Pre-Teaser Monday Class In Session


Happy Monday!  

The crop of plastic plants out front of the school are looking perky.   I swear they’ve grown……….HAHAHA      Anyway, it’s Monday and here we are ready to prepare you students for tomorrow’s FUN and GAMES for Teaser Tuesday.

FUN and GAMES?  More like PAIN and AGONY!

Well we know you all love Teaser Tuesday so you can be grumpy if you want but we know better!

You want GRUMPY, you’ll get GRUMPY!!

Tomorrow we’ll be showing you a photo (right now I believe it MIGHT be a Guest Teaser but you just never know!)……………….and it will be up to you to tell us WHERE you believe the photo was taken. Easy right?   NOT.     Sometimes it’s downright impossible.    Here are our rules and they MUST be followed!

When we say MUST – we mean MUST!

And here are the badges that will be available for you to win should you BE so lucky (and smart!):

Now that you know how things will be going tomorrow, let’s just take a minute to remind you that the post will be popping up at a SURPRISE TIME.    As if it wasn’t already hard enough to guess where the photo was taken, we torture you with not knowing WHEN the post will arrive – – – – but you COULD be the FIRST to comment if you’re ALERT (and AWAKE!).

I’ll be ALERT – it’s the AWAKE thing I’m not sure about

Well just do your best everyone and we’ll be cheering you all on – of course the REAL cheering will be from our fabulous Cheer Team who has a BRAND NEW RECRUIT!    That’s right – many of you thought our little applicant should have a chance so she’s trying out today for the first time!!

Here we are, loud and proud
Your Teaser girls are now a crowd!
We’ve got a new chick and her name is Lucille
She knows how to cheer and she’s the real deal!
Tomorrow we’ll be back to jump and scream
So let’s hear it now for the new CHEER TEAM!

The new chick is totally GROOVY!

What do you say about heading over to the cafeteria – Miss Dingleberry is back full time and cookin’ up a storm.    Romance is officially on the BACK BURNER for her now.   She’s re-dedicated her life to GOOD FOOD and Ding Dong Sheep School!

I’m BAAACK and ready for action – and I don’t mean DATING ACTION!   I appreciate your effort students and faculty but I think I’m much more comfortable creating wonderful meals for all of you, than I am dating strangers (and trust me – these guys couldn’t have been any STRANGER than they were!).

Today’s Lunch Specials:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you at a SURPRISE time tomorrow students!   Study!   

Professors Angel Sam and Teddy


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    • IT was an “EPIC FAIL” – we all tried to find Mr. Right but all we were able to do is give her a lot of WRONGS! Anyway, if she finds love it will be someone SHE connects with I think – our connections were obviously DISCONNECTED!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Mmmm, scalloped potatoes and all those strawberries. I am being good and will have melon tea though. Just kidding, bring on the chocolate strawberry cake!
    I may be late tomorrow. I have things to sort out in town before the end of the tax year and tomorrow is likely to be the day. I will get here eventually though.
    I enjoyed Angel Sammy’s puzzle yesterday.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The chocolate strawberry cake is – AMAZING to say the least. But then Mom says that about anything involving chocolate! Hope you get your tax stuff settled – fortunately my Mom and Dad survived that this year……Glad you enjoyed doing Angel Sammy’s paw puzzle….gosh we miss that boy!

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome Lucille! Great cheer ladies. And I have been thinking, Miss Dingleberry doesn’t need a man, she needs 20 cats 🙂 XO


    • Hi Timmy! We all think Lucille was a good addition to the team….might need to add another dog to the pack though since kitties now outnumber pups! Today’s meal is a winner too – Miss D is certainly back in business concentrating on the cafeteria!!

      Hugs, Teddy


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