Teaser Tuesday Class Is Now!


Hello Students!   Time to COMMENT then get comfy in your desk chairs!

Happy Tuesday.    Is everybody ready for more “where was this photo taken” kind of fun?   I hope so.    We have a GUEST TEASER today but I really think there’s a chance you might find it an easy one.

We’re going to get started by a quick review of the rules AND to show you the badges that you are eligible for – ready?

I’m DETERMINED today – do I look determined???

I certainly have been studying so maybe this is MY week?

Your Professors wish all of you some good luck……………now I think we’ll just go ahead and bring in the Cheer Team then show you today’s TEASER photo.    The Cheer Team always “sets the mood” right for guessing don’t you think?

Scooby Doo and Scooby Dee
Teaser Class entertainment with us is FREE!
Did you study or go out and party?
If you partied you’re just plain naughty!
Just do your best and we’ll be back tomorrow
You’ll either be grinning or crying tears of sorrow!
Now – let’s go to the cafeteria and eat some lunch
There’s always something yummy for us all to munch.

Well done Cheer Team!   Now – time for the photo!


It’s me – it’s me – sorry I’m late…..the regular guy hid the key to the safe where the photo was – he’s off today for the holiday!

Where was this taken?

Ohhh….ohhh….this looks familiar……lemme think about it……….

Well Chester you think about it and maybe this week is YOUR week to win something.    Meanwhile, some of us are heading to the cafeteria for a bite to eat.

Oh yes – I have one more thing to tell you all about and it’s SUPER TOP SECRET.     Miss Dingleberry’s birthday is NEXT week and several of the Professors in the Ding Dong School District (including us!) want to surprise her with something extra special after all her bad luck with her plastic surgery.    We’re looking for a NEW “Mr. Wonderful” for her to have a blind date with.   The area supervisor guy was a bummer because as soon as Miss Dingleberry’s surgery began – well – er – um – FADING, he was outta here.    He moved to another district and isn’t supervising our cafeteria staff any longer.    ANYWAY, we think our class should have a say because WE know Miss Dingleberry better than anyone.   To make sure all of you are included, we are having a VOTE on who to set up a date with for Miss Dingleberry.     So, please let us know who you think is the BEST MATCH for Miss Dingleberry.     All of these guys have seen Miss D’s photo and were VERY interested!     We’ll let you know next week what the results of this poll are.    REMEMBER – this is TOP SECRET!

Vote for your three faves!  


Let’s go eat!!

Hi Gang.    Hope you enjoy your lunch today.   We aim to please here in the Ding Dong Cafeteria…….I’ve been a little grumpy since I got back but I promise to cheer up….I’m just getting back into the swing of things!    


Good Luck Students!   Your Professors

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  1. We knew walking on Dad this morning would get him up on time. Now that Teaser looked like London but that tower is in a complex so maybe this one is the Charles Bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Miss D thanks so much fur the wonderful meal. We nommed till our bellies were full. We have just got back to class (Dad needed to scrape our tuition together. It was two nip mice and 6 treats, right?) and send our cat-condolences on your amazing changing face. Sigh. We will be here next week fur sure for the… great meal…
    Purrs all
    Timmy, Dad and Family


    • Katie you’re never LATE – just perhaps a little more ladylike with your steps to the blog than some who run 100mph!!!!! Anyway, hello and don’t forget to vote for a blind date candidate for our Miss Dingleberry!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. That sailor uniform looks old fashioned. Like a WWII American uniform. The structure looks European and since there are sailors, it is probably near the ocean. I will take a stab at it and say Copenhagen, Denmark.


    • Good Morning Boys! You might be right – but yes you are a BIT late…..were you working on the wallpaper project? Seems like a challenge but I’m sure your Dad is thrilled you’re helping………………!


  3. Coming this Fall on the ABC network, the ultimate in reality dating shows. Nine men, kidnapped off the street and locked away in an old guard tower somewhere in the middle of Liechtenstein, will vie for the affection of the ultimate Bachelorette… a lunch lady of ill repute from a schoolhouse shaped like a giant sheep. Watch the drama unfold all season long as these nine poor saps try to outwit, outplay and outlast this ultimate Survivor challenge hoping to NOT be the final contestant remaining to get the dreaded rose from Miss D. There will be no escape from the tower, and there will be no escape from the baggy arms of THE BACHELORETTE!

    Rated TV-MA for graphic scenes of torture, partial nudity, and eye stabbing twerking…

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  4. I’m here at last! My BIL has been helping Ivor this morning and stopped for lunch. I couldn’t really sit at the computer refreshing so had to wait until they went out working again.
    I was going to say the Charles Bridge in Prague too but see that has been guessed several times already.
    I haven’t been there but had a penfriend from there in the 60s and she brought a lot of postcards from there.
    Her parents were staying in London and she came down and stayed with my family. It was 1968, the year the Russians invaded. When news broke of the invasion her parents rushed down to Plymouth to collect her and then they tried to get back to Czechoslovakia.
    I wrote to her several times after that but never heard from her or her family again. I don’t know if they got back safely or if they were safe when they got there, or maybe the letters were stopped from going through. I prefer to think it was the last one, but I know she and her family were very worried about their safety.
    Just one photo has brought back all these memories. I have so many more of her time staying with us that summer.

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    • WOW……what a story. I hope you’re right that your penfriend and her family were victims of “mail censoring” or whatever would have kept her from getting your letters rather than any other reason. It’s amazing isn’t it what memories come when we see certain photos?

      Hugs, Pam

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  5. Prague…Old Tower…I’m late as usual but I think this is correct!!
    As for Ms Dingleberry I’m voting for Elvis…I think he could croon some soothing tunes that might soften her purrsonality up a bit
    Hugs Cecilia


      • Maybe we should go to Prague instead of Paris on our 50th Anniversary in 2021. What do you think? We’ve never been out of U.S. except to Canada. I loved our cruise to Alaska. I want to go there again. Hawaii is next February. ☀️ 🏖


        • Paris is a beautiful city – we’ve been there twice – but the world is so huge, we saw Paris before all the problems began and I want to remember it that way. Fiftieth anniversary deserves a great trip though and if you want to see Paris – I say GO FOR IT. We think we are celebrating our 40th next year with a cruise in Europe but not through France this time. I’ve heard Alaska is amazing as well as Hawaii. I highly recommend Prague though – another beautiful city.

          Hugs, Pam

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    • It is Prague and one of the most fascinating and interesting cities my Mom and Dad have been to……beautiful architecture, wonderful glasswork, cobblestone streets…..They were only there two days at the start of a cruise but loved it.

      Hugs, Teddy


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