Tuesday Teaser Class


Here we are!   Time to speak up with a COMMENT!   Maybe you’ll be first!

After you’ve commented, please have a seat at your desk………..we’ll remind you of how we do the Teaser today THEN get right to it so you have time to figure out today’s photo!    We know you want to win one of the special Saint Patrick’s badges.   Don’t you???

Wednesday Miss Dingleberry will be reporting in on her hopefully hot date with Dream Date #2 but in the interim, our fill-in Chef will of course be cookin’ up a storm in the cafeteria in her place.

I’m anxious to hear if Miss D enjoyed her date – that guy we picked as #1 was a ZERO!

That dream date guy better treat Miss D right or ELSE!

So here are the rules for today’s guessing AND another peek at the special badges we’ll be awarding tomorrow:


Let’s bring on our Team of Irish Cheerleaders (at least Irish for the day…..!) and have them get you FIRED up for guessing the photo shall we???????   They promised not to have any green beer until AFTER their cheer (although I’m not sure that they didn’t have one BEFORE coming here to cheer………):

Happy O’Tuesday to each student guy and lass
We hope lunch today doesn’t give you gas
We look pretty swell in our Irish green
Now don’t laugh too hard and sprain your spleen!
Today’s Teaser is not easy so take your time
To rush with your answer would be a crime
Just do your best and win your pot-o-gold
Hurry hurry up and guess before your brain gets cold!!

Ready to take the plunge students?   Security Guard – please display today’s PHOTO FUN!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

So students – where do you think this photo was taken?   Remember the rules……….and take as long as you like but remember – ST PATRICK’S BADGES ARE AT STAKE!!!

I agree! I’m gonna study it a while.

Gosh……this is a toughie!

Well if you two think you have the answer – whisper it in my ear will you?   (psssst……….)

Sorry boys – keep studying!

Everyone ready to head to the cafeteria?    Let’s find out what the substitute chef has up his sleeve (other than his arm) for lunch today shall we??????????????????????

Hullo Charmink Shtoodents!   Delighted to provide your lunch today! 

Our Delicious Menu Items for Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alright Students!  Enjoy your lunch – feel free to study at your desks after (or nap) and we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL and the awarding of appropriate badges.    Oh – and we’ll find out about Miss D’s date too!

Ta Ta Til Tomorrow………Your Professors

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  1. Hi professors. That is Plymouth Rock monument in Plymouth Massachusetts if we remember our history. Cheer team you look super in green so we will keep our spleens. MOL
    Chef we love your selection and would like the meatball pizza.
    Purrs all
    Timmy and Family


  2. I agree with Timmy Tomcat. An almost identical photo used to be on display in the Civic Centre in town (the original Plymouth.)


  3. I am visiting earlier than usual, but I guess not early enough to be first. Great cheer ladies and you all look so pretty in your green outfits. I hope that date is going better for Miss Dingleberry. I have no idea where the photo was taken. See you tomorrow to find out where. XO


  4. You’ve heard of Roach Motels. Well, this is a People Motel. People walk into the deadly trap… attracted by the fact that it looks like some kind of ancient Greek architecture… like we should care what was in fashion 2000 years ago. But the pavement and the columns are actually made from a very sticky material from the home planet of the aliens from Uranus who planted the People Motel. Once the People Motel fills up, the spaceship beams it up and bingo! Plenty of new earthlings to do experiments on! Those Uranians are quite brilliant. People check in, but they don’t check out….

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  5. Well this is an easy one so I won’t be the first right guesser….its Plymouth Rock Monument at Plymouth Massachusetts!Did You know the Plymouth that the Pilgrims set sail from is only 20 mins drive from my home here in Devon in the UK?xx Speedy

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  6. What a charming place. I could use this monument in the back yard. It would look so cool. We agree with Timmy and say this is the Plymouth Rock Monument at Plymouth Mass. Sounds good to us.

    Shoko and mom


  7. I did not forget to come by yesterday…the Mr Internet Fixer Dude was here and he tried but could not…had to have another dude come by later who decided we needed to replace the whole line from house to pole out across the street. Gave the dogs quite a lot of barking opportunities, MOL!.
    By hte time he was here and gone, I had to go and do other things…go figure. Sheesh. But…at least its all good now:) However…we are going to have bad weather tomorrow. Maybe even tornadoes and high winds all day. Hope no trees take down this nice new line…

    Are any onion rings still left??I feel like a good hearty and naughty snack! MOL!


    • Weather is still going nuts in many spots in the country here…..huge snow storms and huge wind….by the time the current “mess” gets on the East Coast where we are, we should just have some rain and a bit of thunder (we hope). We are hopeful no more snow!!! Glad that you got your internet fixed up – I was MISERABLE for a couple of days this past week without mine!! There are always onion rings available at school (and in my kitchen!). One of my favorites!

      Hugs, Pam


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