Teaser Tuesday, Miss D’s NOT HOT DATE, and Professor T’s BD!!




Now before we start class – we’ll tell you our “tale of woe” and explain why there was no Pre-Tease Monday post.    BECAUSE WE HAD NO INTERNET – THAT’S WHY!    Our internet went out Saturday night and only was back at 2PM Monday.    Mom was beside herself (no that doesn’t mean there were TWO Moms in the house but she was pretty upset anyway!).

Turned out it was a problem in the light span cabinet (huh?) in our community and we had to wait until someone responded to the “trouble ticket” so we WAITED…….and WAITED……….at any rate, we’re back and hopefully we’re not going anywhere.

SO – yesterday was Professor Teddy’s THIRD birthday so we’ll celebrate today in the cafeteria at lunch.   How’s that?   YAY!    We also will give you a brief (and I do mean brief) report on Miss Dingleberry’s date with YOUR #1 blind date choice.    Big class today so let’s get started!

WOW…..that gave me a headache – that’s a lot of stuff for today’s class!

YES but it’s all FUN STUFF Sidney!

Here’s rules and badges for today’s Teaser…………..remember you have all day to guess but you should follow the rules for guessing OK?

I’m DETERMINED today – do I look determined???

Security Guard?    Come on in with the photo for today will you please?????

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN?????????????????????    You tell us and you might win a badge!   WHEEEEEEE!

Oh how I’d like to win a badge – I willy do twy!!!

Alright gang – now that you have a photo to study and figure out, let’s head over to the cafeteria and see what our Miss Dingleberry has to say about her date AND then celebrate Professor Teddy’s birthday – whadda you say?

Oh boy!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Professor Teddy.    We have a swell menu in your honor.   I know everyone wants to hear about the date – thanks a lot for picking Wally but I’m afraid we had NOTHING IN COMMON.    We kind of stared into outer space at the THAI TANIC restaurant…..the food was good but there was no “chemistry” between us.   In fact, he asked one of the waitresses out on a date before we were even through with DINNER!!!    So, I’m looking forward to Date #2.    I’m sure it will be better than the date with Sally.   THANKS FOR TRYING.    Now – let’s party!!

Let’s dance!!!!

Dancing is fine but let’s EAT too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Professor Teddy says THANKS to his friends for these great cards:

From Phenny and Nelly

Thank you Miss Ingrid, and everyone at Meezer Mews and Terrieristical Woofs!

Thank you Miss Pix!!

From Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head

From my friends Raz, Noelle, and Allie


And a BIG Happy Birthday from ME to you dear little brother – I wish I was REALLY with you to celebrate!   We’ll see you all tomorrow for the TELL ALL and hand out badges………….THANKS FOR CELEBRATING WITH US.

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  1. BAD Mom made her coffee before she checked your blog so we’re NOT first!

    Happy belated birthday Teddy! this is a fabulous celebration. That cake is pawsome. Too bad about Miss D’s date. Hope the next one works out better!!!

    The Florida Furkids

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes! My day was great….I got even more spoiled than I already was. Miss D deserves better than that guy….purrrhaps #2 will be better – we’ll find out!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Now! Happiest Birthday in the world to you, Professor Teddy. Many many more you handsome three year old ginger hunka hunka burnin’ love!

    Miss Dingleberry, he wasn’t worthy of you. We will interview those who are from now on. XX from us Kitties.

    Katie Isabella


    • Katie that’s a brilliant idea – you all should interview Miss D’s possible dates – this guy was handsome but he didn’t know how to treat a woman right did he!!!! SHAME ON HIM!!!!!

