Pre-Teaser Monday Class

Happy Monday Class!   Time to get you ready for Teaser tomorrow AND also begin our EASTER BONNET contest competition!

The Easter Bonnet competition will be “live” today and tomorrow for you to vote.   You may vote for as many of them as you like – we are “hiding” the totals so it will be a surprise when we announce the winner.   You’ll be voting for your “FAVORITE BONNET” in the contest.   No specific “category” – just your favorite.

As for the Teaser – you all know the drill……………..tomorrow’s post will be live at a SURPRISE TIME…………..and your first order of business when you arrive in class will be to COMMENT!

I even decorated my dunce cap for the occasion!

Here are the rules AND the badges up for grabs!

And there are the SPECIAL badges for this week to celebrate EASTER!

Gosh I dressed up and everything but along came this duck and peed on my paw!

What a shame……well, ducks will be ducks I suppose.

Now, shall we move on to business?    Here are the entires in our Easter Bonnet Contest……………………you can vote for as many as you want……………we’ll announce winner on Wednesday and you can vote TODAY and TOMORROW!   Click photos to see them larger (if possible)



Cheer Team – you’re ON!

Hello Bunnies and Easter Pals
We’re your adorable Easter gals!
Ready for Teaser and the contest too?
We wish you all luck – from all of us to you.
Lots of cute bonnets from which to choose
The losers will probably get the blues!
Don’t you worry and don’t you fear
We’ll be around for winners and losers and you’ll all get a CHEER!

Great cheer gang………………now I think we should move on to the cafeteria for lunch………..remember – SURPRISE TIME FOR TOMORROW’S TEASER POST!!!

We’re starting the Easter celebration early…………enjoy your lunch today everyone!!

Today’s Easter-ish Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow!!    Don’t forget to vote!

Your Easter Bunny Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

47 thoughts on “Pre-Teaser Monday Class

  1. We can vote for as many as we want? Well, I would have to vote for them all because they are all adorable! I will be here in the morning and will try to be speedy about it! Such a nice cheer this morning! That Easter cake is too funny with the bunny!!!!


  2. I love the bunny dunce cap. And you ladies look lovely- even Miss Dingleberry. Prancie has some stuff competition with the bonnets. Have a great day! XO


  3. Wow…lots of great entries! We love those badges and hope we can get Mom up early so maybe we can win one!! We’re going to nom some lobster tail while we think about our votes….everyone looks so festive.

    The Florida Furkids


    • Bonnets are great this year aren’t they?! Today is last day for voting – anyone who hasn’t voted yet can still cast a ballot……….tomorrow’s the BIG DAY. How was that lobster??

      Hugs, Teddy


    • I’m sure Angel Madi is watching over the bonnet competition……I bet they do these kinds of fun events up at the Bridge too!! No doubt if Angel Madi entered- she will be the WINNER!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Tough to pick one – that’s why we said “pick as many as you want” !!! Tomorrow we’ll see how it’s gone but right now the competition is STIFF!!! Everyone is getting lots of votes! Enjoy the ham and steak guys!


    • Hello Marv, Ninja and Mom! We understand how super busy your Mom is just now….but appreciate that you stopped by on Tuesday Teaser day! Thanks for voting – it’s a tough contest isn’t it!

      HUGS ALL AROUND – Teddy and Mom


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