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YAY!   Friday is here!    That means it’s time to fill in some blanks that we get every week from our co-hosts, Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.    You can join in the fun yourself if you click the badge above and link up.    It’s easy – Each of them give us two sentences full of holes – well – not holes really – blanks……and when we fill them in – you get to find out interesting stuff about US !   Coolio huh?

We have “AND MORE” in our title today because after fill-ins from ME today, we have an “EXTRA”………’s a little tale Mom created for a contest she’s entering.    We have to publish it here on the blog as a requirement of entering so we tacked it onto the fill-ins.

Here’s the fill-in fun first…………………AND this Friday I decided that I – Teddy Bear Kimmell – would fill the blanks in ALLLLLLLL by myself with no help from Mom!    My words are in GREEN.

1. I want to make it to a ripe old age like Angel Sammy did.
2. My claws are due for a clipping and I’m not happy about that.
3. A day in my life always includes at least TWO walks outside.

4. Good things happen to those who BEG (haha).
There you have it – another Friday pile of filling in done.    No help from Mom either.

So – what’s with the “MORE” in the title of today’s blog?

Well, Mom and I chuckle along with Evil Squirrel’s blog – those of you who are Teaser Tuesday fans know ES because he has guessed every single Teaser as being one of many quite creative and inventive prisons all around the world.    Yep – his sense of humor has gotten us through some boring Teaser photos in the past AND has also cheered us up when we had NO IDEA where the Teaser photo was taken.    We can always go away from Teaser Tuesday with a grin thanks to Monsieur Squirrel.    ANYWAY, he’s having a contest – we’ve entered before and had an honorable mention (yay Mom).    The contest is totally fun………………and if you’d like to find out what the deal is for this year’s contest, just CLICK HERE.     Who knows – maybe YOU might want to enter.

At any rate, Mom (aka my Graphics Department) said she’d take a whack at it.     Here’s her official entry into the SIXTH ANNUAL CONTEST OF WHATEVER on Evil Squirrel’s blog:

A Squirrel Walks Into A Bar…………

(Evil Squirrel’s Sixth Annual Contest of Whatever – 2019)

Pam Kimmell

“Set ‘em up Joe!” said Freddy as he climbed aboard an empty barstool.   “What a day – I’ve been thinking about this first acorn juice slammer since about lunchtime as I lugged the last leaf up to the nest”.

Joe put Freddy’s drink on the obligatory bar napkin and wiped the bar as was his habit just in case a drop had splashed.   Then he watched Freddy gulp down his slammer with gusto and immediately grabbed the empty knowing another one would be needed.

“Yeah Freddy – you look beat…..this next one is on the house.”

Freddy’s nest had taken the brunt of the high winds moving through and his wife Wilma and their three kids had been complaining about the drafts from the holes in the walls.   Even though there were two frosty feet of snow waiting for him at the bottom of their tree, he’d gone bravely out and gathered the more easily accessible leaves from a neighboring oak and brought them back to plug up the leaks.   When he’d finished, Wilma and the kids gave him a hug of thanks and told him to enjoy seeing his buddies at the bar……but to hurry back home because it was so cold outside.

Just as Freddy picked up his “on the house” drink, the bar – which usually was humming with conversations and laughter among the patrons became quiet.

Freddy saw Joe’s mouth drop open and looked in the mirror behind Joe to see the reflection of the bar entrance wondering what had changed the atmosphere.   Standing there just inside the door was a vision in silver.   She was wrapped up in the luxurious fur of her long silver tail which looked warm and lush.   Her almond shaped eyes scanned the room as if she was looking for a certain lucky someone.

She slowly unwrapped her tail from around her shoulders and sauntered over to the bar, sitting down right next to Freddy like she belonged there.   She leaned close to Freddy and said “Hi handsome……how about buying a gal a drink??”

The bar visitors returned to their conversations and game of pool as they took sideways glances toward Freddy and his guest with envy.

Joe said, “What’ll you have Miss?” and she replied in her sultry voice, “Strawberry Squirrelarita please”…………

Joe put the Strawberry Squirrelarita down in front of the beautiful gray squirrel sitting next to Freddy and wiped the bar down before going to the next customer.

Freddy turned to his drinking companion, raised his glass and said “Wilma, thanks for making me the happiest squirrel in the forest….let’s go home to the kids.”


Ta Da……….the end

We’ll let you know how Mom does or doesn’t do in the contest………….meanwhile, we aren’t sure how many are entering or have entered so far this year.   The entries are always fabulous and Mom never thinks hers are good but who knows…….this could be the year for Squirrelaritas to rule!!!!    GO MOM!

