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Here we are again – getting ready to spread the news about who gets what from yesterday’s Teaser!      First, our apologies for having it pop up at 3AM our time – that kind of made it almost impossible unless you’re an early riser like my Mom to be here when it went LIVE……..we can blame Mom…….she forgot to change from the “regular” blog time to a surprise time.    OH WELL – at least someone was up – wanna know who?    WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER at a couple minutes after 3AM????

Da Phenny and Da Nelly!


I was still sound asleep at 3AM !!!!!!   

Here is your special Valentine’s Week FIRST COMMENTER badge boys………………concatulations!!

WHEE! We were the FIRST COMMENTER for the special Valentine’s Week Teaser on Feb. 12, 2019!

Our Graphics Department had thought that it would be tough for anyone to know where the Teaser photo had been taken – why?   Because there are Christmas markets on BOTH sides of the BIG POND……..and there are a number of cities here in the US of A who have a decidedly European look to them.    So it seemed this photo might fool a bunch of you BUT it sure didn’t fool our winner of the Valentine’s Week FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE……………WHO was that?

Miss Jackie of Two Devon Cats!



Here’s your Valentine’s Week FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge Miss Jackie for guessing the photo below was taken in Old Quebec City, Canada!!

I guessed the Teaser for Valentine’s Day 2019 before anyone else did! YAY FOR ME!

Old Quebec City – a little slice of Paris in Canada!!!

My parents have been here……….they loved it but it does look like many other cities in Europe where they have great Christmas markets.  We thought we’d fool everyone but we sure didn’t.  In fact, SEVERAL of you got this after Miss Jackie did.   If you were a RIGHT GUESSER – please have a copy of the badge below!

Well I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Valentine’s Week Teaser of Feb. 12, 2019!

If you guessed but were wrong – you get a special Valentine’s Day GREENIE of your very own – please copy it and proudly display it!

I was wrong with my guess on the Valentine’s Day Teaser of February 12, 2019 but at least I tried!

BRAVO EVERYONE!   We thank you again for all your kind wishes for Professor Teddy’s Gotcha Day today too!

I hope I’ll get to celebrate my GOTCHA Day too when it comes!

Cheer team?  How about whipping everyone into a frenzy before we head to the cafeteria???!!!

Hip Hip Hooray what a special day
Professor T has a Gotcha and we’re here to say
Congrats to Phenny and Neilson who were FIRST to arrive at school
It was EXTRA early so we had the rest of you fooled!
Then we waited to see who’d be first to guess RIGHT
It was Miss Jackie this week and the competition wasn’t even TIGHT.
She’d been to Quebec before and figured it out
Soon others got it right and gave us a shout!
Next week we’ll have another chance for you to win
Then we’ll do a cheer for you and give you a big cheer team grin!

So who’s up for lunch today?     Follow us – we’re heading there now!

All you students enjoy your lunch and don’t forget on Thursday to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Today’s Lunch Menu:

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And on behalf of your Professors:

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    • You all were wide awake at the 3AM timeslot when we went live here so you got to be the ONLY First Commenter! WOO HOO!!!! Miss JAckie – like my Mom and Dad – has been to Quebec City and figured it out first….although it doesn’t look like one of the streets my Mom and Dad wandered around. Things have probably changed a little since they were there – it was 20 years ago. CONCATULATIONS BOYS!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Congrats to Phenny and Nellie who didn’t get fooled by your early start. Congrats to me too for getting that lovely Valentine badge.
    I loved Quebec City when we stayed there, such a beautiful place.


    • Well Teddy the Tiger posted a Valentine to EVERYONE on the blog today so feel free to say you got a Valentine from a very handsome red-head this year. HAHAHA You’d love shopping in Quebec! We had fun doing that – my hubby got a gorgeous sports jacket there and I picked up a street artist painting for a song. It’s truly fun.

      Hugs, Pam

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  2. Mom’s embarrassed, as she and Dad have been to Old Quebec City; though, not at Christmastime. She found a similar photo, but it was not identified, so that didn’t help her, and the dummy was searching in Europe. Another Greenie for us. Hugs to Teddy and Mom Pam and Dad David too! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • At least you got a SPECIAL Valentine’s Greenie! My parents have also been there and would NOT have guessed Quebec City for this particular photo. Mom would have guessed somewhere in Germany. We thought it might be a toughie!!!

      Hugs and Love, teddy ❤


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