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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!    How about joining in on this fun HOP that let us focus on things we’re thankful for every week?   Just click Brian’s badge above and link up.   Share.   We all have things we’re thankful for right?

I’m thankful that we have NOT had anymore snow.   In fact, all that mud which Mom insists comes OFF my feet before I’m allowed back in the house after a walk is GONE.   No more foot washing!  YAY!

I’m also thankful that I got Angel Sammy’s poem and message for this week – direct thru his wi-fi connection at the Rainbow Bridge…..!    Here’s what he wrote:


Greetings Poetry Fans!

I hope all of you had a good week since we last “met” here in the blogosphere.    Things are busy here at the Rainbow Bridge but then you all know about that as you’ve had to say goodbye to a LOT of your friends in the last few weeks.   This time of year we have more new Angels than we usually do during other Earth Seasons.    We welcome everyone with open arms and an Angel Hug and help them adjust – we know it’s an adjustment for YOU, but it’s also an adjustment for US.

Last week’s photo inspiration was the photo below, and I’ve followed the photo with the poem I wrote based on my thoughts about the photo.  If you have written a poem with this photo as your inspiration, please let us know in comments OR write your poem in comments so we can read it!

“Serious Bingo!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      February 27, 2019


Bingo player extraordinaire

In her eyes the determined stare

At her table her “equipment” is ready

Nerves are calm, her hands are steady

She takes this seriously – It’s important stuff

Concentration is present as she takes a puff

She’s a seasoned expert and knows the deal

She’s known in the Bingo Hall as Lucky Lucille!

She’s a ten card wonder and fast as lightning

She can mark cards and sip coffee so fast it’s almost frightening!

This is her BIG weekly outing so don’t get in her way

Lucky Lucille is in her regular spot and ready to play!


This photo reminded my Mom of going to bingo with her Mom once in a while.   A room full of serious Bingo players.   Concentrating and piles of cards in front of them – lightning fast marking each letter/number combo called out………WAITING until someone finally yelled out BINGO and you could hear a collective sigh of disappointment.     I love this photo.   I bet this lady is a real “character” !!

How about next week – ready to see the photo I have for you for next week’s poetry inspiration?

Oh  boy!   Magic huh?   Let’s see what we can all do with this one……………… the meantime, please remember – poetry is EASY if you let it be.   Doesn’t have to rhyme – just tell me what you FEEL when you look at the photo…’s all about interpretation!  

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Sammy………….that was a fun photo this week AND I think the magical fairy one will be fun NEXT week!     I’ll see you in my dreams…………………………….

Love, Teddy

Teaser Tell All !


Greetings and Salutations Students!   Pull up a desk and have a seat.

Here we are, gathered together to see WHO gets WHAT after yesterday’s Teaser.    Our Graphics Department thought there was a possibility that nobody would guess the Teaser – well you all proved the Graphics Department WRONG.

Also, remember, today is the day that our beloved (by some) Miss Dingleberry will be meeting the Blind Date YOU voted for.    Miss Dingleberry apparently spent the afternoon at the beauty parlor and is staying out of the kitchen today because she didn’t want to wear her hairnet and “muss” up her hairdo.    So she’s excited to say the least.   She was very appreciative of our efforts to give her a night to remember (or day….or afternoon).     If they hit it off, it will be up to them to go out after class or another night but Miss Dingleberry has promised that she will report back and let us know how things go.    We also told her that if this first date doesn’t work out, we have two more “possibles” lined up for her.

Now – back to the Teaser – would you like to know who our ONE AND ONLY FIRST COMMENTER WAS???    That’s right – we only had ONE FIRSTIE this week who popped in during the first minute of class yesterday morning!

ONLY ONE?????????

Yes only one………………..and that was:

PHENNY (and Da Nelly too of course) !!


We were the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of February 26, 2019! YAY FOR THE WEIMS!!

Phooey!   I had to go potty when I got to school so I forgot to comment!    DANG!

Sorry Dilbert but “you cruise you lose” !!

Here’s a little refresher of yesterday’s Teaser photo for you to see………………………..we had some guesses like we THOUGHT we’d get, like Alaska, Antarctica, Norway – but where was it ACTUALLY taken?

This is a photo of the Martial Mountain Peak in Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Argentina!!!

We had a bunch of you guess that in fact…………..BUTTTTT, only one of you was FIRST to guess it right and who was that you might ask?????????????????   We shall tell you!!