Hugs, Teddy

Do Not Disturb……unless Mom wins of course………….

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    • I am lucky that I’ve never had to have a bath before! I’ve had Mom wipe my feet before when I’ve accidentally on purpose played a little in the mud – but no bath. I’m sure that’s SCARY!!!!! Glad you like Mom’s squirrel story – are you going to enter Evil Squirrel’s contest too????

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

        • Your Mom has plenty of time to write a story – the deadline is the end of February! I think she could write a good one though – maybe about you two meeting up with a squirrel in a bar – that would be a good spot to have a Weimarita while squirrel-watching! Seriously though, if your Mama is having senior moments at her YOUNG age, imagine what it’s like living with my 71 year old Mom! HAHAHAHAHA

          Love, Teddy


  1. Freddy and Wilma…. now where have I heard of that couple before? Perhaps they’re sabertooth squirrels enjoying drinks down at the Water Buffalo Lodge? Great story and nice ending! I can picture Freddy turning to the rest of the patrons as he walks out of the bar with the beautiful gal, and in his best Mr. Green voice from the movie “Clue” proclaiming “I’m going home to sleep with my wife!” Thank you for creating the CoW’s first entry this year, and good luck! All those gushing things you said about the contest host can’t hurt either…

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHA…..never let it be said that Spoiled Cats are beyond a little conscious bribery! I had lots of ideas how to flesh out that story to make it longer but then I didn’t want to lose my audience in a cloud of minutia either!

      Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a lovely story. Freddy sounds like a very lucky squirrel. Good luck to your mum!
    I like your fill ins, Teddy. Of course we all hope you live to a ripe old age.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Miss Jackie! I’ll tell Mom you wished her well in the Evil Squirrel contest. I think all of us – human and animal alike – want to be here just as long as we possibly can – it’s tough to leave this behind (Sammy told me that!).

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Enjoyed your Fill-ins, Teddy! #4 is true… I didn’t have to beg much, but a Grouper sandwich is in my future today! Your Mom’s story is awesome… she knows how to put some great words into sentences that make a very good and funny story. Your Mom has the greatest sense of funny! I love that about her! I am wishing her much success in the contest! Go Pam!!!!!


  4. I loved, loved and loved that story! It was just a great start to my day and I hope that she wins! LOVED it! Perfect beginning, build-up and the end was just exactly right! Good luck Teddy’s mommy! Seriously, LOVED it.


    • Hi Carole! Glad you liked the story – with a contest theme of “A Squirrel Walked Into A Bar………” there ought to be some pretty fun and funny things going on at Evil Squirrel’s through this contest! My story literally popped into my head the minute I saw his theme. I’m anxious to read the other entries.

      Hugs, Pam


  5. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins Teddy, great answers. I am glad begging works for kitties-no one can resist a sweet face like yours. I hope you live to be a ripe old age too. Thank you for sharing your mom’s story, it was great! I am heading over to vote for it, I love a surprise ending. Have a nice weekend! XO


    • She wanted a surprise ending and in fact this whole story just popped into her head and she wrote it in like two minutes! HAHAHA Glad you liked my filling in today too. Hope the Pilch kitties and humans have a good weekend!

      Love, Teddy


  6. Mom Pam’s story was furabulous. We sure were hoping that was Wilma. Freddy’s got himself a pretty nice wife. All your fill-ins were purrfect! After all, you are a cat! Love to all. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • I’m not in any hurry to be leaving my cushy position as Official Ginger of the Kimmell household but one day I will join Sammy and I’m not worrying about that – I’ve got it MADE don’t I?!?!

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. MOL Teddy that squirrel joke and photo was great! And yes, I’m no fan of claw clipping and calling it a “pedicure” as our Female Human does fails to make it more agreeable,
    Purrs & Head Bonks,


  8. Teddy, your fill-ins are purrfect, as always! We’re right there with you on the nail trims – no thank you! As for begging, though, we do plenty of that around here. Having a cute face can get you pretty far. We bet you know all about that, Teddy.

    This squirrely contest is so much fun, and so is your entry to it! Sadly, I was somehow not aware of Monsieur Squirrel and these contests, but I will now remedy that. Purrs to all!


    • The Evil Squirrel blog is tons of wacky fun… long as you don’t mind the occasional “no no” word! 🙂 We love the adventures and photos and fun and have entered the contest in previous years. If you enter – good luck – you have until Feb. 28th!!!!

      Love, Teddy


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