mom she shouldn’t be taking photos of me from “that” angle but she doesn’t listen…..she seems to have a “bun-fixation” !! Tomorrow on my bacon blog I’m doing kitty treats as a tribute to dear Crockett but I’ll be back to bacon NEXT Saturday!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. You had us at BACON!! Mom’s only watched Big Bang a couple of times.
    The Florida Furkids


  9. 19

    Oh……………………..Teddy that is some ending!!
    Hugs C ecilia


  10. 21

    OMC….Teddy, you cracked us up with that “big butt” comment. In high school to pass P.E., Mom had to jump of the high dive fully clothed, then remove all clothes and shoes down to bathing suit and tread water. She thinks the treading water was for something like five minutes. Have a happy Friday. We are having rain again. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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    • 22

      WOW! That’s probably an excellent survival lesson but a little scary too – clothes and shoes weight you down so much but it also would sure come in handy in a water emergency!!!! My Mom actually JUMPED off the high dive many times but going head first into a DIVE was what really scared her.

      Hugs, Teddy


  11. 23

    You both have wonderful answers and we have not seen that tv show either. Dad says diving off the high board is way too high for him but he will share bacon with us fur sure. Napping, well, move over Teddy I feel the need for 90 winks MOL


    • 24

      The high board diving thing was probably the last thing in the WORLD I would “choose” to do but at that point in my young life I was trying to please my Dad – he wanted me to do it so I did. I was petrified – but I obviously survived. He thought it was a good lesson for me to learn – don’t say you CAN’T until you try. It worked….


  12. Trust me, I’ve never watched the Big Bang Theory either. 😊


  13. MOL! I bet Big Butt Theory would be a popular show! (I’ve also never seen Big Bang Theory.)


  14. 29

    You have watched that show one time more than I have. I’ve pretty much passed on TV this century… bring back the days of radio!


  15. 31
    Cupcake Says:

    I will jump into that competition, Little Buddy. I can match you nap for nap… especially if we count all my street naps!

    Love and licks,


    • 32

      Oh yes – we have to count street naps! I tried a new spot for napping yesterday – I went out into the middle of the grass in the front yard in the shade, lay down, and promptly fell asleep – I’ve never done that before – not in the wide open spaces. My outside naps are usually under a bush, or buried in the leaves…….it was just a nice day and before I knew it, I’d “nodded off” !!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  16. Mew mew mew mee watchess “Big Bang Theory” an mee lovess Leonard….hee iss so furry cute!!LadyMew lovess Wolowitz an sayss hee iss just like her Couzin Brian!
    An you NOT have a big butt…iss just an ampull tushie 😉
    **purrsss** BellaDharma


  17. 35
    L.M.G. Miller Says:

    Teddy, you and your mom always have such purrfect fill-ins! We’re all hungry for bacon now. Mmmmm. And I almost put the high dive for my answer to #4 as well. I only jumped off of one once as a kid, and that was enough for me.


    • 36

      Mom says she didn’t have as BIG a problem jumping off that high dive as she did that ONE AND ONLY dive head first. She was sure she’d break her arms or her neck or something and she was just a kid so of course her imagination was going in all directions. If not for her Dad standing on the sidelines watching, she NEVER EVER would have done it!

      Hugs, Teddy


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