Sunday Selfie Hop


Greetings fans of the Selfie Hop!    It’s time to hop like we do EVERY Sunday courtesy of our hosts, the Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head.    We all have fun showing ourselves off on Sunday and today is no exception.   If you’d like to join in, just click their badge above and link up.   We’ll stop by to see your FINE SELF!!!    Thanks to our good friends at The Cat On My Head for hosting this Hop.

My Selfie is a FLASHBACK Selfie……………………from about this same time last year……………

This one was March 31, 2018.    Surprise – surprise – I’m asleep.   Belly up of course.   Some stuff just never changes does it?!    I’ve actually got a LOT of photos of me on this same quilt, in this same position, snoring just as loudly as I was on this occasion.    What can I say???    If it feels good – do it!

Yep – we have a puzzle of this one for those of you brave enough to want a puzzle on a Sunday………………good luck!!!


Oh –  before I go – I looked back TWO years ago at photos of me – are you ready?   I look like I’m about HALF the size I am now…………although it’s probably a whole lot LESS.   I probably weighed about 10 lbs. in these photos and had only lived here a little less than two months!

From March 31, 2017  – already a nap expert – a belly up fan – and learning the joys of sinks!!

Happy Sunday!   Love, Teddy


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  1. You sure do make snoozing look so inviting, Teddy. And I always say a good duvet and cover is just ripe for a good snooze and what they are made for, and they would be mighty upset if they didn’t get appreciated the other half of the day, now wouldn’t they 😉


  2. Yes, that’s the good old and familiar ginger mancat pose, Teddy. Flynn also had it perfected. Eric was too round for it and would just roll right over so preferred the meatloaf pose. I will enjoy doing the puzzle later.
    You were a cute little whipper snapper 2 years ago.


    • Thank you Miss Jackie. That’s funny what you said about round Eric…Mom thinks sometimes that I will roll over – in fact when I pull myself onto my back sometimes I have to do several “adjustments” to balance myself perfectly at first. Tee Hee

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  3. Teddy I liked to belly pose too when I was just a kit. It sure is funny looking back at our “younger” photos. You are one fine handsome marmalade fellow we must say
    Timmy and Family


  4. That is a very sweet snoozing selfie. You are lucky to have beautiful quilts to sleep on. I am going to do your puzzle, but I still have to finish last week’s puzzle , I am only about 50 % done with it 🙂 XO


    • I do have nice quilts – thanks to my Auntie Carol who is a most talented quilter. My Mom can just about handle sewing on a button but quilting is definitely outside of her “skill range” !!! 🙂


    • IT’s a TRAP…..don’t fall for it….Mom frequently does and tries to give my tummy a pet…’s dangerous – all four paws clamp around the available wrist and it’s OWWWWWIE time!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Teddy, thanks for always hopping. We love all these flashback photos. You definitely were a little fellow. You sure are living the good life. And that makes us ever so happy. Sending lots of love to everyone at your house. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


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