Thankful and Poetic Thursday


YAY!   Thursday and time to be thankful and let everyone know WHY.    Want to join in this great Hop Brian hosts?   Good – just click his badge above and link up!    Tell us what you’re thankful for.

As for me – I’m thankful that Mom chased the red fox away that was practically sitting on my front porch this morning WAITING for some tender morsel (like me for instance) to come outside.   Well, first of all I never go out alone – I’m with my Mom and Dad or both…..second of all I’m thinking it knew that we sometimes feed the wandering kitties in our neighborhood first thing in the morning and thought it would wait around.    NOPE!   Instead, Mom yelled at it and off it ran.    We rarely see them during the day – this was at 4AM so it was still dark out.    THANKFUL?  Oh yes indeed I am!

I’m also quite thankful that Angel Sammy sent me his email with his weekly poem AND a new photo to inspire us for NEXT week’s Poetry Day.


It’s POETRY time!!!

I love spending a little time with all of you on Thursdays sharing poetry based on a photograph.   Lovely to our our imaginations RUN isn’t it?   I hope you wrote a poem this week – did you?  If you did, let us know you wrote one and give us your link in our COMMENTS.   We will visit and read yours!     My Mom says she got a lot of email about the photo for this week – everyone thought it was really darling.    Well, I have to admit, even though I personally think baby kittens are adorable, I also think baby people are too.    These two little ballerinas inspired me.   My poem follows the photo:

“Tiny Dancers”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell   April 24, 2019©

Tippy toes on tiny feet

Tiny dancers oh so sweet

Maybe one day they’ll be ballerinas

Or play an instrument like a concertina!

Maybe they’ll be President or possibly Queen

Or any number of possibilities in between….

The world is their oyster as it was once ours

As long as they stay out of ivory towers

We start out our lives with endless choices

As long as we listen to the “right” voices.

Tippy toes girls have their whole lives ahead

But for now dance class is over and it’s time for bed!


These little girls are so darling.   My Mom remembers when she was “forced” to take ballet and tap dancing at the same time.    Her only gripe really was that she was the tallest girl in both of those classes.   That meant her teacher ALWYAS stuck her in front of everyone else when they had performances.   At least she didn’t stick out like she would in the middle of the back row (which is where she would prefer to have been!).    She was lanky, gawky, skinny as could be, but not a half bad dancer in either discipline.   The point is, it wasn’t HER idea to take the classes but her Mom’s.   It’s only in hindsight that she realized her Mom wanted her to have every opportunity to find her “bliss”……………the closest she came to finding it was when her Mom made her take riding lessons – but that didn’t last long – – – she enjoyed that a whole lot but they moved after less than a year of class and when they moved it was somewhere there were NO riding opportunities.    The point is, it’s important to TRY THINGS……….you have to find YOUR “bliss”.     These two little ballerinas in the photo look like they are having fun even if they have NO IDEA why their Moms dressed them up like tiny dancers!

Here’s your photo to use for NEXT week’s poetic inspiration……………………I hope you’ll join us in writing a poem about the photo!

Wow…..well, this ought to be a fun one to write a poem about………mother nature is awesome.    

I hope you all have a great week ahead and I’ll look forward to seeing you AND your poem next Thursday!    Come on – join  me – you’ll truly have fun if you let your imagination take over your fingers on the keyboard and write a poem!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love always, Angel Sammy


Thank you for visiting us Angel Sammy.    I will look forward to seeing you in my dreams AND to reading your poem next week……………………….I love you.

Hugs, Teddy

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    • That berd your Mama bought was – well – INTERESTING! We really loved your poem about the “mini-ballerinas” though – such a cute photo. As for the TREE – I wouldn’t mind having a whack at climbing that thing – it would probably take a year or two to get to the top!

      Hugs, Teddy

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    • They are not seen much in daylight but they sure are around at night……the woods and stream behind our house is what attracts them we think. There’s a pond two houses down too for water and plenty of wildlife for the predators but I think they should leave us kitties ALONE!


    • I sure don’t want those things here either but yet they insist on using my yard as a “throughway” from the woods to other parts of the community. No doubt they have a den or two down there by the stream. I believe in SHARING but I don’t believe in predators eating their neighbors!!!! Anyway, glad you liked the photo this week for poetry day. So sweet – we knew the poems would be special and they are – every one of them!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. That is scary about the red fox out there. We have them too. None of our cats have gone out since Robin, who was in and out doors. Usually supervised but not always. That changed to NO going out ever. Angel Sammy, you outdid yourself. That is one of the most charming pictures ever! And your poem fitted it to a T.


