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Friday is here and so is the Fill-In Hop!     If you want to fill in some sentences and have some fun with us – just click the badge above and GO FOR IT!   Every Friday each of our co-hosts gives us two sentences with blanks in fun spots and we fill in the blanks however we want to.    It’s always interesting to read everyone else’s fill-ins.

Here’s this week’s sentences…………..this week I decided to let my Mom have the honors and her fill-ins are in BLUE!

1. My favorite kind of music is NOT LOUD.

2. I don’t believe  in going to bed angry.

3. My ideal day begins at 3:30AM with Teddy – that’s his “play time” and our alone time before his Dad gets up.
4. Don’t let fear of aging stop you from staying YOUNG AT HEART!
Thanks Mom!  I knew you’d do a good job with these – I kinda thought the sentences were more for people to answer than ME doing it this week.
I agree with Mom’s #2 – do I look angry?   HECK NO!!!   I look SLEEPY!

Love, Teddy


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  1. I agree, it is a bad thing to go to bed angry. Ivor and I rarely argue, but if we do we say our piece and then forget about it.
    Although I don’t go to bed that late, I am usually still awake at 3.30am as I am a very poor sleeper. I usually get to sleep about 5.00 – 5.30 and then wake up about 8.30 – 9.00. It’s okay to get up later when you’re retired though!


    • Retirement is certainly a GIFT for everyone who “had” to get up at a certain time most of their lives. I know it’s wacky to get up so early now, but I do love my “Teddy-time”. As for arguments – the RARE occasion David and I argue seems to be at night….after a long day….we’re both tired and are almost immediately sorry (!)…but definitely we put all that aside when it comes to getting REST. We need it!

      Hugs, Pam

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        • IT’s funny how our “body clocks” work. I know a lot of people whose days are upside down – they sleep all day and are up all night. Getting up early and going to bed early-ish is just right for me! I actually started loving that schedule MORE when I had a job where I could pick my hours – as long as I got my work done I could be at the office whenever……so I really loved going in super early and having my afternoons and evenings to do whatever I wanted to do.

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  2. I like all 4 of your Mom’s Fill-ins! #1 for sure!
    Hopefully our last day with the tile guy and we get out little Casa back. I don’t care what happens today CH and I are pulling up all the protective paper and getting the Casa back together!


    • Yeah there’s only so much disruption anyone can take…..I know how GREAT it looks with all the changes but enough is enough right? Casa De Klingensmith needs to settle down!! That will be so very coolio and I’ll expect photos too!

      Hugs, Pam


  3. Thank you to your mom for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I don’t like loud music either. It bothers me at events like weddings when I can’t even hear the person next to me talking. And you my friend, will always be young at heart. Very sweet photo of sleepy Teddy. XO


    • Actually I am awake BEFORE Teddy but the minute I open the basement door he’s hugging me like crazy! We decided ages ago that since he doesn’t like to sleep with us BUT he likes to be ACTIVE (aka crazy) at night, he needed his own basement bedroom so WE could get some rest. He enjoys the basement since all his STUFF, cat tree, and most of his toys as well as supplies (food/water) are down there anyway. SO, we have a 3:30AM reunion every morning and it’s wonderful!


  4. Teddy, you are so sweet to let your mom answer the fill-ins. She sure did a fantastic job! This here human completely agrees about not going to bed angry. I also don’t believe in going to bed hungry. And I also firmly believe that age is nothing but a number. I used to be afraid of growing older, but I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve realized a number cannot tell you how you feel or what you can accomplish. Purrs and happy thoughts!


    • Thanks for being one of the hosts for fill-ins……we’ve learned a lot about everyone this way and maybe even learned about some alternative ways of thinking about thing along the way. My Mom says she will NEVER feel her age (although some mornings with all the groaning I hear when she gets out of bed might speak otherwise!). LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT.

      Hugs, Teddy


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