Tuesday Teaser Time


Looky Looky – it’s Teaser Tuesday!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????

Yep – the day of the week you all look forward to (at least we hope you do!).    It’s also the second day of our EASTER BONNET CONTEST so be sure and vote…………….the poll is below.   If you voted yesterday you can’t vote again but if you FORGOT or just didn’t – TODAY IS YOUR DAY TO CAST YOUR VOTE!!

First up though is a quickie review of rules and badges for the TEASER – THEN onward to today’s CONUNDRUM (otherwise known as the TEASER photo!).

Alright already….let’s get on with the Teaser photo!

Keep your hair on…….oh – that’s right – you’re a baby – not a lot of hair yet right?    OK – we’ll get the security guard guy in here and get things rolling along.

I’ve got your Teaser photo today – the regular guy is taking the day off – here’s your photo – it’s a “beaut” !

Where was this taken?  

Cheer Team – it’s time for you ladies on stage!

Gimme a break
This can’t be real!
People live in this place?
It looks kind of “bare” – I think they got a raw deal!
We hope someone gets this even though it’s tough
We sure don’t know – we’re not good at geography stuff!
Win an Easter badge if you’re right
Then go out and party with your Bunny all night!!

Thanks girls……….we think it might be a toughie too.  

Now shall we move on to the BONNET CONTEST?     Today is day two of voting……………………here’s the poll – you can vote for as many as you like and we’ll let you know who our WINNER is tomorrow on the Tell All………………..the competition is FIERCE we can tell you.     We decided NOT to let you see who was ahead – that way everyone will be surprised!!

When’s lunch?   My head’s getting hot with this bunny hat on – I need ice water!

Alright – alright………………..let’s all head over to the cafeteria for lunch……………..then you can come back to class if you like to study the Teaser photo some more.   We’ll see you at REGULAR time tomorrow for the info on who wins what for Teaser AND the Bonnet Contest!

Hello Easter Class!   Are you ready to have some lunch?   Good!  Step right up!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow!   GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!    Your Profs


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  1. Well, we, er, don’t know where this is but agree its not a place we want to snooze in. Miss D Buddy wants the Double Burger and we will split one between the rest of us. Wow thats big. Professors we are going to take our Easter Greenie and head back to bed. We cant wait to see who wins the hat-off


  2. Great teaser, but I have no idea where it was. Nice cheer and you all look wonderful. See you tomorrow for the answer. XO


  3. I’m here! I told the biped I had to get home for the teaser.

    I think it’s the Cathedral of Lima in the Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru.

    I’m keeping my paws crossed now. 🙂

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  4. I could talk about the prison in this photo…. it’s that yellow building near the center if you haven’t figured it out yet. But this picture is even more extraordinary because of that UFO floating above the building on the far left there. LOOK AT IT!!!! Either the doofy replacement security guard overexposed the film again, or that’s the glowing light from a spaceship full of prisoners from Uranus that are being transported to Earth, which because of our galactic reputation, we’re the universal penal colony. Stupid Uranians, though, dropped them off at the wrong building. Maybe they’ll pick up MIss D before they beam back up…

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHA…….I have been waiting all morning for someone to NOTICE the UFO. Actually I put it there to cover up the flag that was flying and which would have given away the location! I should have made a badge for “FIRST TO SPOT THE UFO” but didn’t. Sorry about that.


  5. Strange colour of the grass there! And mountains and palm trees, no those sure are clues fro this clueless brain…
    Looks formidable.
    And way too busy to be peaceful, MOL!

    I am going to go with some of the others who said: Plaza de Armas (The Plaza of Weapons) in Lima, Peru.

    Now I have to scram, cause I have to go to the MD…sigh…will be gone for hours cause i have to drive over an hour to get thee and there is major road construction where I have to drive…sheesh, I hate detours. The GPS will help me more than it was helping me fins the teaser, tee-hee!

    See ya later!

    Oh, I will cast my vote too…and grab a hand held snack before I leave…thanks for the nourishment!


    • Hope your doc visit goes OK……..I had one last Friday, another one yesterday and yet another one next Monday (not counting Dentist tomorrow!). Everything always happens to me in BUNCHES!!!!! Tune in tomorrow to find out if you’re right about the Teaser.

      Hugs, Pam


  6. Plaza Mayor (Plaza des Armas) Lima Peru. Our daddy has been there. I know we are very late and probably many others have already guessed correctly, but, hey, we remembered it is Tuesday. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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  7. I haven’t a clue! Ivor said Portugal somewhere but I don’t think so. All I know is that it is pretty good sat here on my balcony watching the sea go by and drinking my gin and tonic!


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