    • I know Angel Sammy will be happy you liked his poem and photo this week!! I definitely do not like sharing my world with red foxes…I don’t mind the deer, possums, raccoons, birds, lizards, groundhogs, chipmunks but this is a NO FOX NO SNAKE ZONE (or at least I wish it was!!!!). Happy Thursday!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. That is a great thankful Teddy. It sure is nice to have our pawrents to watch over and keep us safe. Angel Sammy Dad feels he had a rich and full life with so many experiences. We are the sum of our parts and he says he has no idea how they all fit together but that they did.
    Purr friends


    • That’s a wonderful thing your Dad said – my Mom especially wouldn’t change a thing in her life even the bad stuff because somehow – as your Dad said – it all fits together!! Sending you all Thursday Hugs………. Teddy


  3. Whew, we are so glad your mom made sure that fox would leave you alone, Teddy! We live in the middle of town, but sometimes foxes make appearances in our neighborhood because they live by a nearby creek. They sure are beautiful, but I do worry about neighborhood strays and ferals. Our neighbor’s cat sometimes spends his nights outdoors, and I worry about him a lot. In the middle of the night he was once chased under a parked car by two foxes trying to protect their baby, but luckily my neighbor heard the foxes barking and rescued her cat in time. Angel Sammy, I love that your poem is both adorable, but also so profound and inspiring. Beautiful! And next week’s photo is going to be so much fun to work with!


    • The first kitty Mom and Dad had when they moved into this house after it was built was an outdoor kitty they’d “adopted” from their old neighborhood. He would NOT stay inside and wandered most nights to come home in the morning and sleep all day. One night Mom and Dad heard him screeching outside Dad came downstairs to see him on the deck railing with two foxes below him. Dad rescued him and he NEVER went outside again. I don’t think he missed it either! Glad you liked Sammy’s poem this week – it was a fun photo to write a poem about and we agree next week will be fun too!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Love this poem. My mom made me take typing cause I wanted to take piano. Hated typing. Comes in handy with the computer though. Have a great day. A nice one so far. Some rain coming later today.
    Sue B


    • Yes indeed – where would we be without typing these days??? I remember when I was in high school my Dad started telling me I should be preparing to be a “government secretary” because THAT was where women could move up quickly. Now that was in the late 60s and it turned out he was RIGHT. I went to business school and became a clerk-stenographer for the government and moved up fairly quickly but left when I moved to Florida. I should have stayed – I might be President now (never mind – I wouldn’t have that job PERIOD!).

      Hugs, Pam 🙂


  5. sam oh bacon.. we got nothin two day.. noe matter how hard we try… but yur poem makez up for de one we due knot haz…..984 pawz UP !!! ted on nator tell yur mom de food servizz all wayz wanted ta take tap but never could…..may bee yur mom will due a moovee oh her dancin skillz N post it heer !! 🙂 ♥♥


    • I can just see my Mom trying to tap dance at her age BUT she does still remember some of the steps like “shuffling off to Buffalo” – which really IS a tap dance move as funny as it sounds. Mom would be breathing hard after just a few shuffles these days but it really was fun (so she says) back in the day!!! Thanks for the poem compliments – such a cutie photo this week!

      Hugs, Tedonator


  6. That was an excellent poem, Angel Sammy never disappoints. The photo reminded me of my great nieces and how the little one is always trying to be with her older sister. I took tap and ballet too, but I started when I was older and begged for lessons. One is never too old to follow your bliss- you live in an area with lots of horse riding lessons so you should go for it .XO


  7. We see a family of foxes run through the green space outside our fence in the early morning hours too. They are pretty, but we would prefer they stay in the woods.

    Beautiful poem, the whole world is waiting for those two little dancerellas.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  8. Those foxes in your neighborhood are so brazen.We are happy you never go out alone, Teddy. Such a sweet poem. Little girls can aspire to be anything they want these days. Our mom actually always wanted to be a dancer, but was never allowed to take lessons because of her neuromuscular disease. Keep up the good work with your poems Sammy. We always love them. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • The foxes are “out there” around here which is interesting since they still have fox hunts out on the estates around here…..but Mom and Dad saw foxes here when they FIRST moved into the house and the foxes aren’t giving up their territory that’s for sure. They are beautiful and plentiful as well – sadly we often see them on the side of the road along with the deer who try to cross the roads. I know Sammy is happy that you enjoy his Poetry Thursdays – we do too! 🙂

      Hugs, Teddy


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