CLOWIE of Clowie’s Corner !!!


Here’s your badge dear Clowie!

I, Clowie, was the very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of February 26, 2019! YAY FOR ME!!!

Then there were SEVERAL of you who were ALSO right and each of you gets a copy of this one:

I might not have been FIRST to guess the Teaser of February 26, 2019, but I WAS right so I won this badge!! YAY!!

For all of you fans of GREENIES………….well, you tried and that’s the important thing – so you get to collect one of these for your efforts:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of February 26, 2019 BUT I wasn’t the FIRST one to guess. Oh well… time!!

Alright Cheer Team – take it away!!!

What a Teaser we had for you today!
Lotsa good guesses came our way….
The First Commenters were Phenny and his brother Nelly
They’re the toy destroyers with indestructible bellies!
Then came CLOWIE as our First Right Guesser
She wears a white fur coat so she’s a snappy dresser!
We hope you all had fun trying to figure Teaser out
Now let’s check out Dingleberry’s date and twist and shout!!

Thanks girls and thanks to all you students for another great Teaser Class.    Now for the main event – we will go over to the cafeteria for the meeting of Miss Dingleberry with Mr. Handsome!!!!!

Here we are in the Ding Dong School cafeteria where today we will have an exciting event take place – our beloved cafeteria supervisor, Miss Dingleberry will meet the guy all of the students and faculty at Ding Dong School chose for her to have a Blind Date with.    We hope that this date will lead to a fun time by both parties and maybe – just maybe – a happily ever after (or at least a nice meal and a few drinks!).   

Will Miss Dingleberry and her Date please join us here in the cafeteria??????

May I present Drucila Dingleberry and Wally Wunderful !


Dingleberry:    “uh……errrr…….hi!”

Wally:    “uh…….errrr…….hi!”



We have a big surprise for you two possible lovebirds – we have a certificate for DINNER FOR TWO at:


The #1 rated Thai Food Restaurant in town!!!!!!

You two kids have fun on your date – we wish you good luck (in every possible way).   There’s a limo outside waiting to whisk you off for your date………ENJOY!

Now, let’s eat shall we students???  All that LOVE made us hungry (but not for Thai food)!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you had a fun class today – congrats to winners AND losers – and let’s hope we made a LOVE CONNECTION for Miss Dingleberry!     Y

our Professors


Tuesday Teaser Class


Good Morning Students!   Be sure and COMMENT now!

It’s time for the Teaser.    Today’s is one from our Graphics Department.   The lady there thinks this might be a toughie.    It will be up to YOU to prove her wrong or right as you try to figure out today’s Teaser photo.    How’s THAT for a challenge?    You know you like a challenge………!!

I’m definitely UP for a challenge – bring it on!

Alright you two – you can’t HAZ it – YET!

Say – excuse me for barging in your class room but is this where Senior Aerobics Class is ?????????

No sir…..Senior Aerobics is at Wing Ding School and this is Ding Dong School……

Thanks you Young Whippersnapper!!   I’ll be on my way.

Where was I – oh yes – Teaser photo today is a challenge.   Now here’s a quick Rules and Badges review then ONWARD TO THE PHOTO!

Let’s bring in our Cheer Team to get you READY for the Security Guard to show today’s Teaser photo shall we?   Those girls know how to get everyone AWAKE and ALERT and ready for studying!

Here we are to get you in the mood
That goes for you girlie and you too dude!
Clean off your glasses and pull up your socks
Teaser class rules and we make it rock!
We know that you’re smart so prove us right
Hope your thinking caps aren’t too tight!
Search for the answer we know you can RULE
Put those brains to work and don’t sit there and DROOL!

OK girls I think you’ve got everyone TUNED IN and ready………………..let’s page the Security Guard and get this show on the road.


Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Do you know your mountains?   Where was this photo taken?

OK everyone…………that’s your Teaser challenge today.   Good luck………………we’ll be back tomorrow with the TELL ALL and at that time we’ll also have the first meeting of Miss Dingleberry and her Blind Date, Mr. #7 !    I know you’re as excited about that as we Professors are.

Well, let’s just say we’re all on the edge of our seats!

Shall we head to the cafeteria?????   Oh lets!!!!!  I wonder what’s on the menu today…………..

Greetings Students……..we have your Ding Dong Cafeteria lunch specials on the line for you today – enjoy!!

The Amazing Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Good luck with the Teaser students!   See you tomorrow for winners and losers!  

