Tuesday Teaser Class


Good Morning Class!  Have you COMMENTED yet?   Please do!

Hope you are ready for a tease of a Teaser today.    It is a GUEST TEASER and a challenge to say the least.     But we don’t want to scare you away by making you think it’s impossible – it’s not – but it will get your sleuthing talents working that’s for sure.

Oh boy!

First I’ll quickly flash up the rules AGAIN and the badges that are up for grabs today.    Ready?


Hey – I can’t read yet…..is that a problem?????

Shall we bring in the Cheer Team with the new recruit to give you all a cheer to cheer you?    They will put a little CHEER in your EAR!

We really must say after seeing the Teaser
It’s tough and will be a real brain squeezer
So buckle your seat belts and don’t be afraid
It won’t be as scary as a police raid!
Study the photo and give it a go
We know you are all becoming real Teaser pros!
Tomorrow come back and see who are winners
Even if you lose, you still get Miss D’s dinner!

Dinner? I want Lunch NOT Dinner!!!!


Want me to go see if I can find that security guy? Maybe he’s in the restroom?????

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

See?   We told you it was a whopper!   Good Luck!

I know – I know – it’s a couple of rocks on the beach and in the ocean somewhere sunny which is definitely not HERE!!!!

Not close enough – you’ll have to work a little harder and zero in on the LOCATION of those rocks and what beach and ocean that is – you’ve got the enthusiasm going – now turn it into a REAL GUESS!!!

I’ve got my THINKING CAT on – maybe it will help…….

Hey dummy….you’re supposed to wear a THINKING CAP not CAT!

You do things YOUR way and I’ll do things MY way!

Let’s head over to the cafeteria now for lunch…………….that makes everything better!    Tomorrow we’ll have our Tell All and pass out badges to those of you who win them!

Time for lunch students….please keep the cafeteria line moving….hope you enjoy today’s meal choices!

Isn’t it WEIRD that Miss D is so NICE now? She used to be a crabpot!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!!!!

Your Profs


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      • Good job I kept refreshing. Last week reader and email told me you had posted early and I couldn’t comment. This week neither has arrived yet!
        Interesting photo. It could be anywhere. We have several places with rock formations similar to that but I know it isn’t them. I have a place in mind though but need to look at some photos first.


        • The internet is getting stranger all the time – You’re right about the Teaser today – VERY TOUGH…….we thought it was time to toss out a really DIFFICULT one to investigate!!!!


          • The place I had in mind was Cabo San Lucas and when I checked I can see that is not right. Back to the drawing board!


          • Well…I googled “smaller rock beside cliff” and got hundreds of results. The first that looks anything like it is Thailand Phang-Nga Bay and called Big Cliff Little Cliff. Mr. Google has supplied me with a lot more photos to choose from but I will have to do that later. That’s my guess for now.


          • OK! Good research on your part and who knows – maybe it is in Thailand OR maybe it’s one of your other photos – you can always guess again if you wanna!!

            Hugs, Teddy


          • I didn’t get chance to come back earlier but the only other place that looks like the Teaser is Petra tou Romiou also known as Aphrodite’s Rock. I see that has been guessed several times though.


  1. Is that the Rock of Aphrodite? In Paphos, Cyprus? Dad says he was looking at greek gods and gave us the hint so if our guess comes from our Hooman we hope it counts.
    Thanks Cheer Team and Miss D. Come on Einstein no pushing. I want to get down with these super selections
    Timmy and Family

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  2. Boy… y’all really hid the prison in this Teaser. I’m not seeing it, and I don’t see any little guys wearing a ball and chain trying to break it down into tinier pieces. This does seem like the proverbial scene one would find themselves in if they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Someone needs to remind the cheer team that they are supposed to be giving out positive vibes to us students…. not reminding us that we’ll be forced to eat Miss D’s cooking after class.

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  3. Great cheer ladies! I have no clue where the photo was taken though. I want to buy that poor orange kitty a new pair of glasses. XO


  4. OMC we’re comment 82 because Mom FORGOT IT WAS TUESDAY!!!! Thank COD there were still some bacon cheeseburgers left! We’re giving her a break because she was worried about Noelle this morning. We thought it was Cabo too but we’re pretty sure it’s the wrong and VERY LATE answer.

    The Florida Furkids


    • We hope little Noelle is feeling better this morning. Having a cold is AWFUL when you’re a kitty and depend on your nose to keep you informed when there’s food or danger around!

      Hugs, Teddy


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