Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings and Happy Thursday.    Time for us to gather together courtesy of Brian and his Hop to share what we are thankful for this week.   I must say that I am continuing to be thankful that we have had decent weather for Early Spring.   I believe (and I hope) that snow is behind us now and we won’t have to worry about that again.   We’ve had a lot of very cold days and some chilly rains but no snow or ice.   Mom and Dad are happy about the weather too.   They spent a lot of money last Fall on lawn renovation for our front yard and by golly we have a GORGEOUS GREEN lawn now whereas almost everyone else has a BROWN one!

I’m also of course very grateful that Sammy’s poetic Thursday email came on time so I can share that with you!


Greetings Poetry Friends!

We’re off and running on another Thursday poetry session.    I hope you are joining in the fun.    Every week as you know I give you a photograph to think about – and you have a whole week to write a poem based on that photo…….what do YOU see in it and how does it make YOU feel?     I not only have fun finding photos for all of us to use as inspiration but I have TONS of fun reading what you have written.    So let’s share shall we?   

Here’s the photo I gave you last Thursday followed by my poem which I’m sharing with you.    Then it’s YOUR turn – how did you do? 

“I Wonder”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©March 27, 2019

In its’ day did it look this lonely?

As schoolhouses went, was it the only?

Did it serve as church as well as school?

Was the good book taught and the golden rule?

Did people come from miles around?

Did the bell ring loudly – a familiar sound?

Did the fireplace keep everyone warm and dry?

As snow, sleet, and rain fell from a darkened sky?

In its’ day was it in the middle of a town?

With wooden houses and gardens all around?

Or did it live its’ life in this quiet place?

Surrounded by crops or nothing but empty space?

Regardless of the answers it has withstood time…….

And became the subject of my simple rhyme……..


As I study the photo I come to believe more and more that it may be an old church primarily……the long narrow front windows look more church-like than school-like.    Whatever it was in its’ long ago life, it still stands testament to whatever its’ purpose was………worship or learning or both, it maintains watch as time passes.

Ready to see what I have picked for us all to use as next week’s poetic inspiration?    Looks like it will be fun to “interpret” !!!

Let’s see what we can do with this one…………..looks like trouble is brewing before the first course even arrives!   HAHAHA    

Hope you all have a fantastic week……………….things are great for we Angels – we’re working hard to get the weather right – seems like it’s all a matter of fine tuning – hope our efforts are paying off for at least SOME of you!    Teddy reports progress where he is but I know others are getting storms and difficult weather.   It’s an amazing balancing act that’s for sure.

See you next Thursday…………………Look for your Angels – we are there for you.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy



Thanks a lot Angel Sammy……….I like your poem today………….I couldn’t make my mind up about that old building either but whatever it was – I bet it was important to a lot of people.   Bricks last almost forever!


Love, Teddy




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    • LOVE LOVE LOVE both of the poems today – both of you ladies did a great job with the very cool photo we had this week. Next week’s ought to be a fun one too!

      Love, Teddy, Mom and Angel Sammy


  1. Teddy, you did an outstanding work here for us. I agree, I think it had a dual function and how clever of you to recognize that! But…when it comes to you, nothing surprises me really; you’re that good! XXX

    Katie Isabella

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  2. Excellent poem from Angel Sammy. I am very curious now, I do wonder what this building was used for and if it always stood there. Next week’s photo is interesting. Thanks to your mom for finding us great inspiration. I love the photo of you on the bed Teddy. XO


    • I do love a nice soft bed….especially when I’m the only one in it! Glad you like the photo for next week……..Mom says she might try to find out more about the photo of the old church/schoolhouse. It looks SO LONELY!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Meow meow what a grate poe-em ‘angel’ Sammy!!
    Here iss mine:

    “Lonely Church”

    “Littel Church alone,
    Once you saved soulss of many.
    Now you are lonelee…..”

    What do you think Teddy?? Did mee do guud?
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


  4. Hey Teddy, snow is still possible here – maybe SATURDAY, or so they say:)

    That old schoolhouse is just so charming, as is your poem. We wonder if the bell still tolls.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • SNOW???? MORE SNOW??? YIPES! We’re supposed to get to the low 70s here today…….then rain coming. We really hope no more snow but we also say about Virginia weather “NEVER SAY NEVER” !!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. A great poem, Angel Sammy.
    My first thought was a church but then I thought it looked like the old school houses in Westerns. If it was a very small community it was most likely used as both.
    In some of the small villages in the UK, the Methodist chapels often had a schoolroom attached. Of course now they have mostly been converted to dwellings.


    • I think what intrigued me the most about this photo was that there wasn’t anything else around……it’s almost like it fell out of the sky and landed there…….it looks so lonely but I bet in its’ “day” there were other structures/houses around and they’re long tone but the little brick church/schoolhouse remains to keep watch!

      Hugs, Pam

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  6. GREAT poem, Angel Sammy. Motor Mommy thought church too. Interesting photo for next week. We’re thinking that guy has to do some fancy talking to make that young lady smile!
    Love, Sundae


  7. First of all, Teddy, we love this adorable photo of you. Second, Angel Sammy wrote another first rate poem. It is a very curious site…this school/church sitting in the middle of a field. It’s almost as if a tornado picked up everything else and carried it away. Next week’s photo does look like fun! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Mom giggled at next week’s photo because she’s seen this kind of “scene” played out before in restaurants…..there’s obviously some ISSUES at the table and in the case of this photo – they haven’t even had anything to eat yet!!!!! Glad you liked Angel Sammy’s poem for the little church/school in the middle of nowhere. I wonder if Toto lives there?!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. Teddy, we hope the weather is nice and warm for you! We know how much you love going outside in lovely weather. We had us some snow this past weekend, but we think we’re finally done with that now. Angel Sammy, this image and your poem both remind me of a Little House on the Prairie sort of story, and I love that! The newest image is going to be an equally fun one to work with, that’s for sure. Purrs!


    • My Mom says she’s been in restaurants where there were couples like these two – obviously they need to “abandon ship” and go home. LOL Yes I do love nice weather for my walks with Mom outside BUT we haven’t had a lot of nice weather YET. It’s coming I’m sure…… it’s damp/cold because we have rain coming. Glad you like next week’s photo – it’s a doozy!

      Hugs, Teddy


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