Teaser Tell All Time!


You know what today is – it’s TELLING IT LIKE IT IS day!

Have a seat – pull up a desk and we’ll tell you ALLLLLLLLLLLL about the photo from yesterday.

I can tell you I’m upset about the Teaser – I worked ALL DAY trying to figure it out!

We’ll put you out of your misery…………but first let’s tell you who was FIRST COMMENTER……………….

Sound the Celebration Horns!

First Commenter yesterday was:

Phenny/Nelly and The Mama


YAY! We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of April 23, 2019! Good for us!

Yes indeed – you were first to arrive in the classroom and then all of us WAITED…………………………….and WAITED………………………………..and WAITED SOME MORE for somebody to guess the Teaser photo correctly.    Did they?   Well, as of yesterday evening NO.     However, our Graphics Department will get up extra early (yawn yawn) and double/triple check to see if someone figured it out after we scheduled the Teaser Tell All post……….BUT if you’re reading this NOW, then it means nobody got it!   We fooled EVERYONE with this photo:

This is a photo of the beautiful blue roof of Apia Catholic Cathedral in Apia, Western Samoa!!    It was truly a tough Teaser we admit that but we do NOT often fool everyone do we………………Here’s a link to some info about this group of islands – they haven’t had it easy!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apia

It’s a pretty place though – or at least much of it is.   They are also renovating the Cathedral now and we’re guessing that roof is NEW…….matches the sky though doesn’t it.

So what that means (if nobody guessed it) is that it’s a good thing we have SEVERAL CRATES of Greenies to hand out today and if you tried to figure this one out but couldn’t, PLEASE take one with our compliments!

Darn! The Teaser of April 23, 2019 fooled me so I didn’t guess it correctly BUT I still get this GREENIE to add to my collection of Teaser souvenirs!

I’m so upset I’m going to eat this fake tree!

You’re eating a tree and I’m eating leaves…….

Alright everyone calm down.    We need a CHEER to cheer us up then we’ll head to the cafeteria where a good lunch will make you forget about not knowing the Teaser.  I’m SURE of it!

We’d never believe it if we didn’t know it was true
But not a soul guessed the Teaser and you’re all feeling blue
We’re sorry nobody guessed it but it coulda been worse
Somebody could have snuck into class and taken your purse!
Now wipe that frown off your face and let’s go eat
You’d better hurry up before there’s no more seats!
There’s always next week and you might win
Or at the very least you might squeeze out a grin!

Thanks girls – maybe everyone feels better – after all it’s a RARE occasion when nobody gets the Teaser.

Hey Man…..I’m…like….
TOTALLY hungry!

Sorry you all are disappointed today about the Teaser but next week I’m sure someone will guess it right!  In the meantime, console yourself with food…………that always helps!

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Never fear – next week we’ll be HERE!!!!  

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy


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  1. oh my oh my..western samoa? we are surprised… it looked like russia, but there was this palm thingy in the photo what fooled us completely… and google in europe is like the white pages of 1987 this time… with all restrictions and their spam cookies they forgot to update their stuff… LOL


    • If you google “bright blue roof” or “churches with blue roof” you do get a LOT of Russian and Grecian buildings. A lot of folks thought it was Russian – but Samoa is a rather “exotic” location and we thought this building was quite beautiful. With the palm trees we figured we would fool a whole lot of peeps into thinking Florida or Hawaii or something like that. Guess we fooled EVERYONE!

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom


        • I can tell you how Graphics Department found it – we actually googled (after much thinking about some location in the world that MIGHT fool everyone) – “SAMOA”………up popped a lot of photos but there was THIS one and Mom our Graphics Department loved the color! Try googling SAMOA…..of course nobody KNEW that but us…..!


  2. How is it possible that no pupil in the class could not find the ALMOST one and only one catholic church with blue roofs??? We should blame google for the failure! OK, in 90% of my time I searched for orthodox cathedrals, but…


    • Amazing isn’t it? It wasn’t that it was an UNUSUAL kind of photo – it was obviously a government building or church/cathedral of some sort – but google let everyone down when they searched for blue roofs! WE WON! YAY FOR OUR GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT!!!!

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  3. Congratulations to the Phenny, Nelly, and The Mama! Wow, the Teaser beat us this Tuesday! A Catholic Church, too! Very interesting. Well done Graphics Department! I think I will have some honey roasted taters and some roasted carrots… Thank you!


    • I just KNEW you’d get some of those honey roasted taters – you did last time they were on the menu! Yes we fooled everybody this week which as you know does NOT happen often. YAY FOR THE HOME TEAM!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Hmm…..I was thinking maybe when nobody guesses the Teaser, all the WRONG GUESSERS should give the Professors a “YOU ARE FABULOUS TEACHERS” badge AND have a wonderful catered lunch in honor of them (not in the cafeteria of course).


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