Teaser Tuesday Test Time


Good Morning Class!  You’d better COMMENT before you have a seat!

It’s Tuesday again……and time to exercise your brain……………..

Not THAT kind of exercise!!!

We have a Guest Teaser photo for you to identify and I think we’ll get RIGHT DOWN TO IT with no more fiddling around……………..

The sooner the better…….my mind is beginning to wander………….

Rules first along with those brand spanking new badges that I am SURE you want to win with your CORRECT (or incorrect) guess on the Teaser…………

I am gonna win one of those OR ELSE!  

There you have it – everything you need to know before we give you the TEST today.    I guess we should give our Cheer Team a chance to whip you into a lather before we show you the photo??

Ok gang now it’s up to you
The Teaser photo is ready to view
Study it hard then go for the gold
Just make your guess before WE get old!
Tomorrow you’ll find out if you made the mark
Will you be in the LIGHT or lost in the DARK?!
NOW LET’S HAVE LUNCH!!!! (no it doesn’t rhyme but so what)

HAHAHA……We ALL want lunch!

Marge could you please page the Security Guard????


Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Remember – city/town AND state/country required for a FULL guess!!

Hmm……I’m gonna have to study DETAILS!

Well everyone just study away but whenever you’re ready – head over to the cafeteria for Miss Dingleberry’s lunch for today.    THEN, tomorrow we’ll be back at regular time to tell you who wins what!

Happy Tuesday students…..time for lunch…..we hope you’re pleased with our selections for you today.


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Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

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  1. You will notice that the prison in the lower right of the photo (Which looks like someone took a photo of a postcard or maybe a calendar page) is separated into two main areas of confinement. Not wanting to spend a lot of extra money building both a men’s and a women’s prison, the state of East Virginia decided to build both on the same site. So this prison works kinda like the song… east end boys, west end girls. Now you may have noticed that small little plaza in between the male and female ends of the penitentiary. With good behavior, prisoners at this co-ed correctional institution can earn a pass to the meeting area where both genders are allowed. And the guards in the tower get a bit of a peep show to entertain them while doing their duties of making sure nobody escapes…. not that any of the inmates here would want to.

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    • Ah ha! I wondered about that configuration but when you explain things, somehow they make sense (I should quit drinking this early in the day if things actually make sense!). Anyway, East Virginia is I suppose where I live and I will put this on my list of “things I should have seen by now but haven’t”. I’m thinking this place must be PACKED with people NOT wanting an early release (from prison I mean……).


  2. Oh boy, are we ever late!! Our mom had a bad migraine yesterday, so she thought today was Monday. We’re not too mad at her, MOL! Maybe next week we’ll be on time 🙂 Have a great Tuesday.


    • Oh my Mom used to have migraines and it’s not fun so be extra nice to your Mom when she has one!! As for not knowing it was Tuesday – when it hurts that bad you don’t even remember your name – much less what day of the week it is! See you next week?!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Nice cheer ladies despite not rhyming at the end. 🙂 I have no idea where the photo was taken, maybe somewhere in Israel. XO


  4. Gosh! Mr Teddy! Look at all the people who are in class already! I, Marvelous am tardy! Does that mean I will get a detention?
    AND I don’t have a clue where you are!!! Goodness. I shall have to get out and about more. That Mom of mine has been neglectful.
    Sending you and your Mom loads of Hugs


    • No detention for you Marv…..you can always sneak in the back of the room and nobody would be the wiser for you being late. Marge and Sarge won’t tell I promise. We were in ROME yesterday – thanks to Miss Sharon’s photo. Your Mom is a very very busy lady doing so much for everyone else AND you and Ninja too so you must not be too upset with her.

      Hugs to you, Ninja and your Mom from us!


    • Say – I wonder if Parrot Cake could be a surprise dessert on the cafeteria line some day…..I’m sure Miss Dingleberry would be UP for the challenge of baking one! As for sunflower seed with hot peppers – I hope your human had lots of newspapers available to reline the cage???????

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. OH NOES! I know mommy was not here at the right time!!! Now she is, and it’s too late! She’s been bizzy.


    • Your Mommy DOES have other things to do than be on the computer dear Katie – maybe if you were to give her a big bitey on Tuesday morning it would remind her what day it is????????

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Oops! Is it really Tuesday? Yesterday was a Bank Holiday and I had convinced myself that it was Monday today. Ivor wanted some things from the farmer’s superstore so we made a day out of it. Any excuse will do for me for lunch out!
    I only had a quick look at the photo and recognised it right away as the Vatican which obviously lots of others will have. Last time we were there I was on crutches after I had broken my leg, so a long time ago now. All the photos have me trying to hide them behind my back!


    • Oh my – not fun to travel with a broken leg but we can’t let little things like THAT stop us from seeing the world right? Like me going on a trip to Europe while on chemo (haha). Anyway, sorry you lost track of the days BUT it sounds like you and Ivor had a GREAT day anyway. The Vatican is a beautiful spot though isn’t it!

      Hugs, Pam

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