Pre-Teaser Monday and Miss D’s #3


Good Morning Class!  Our Fake Plastic Plants for Spring are looking good!  

We are still resorting to “fake Spring” around here – in fact we have snow in our forecast for tonight so how could as possibly have ACTUAL Spring plants outside the school right?  Our groundskeepers stepped up with the great idea of plastic.   At least it LOOKS Springy even though it doesn’t feel it.

All I know is my nuts are cold and I’m hoping for Spring weather soon.   Wait……what??????

Moving on………….Students, today is:

Yes it’s time to get you ready for tomorrow’s Teaser.    Not only THAT, but today we will be introducing Miss Dingleberry to her next HOT (or warm) date, the most unusual but in your words dear students “fun looking” guy you picked as #3 Date for Miss Dingleberry.   After this date, it will be up to her to pursue dating life or return to her cafeteria kitchen and staff as she keeps us all in stretch pants with all the calories we enjoy in our Hallowed Halls.

This is who she will be meeting today:

Date #6 – came in third in the voting

Yes indeed he does look like fun.   Interesting fun………wacky fun………and red panty-hosed fun!    We’ll introduce our possible lovebirds when we go to lunch today.    Meanwhile, let’s get down to BUSINESS!   Here are the rules and badges for tomorrow……..please read the rules – we are sticklers for asking you to obey the rules!

Tomorrow’s badges:

I hafta follow RULES? Dang!

We also want to remind all of you that tomorrow’s TEASER POST will be popping into your mailbox at a SURPRISE TIME…………… never know when it will land and that’s your cue to GET TO THE BLOG AND COMMENT!!!!    If you are FIRST to comment of course you get a badge………….the other badges are self explanatory right?   Right!

I’ll be ready no matter WHEN you go LIVE!

I’m sleeping in my crib in the back of the room tonight so I’ll definitely be HERE first thing!

It better not be TOO early or I might still have my CRANKY on!  

Cheer Team could you step in and get this crowd cheered up?   Everyone is a little WOUND UP this morning!

We’re on our way to ballet class
But stopping by to give you a dose of sass!
You students are lucky to go to Ding Dong School
Where we only have one BIG rule
Pay attention when the teachers are teaching
Otherwise Marge’s yell can be quite screeching!
Rest up tonight so your brains will be AWAKE
Win a badge and we’ll put your name in the cheer we make!!!

Never fear – no such thing as too early……well, I suppose it is too early for those out on the West Coast but hey – we can’t make EVERYONE happy right?    Before we all faint from starvation maybe we’d better finish up here and head to the cafeteria.    Ready?

Miss Dingleberry, we hope your enjoy Blind Date #3 with the third choice of our students who voted!    This is Harry Hinkeleimer and you and Harry have an all expenses paid dinner this evening at:

Pink Taco!   In honor of Harry’s hair and your wig Miss D, we chose this fab Mexican restaurant for you two! 

You will enjoy your pink tacos under the pink lights in this pink room and of course will get there in style in:


Allo Schtooodents – it’s me again filling in for lunch today – Enchoy von’t you?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow Students!   Your Professors





46 responses »

    • One big order of mac and cheese comin’ up. As for Miss D and Harry – after the limo pulled out of the parking lot at school we got to thinking we should have rented a pink Cadillac for their date!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • One roasted beast sandwich comin’ up! We are hopeful that Miss D and Mr. PINK GUY have a good time…………somehow we aren’t getting good vibes but then – well – we’ve been “burned” by the other two!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • I agree…………….we were stunned when Ding Dong School’s students chose that pink-haired guy as one of Miss D’s blind dates. Should be interesting on Wednesday when we hear from Miss D.

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Miss D. I have a not to positive feeling here with this one either! YOU will look smashing I know and I hope that the Pink Taco is indeed THE place to go. I hope your new beau has good manners and isn’t sloppy. Those tacos drip you know! I wonder which of his chapeaux he will wear? And you? What’s the dress of choice? Let the cheer team help…they look like a million in their ballerina clothes.
    XO Katie Isabella


    • I think Miss D has a little pink number hanging in the cafeteria closet for her date. I’m feeling a little negative about this date myself but after all, Ding Dong Students chose this dude – even though the choices were ALL a little scary. Guess we’ll find out how things turn out when Miss D reports in on Wednesday. Miss D doesn’t have the best of luck so we’re wondering if this will be the last “Find A Date For Miss D” activity at school.

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. This clown looks like he escaped from a Teaser prison… one that makes you wear one of those sleeveless white “jackets” at all times. Meanwhile, I have a whole shelf full of dirty minded critters behind me who are snickering at The Pink Taco…


  3. Looks like we will be back to the drawing board to find some dates for Miss Dingleberry. 🙂 Great cheer ladies- enjoy that ballet class. XO


  4. I’ve heard of fake plants and plastic plants but never fake plastic plants. Who wants fake plastic? Gimme the real plastic. Oh yeah, Miss D is hairier than her date.


    • Well we haven’t seen ALL of that date….who knows what’s under those red tights…..EWWWWWWW We wondered if anyone would notice the “FAKE PLASTIC”……shoulda known it would be YOU!


  5. I hope this date turns out better for Miss D. Who knows, he might surprise everyone and dress smartly, although I somehow doubt it.
    I will try and remember you are an hour closer to us tomorrow morning and be on time. I can’t forget the day though as it will be 6 years since Eric went to the Bridge. It doesn’t seem possible that it is that long.


    • Oh my…..that is a “sadaversary” as Mom calls it when we think about Angel Sammy and all of his friends who are there with him. Time flies but hearts take longer to heal. Yes we hope Miss D’s date turns out better than this guy looks (!) but since he showed up for the date with that pink wig, we’re kinda not looking for a GOOD report tomorrow from Miss D!

      Hugs, teddy


  6. This is the guy we thought would be the perfect date. Seems we were wrong! Girls, you all look precious in your ballet outfits. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Our little ballerinas hope ballet will keep them limbered up and able to do all those jumps, leaps and flips they do when Ding Dong School is having a track meet or other sports event – of course they do use our geography class as a “warm up” for the main event!

      Hugs, teddy


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