      My birthday was fabulous…..really…….Mom and Dad made a big deal and I even allowed them to HUG me!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  3. Welcome back! I missed you. Happy Belated Birthday Teddy! And I have no clue as to where the photo was taken. Poor Miss Dingleberry. Don’t worry, the right guy will come along. XO


  4. Well, we have ourselves a real high class prison featured today. This ain’t Alcatraz Island… this is the ultimate country club experience for the upper, upper crust white collar criminal. Make that GOLD collar criminal. The beachfront view… the John Daly designed golf course… the fantastic marlin fishing. You might be surprised to find out it’s a maximum security facility… but that’s only to keep all the unwashed and honest masses from enjoying this penitentiary’s high life…

    Happy birthday to Teddy! That was real evil of some squirrel to take out the light span cabinet and ruin your special day like that. Maybe the fuzzy little hooligan can be properly punished by being Miss D’s next hot date. It’ll be hard to tell who has more facial hair…

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    • We actually DID wonder if a squirrel (or mouse or other furry THING) got in that light span cabinet and ripped out OUR connection! We’re just glad to be back – who thought a day and a half could feel like five years?!?! If this photo today was of a prison facility Mom would commit some offense ASAP so she could hopefully go there. BUT with her luck, it would be some hideous prison in the middle of nowhere with no windows and worse food than Ding Dong serves!

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  5. Happy Day after your Bday Teddy. Around here we celebrate for the entire month of our Bday.
    That photo is for sure on the coast of somewhere very beautiful.
    Thank goodness all is up and running now.
    Hugs Cecilia


  6. Happy belated birthday, dear Teddy. You’ve grown into a fine boy. I have no clue about where that pic was taken. Maybe if I ponder a while something will come to me. I know it’s not Denver. Or Portland, Maine though so that’s a start, right?

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  7. Hello! Late but NOT as lateas sometimes, MOL!!!

    Happiest of Happy Birthday greetings to YOU, Teddy!

    Wheeeee! Now you are THREE!!

    Its such a bummer when the whole internet around you konks out…its bad enough when its at your house but the while city?? Yikes! No banking, no medical records, etc… Glad its fixed though.

    I think I need a hot choc, its so cold here, and the calendar says March?? Hissses and Grrs!

    Off to do my hunting as to the whereabouts of your teaser, and we all had a good giggle at the date failed saga…


  8. Happy Birthday Teddy!! How nice to see Sammy. He must be dancing up a storm with Kali at the Bridge.

    Mrs, D you made the best food for our Teddy’s BD. Yes, of course I want some.

    This is a cool picture. It reminds mom of South Beach….slightly removed from Miami. How about I just say South Beach and we’ll see what happens.



    • Well Shoko – how about Long Island, NY?????? Who’da thought right? THanks for the birthday wishes – I’m sure Sammy and Kali and OH SO MANY OTHER FRIENDS had a party in MY honor at the Bridge – I like thinking about that!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Spitster! Thanks for coming by my King. It was a happy birfday – I’m only three – everything is HAPPY about three right? You also were right about it being a beach town but NY?????? Who woulda thought right?

      Hugs, Teddy


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  10. TEDDY! Ah sorri sorri cuz ah waz da 1 waz sposed ta tellin da fambly bout yerBirfdaze, an ah furgetz. Dat hoppen when yer 102 hooman yars older. Ah nowz yellin
    Happi Birfdaze ta Teddy
    Happi Birfdaze ta Teddy
    Cuz ya da bes bes kittah roun
    Happi Birfdaze ta Teddy
    Hopin dat makin up
    Buddy Budd and Fambly


    • Buddy Budd thank you so much for the birthday wishes – I was very happy that Einie and Timmy made it to the Scouts party today too. You all are such good friends and I really appreciate you stopping by!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  11. DOOD…..well we total lee mezzed thiz up coz we thinked yur birthday waz THIZ monday; we saw yur card pipo made N said….faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..we mizzed yur happee day…sew….we hope ya hada sooooper grate, total lee awesum, reel lee happee day N ya getted in trubullz, had fish pie N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez ♥♥♥


    • I did have a PEESEFUL birthday – Mom spoiled me rotten-er than I already am…….I got extra treats……nobody told me that I’m too HEFTY…….and I had a party at Cat Scouts AND here on my blog! I haz nuttin’ to complain about! Thanx for the wishes – means a lot to this old Tedonator!

      Hugz, T-Man


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