Your Professors



Pre-Teaser Monday


Monday is here!   Are you?    If you are, please have a seat – class is beginning now!

Hope you had a good week after last week’s fun – we had the poll to find the perfect surprise Blind Date for Miss Dingleberry and we definitely had a CLEAR Winner with the most votes.  We’ll tell you all about that before we go to lunch and remember – this is all TOP SECRET.

I’m so happy we’re helping Miss D!

For tomorrow’s Teaser – remember that when you get here to class it will be a SURPRISE TIME but the first thing you do is COMMENT!   The reason you should comment first before you sit is because you might just be our FIRST COMMENTER…….and if you are, you get a badge.   I know some of you show your badges off that you win from Class on your blog – that’s very cool.   Some of you just hide your badges in your closet and nobody knows how GOOD you are at Teaser class – it’s up to you – but we DO hope you have a lot of fun at Teaser Class here at Ding Dong School!

Here’s a “rule review” and the badges you might win:

We really want you to play by the rules too – please don’t load the Teaser into some “image search” program and have your computer do all the work for you.   That’s easy – what’s HARDER is figuring it out on your own.    Search for items in the photo – “big tower” “high mountain”, etc.    Then look at the images that pop up and see if you can find something SIMILAR to what we show you!    IT’s tons more fun – trust me!    Here are the badges for tomorrow:

Oh how I’d like to win a badge – I willy do twy!!!

What you REALLY need to remember – and I mentioned it above – is that the Tuesday Teaser goes LIVE at a TOTALLY DIFFERENT time every week.    You don’t know when it will pop so be alert!

Alert? YAWN…..what’s that???

Now for the news you’ve all been anxious to hear…………..the results of the Miss Dingleberry Blind Date Selection Poll.     We had a lot of candidates who were interested in meeting Miss D and we felt it was important for YOU to have a say, and you did vote.     The TOP three winners were:

Date #7 – had the MOST votes!

Date #5 – Got the second most votes

Date #6 – came in third in the voting

SO, what we will do is arrange a blind date for Miss Dingleberry with our #1 winner, Date #7 then the other two will be subsequent dates (unless of course First Choice Guy sweeps Miss Dingleberry off her feet and they run away to some island and live happily ever after).    If that happens – well – we Professors will be SHOCKED but stranger things have happened.

The #2 selection by you didn’t surprise us.   This guy is an Elvis Impersonator (or maybe he’s the Real Elvis?????), and he will be Miss D’s second date in the future…………but the guy who came in third – well – he certainly looks like he would be a FUN date…..and Miss Dingleberry needs some fun in her life.   Who knows.   Anything goes.

SO – remember it’s TOP SECRET……………Miss Dingleberry will meet #7 this coming Wednesday at Teaser Tell All class.    ARE YOU EXCITED?   We are!

I’m so excited I could SCREAM….oh wait…..I am SCREAMING!

Thanks to everyone who voted.   Now she can blame YOU and not US if she hates all of her dates……HAHAHA……JUST KIDDING!

So who’s up for lunch today?    Professor Teddy and I are… pop in line and let’s go!    REMEMBER THE DATE THING IS SECRET……………no blabbing.

I don’t think I was first – there was a line when I got here!

Hello Students……It’s just another manic Monday but we came up with a nice lunch selection for you!   Enjoy…..


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We’ll see you in the morning – surprise time!  

Your Professors

Sunday Selfie Hop


Who’s ready to HOP?   I am!    If you are and you want to link up, click The Cat On My Head badge above and join in the fun.    I know Kitties Blue would LOVE to have you.    There’s always room for more HOPPERS!

I’m back to my FLASHBACK SELFIES again this Sunday.     I’m finding it fun to look back at ME on the same day in the past year or two and seeing how different I look.   Now I’m all grown up (at least Mom hopes I am since I’m at 22 lbs.), I can look at the time around when I came to live here in February 2017 and see how I’ve changed!

This is interesting – below are two photos……the one on the left is me on February 20, 2017 and the one of the right is me on February 21, 2018.   A year apart but I don’t see much difference do you?????

They’re both “selfie” photos though………..funny how I’m in the almost the same position.   I think my stripes are more orange in that photo from last year but then again – maybe Mom’s camera did that!!

Mom did a puzzle of the photo of me from February 2017 and here it is!   Just click the MINI-ME below.

Happy Sunday and Happy Puzzling!!!   

Hugs, Teddy