Pre-Teaser Monday

Happy Monday Students!

Time for pre-teasing preparation class to begin.    Hopefully you had a good week since we last met – and you are READY for tomorrow’s Teaser.    It will be a GUEST TEASER which means our Graphics Department gets a break from choosing the mystery photo this week.

Good – maybe it’s an EASY one for a change????

Maybe – maybe not……..we’ll find out tomorrow just how easy or hard it is.    Can you wait?

OF course you can!!


Here’s a little recap of our rules AND some BRAND NEW BADGES for you to try and get on Tuesday!

Cool new badges huh?

I like ’em!


We’re so happy we just have to dance!!

We are a day AFTER Cinco de Mayo but I hear the cafeteria is still celebrating with a Mexican FEAST for lunch today – something to look forward to – just like the Cheer Team is something we ALWAYS look forward to right??????

Brand new badges – that’s pretty cool
And it never hurts to repost the rules…
So everyone is prepped and ready to go
We’ll see who does well on the Tuesday Teaser Show!
We’ll be here to cheer you all on
Just don’t expect us here if you go live PRE-dawn!
A girl needs her beauty sleep and that’s no lie
If you saw us first thing in the morning it would make you cry!

Alright – I think we’re ready to adjourn to the cafeteria!     Make sure and bring your TUMS or PEPCID with you because you know what too much Mexican food can do to you!    Oh and remember to cover your mouth when you burp.

Hola Amigos…….time to enjoy a Mexican feast Ding Dong School style! 

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  1. 1
    Clowie Says:

    Lunch looks good!

    See you tomorrow!


  2. 3

    wow miss d. looks very stylish!!! and maybe tomorrow is the teaser in mexico? or in maine usa?


  3. 6
    Memories of Eric and Flynn Says:

    Mexican omelette and flan for me please, Miss D. If I have anything too spicy I will be up all night and never get here on time tomorrow.


    • 7

      Well we sure don’t want that to happen so Miss D will even go light on sauce on the omelette for you……happy tummies all around…..see you at Teaser!


  4. 8
    Carole Schulman Says:

    I’ll be here ready to get my greenie! XXX


  5. I will be here in the morning! A bit of Mexican omelette, please! Enjoy your Monday… hope it is sunny and nice!


    • 11

      We have partly sunny – and coolish – at least it’s not raining RIGHT THIS MINUTE……LOL We have been absolutely SOAKED lately. The upside is everything looks like the Amazon jungle – lush and full and BOOOOTIFUL!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. 12
    15andmeowing Says:

    Nice new badges. I would love to get the first commenter one. Great cheer ladies! And yummy food too :)XO


  7. 14

    I think Greenies are pretty easy Teddy!


  8. Nice new badges. Not that I’ll see anything but green, but still very nice all the same. Happy Monday.🤠


  9. 19
    Kismet Says:

    Is that chile pepper in the sunflower seed delight?


  10. 21
    katsrus Says:

    Good afternoon. Hope your day is great.
    Sue B


  11. 23

    Olé! Great cheer ladies, and thanks for a great lunch Miss D. Oh goody, new badges. Hope we win one. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  12. 25

    We are all ready and thanks for the cheer we will be here. Goodness lets have the burritos and the nachos and the flan, can you do that times five please Miss D and we will say how you are love-e-lee!


    • 26

      Hope you enjoyed your Mexican-festival of foodables yesterday gang………we all had our fill of Cinco delights over the weekend with Scouts, our blogs AND at school!

      Hugs, Teddy


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