Tuesday Teaser Time


IT’s TUESDAY and time to COMMENT!!!!  

Hello students…………we hope everyone is well rested and ready for class.   Our Teaser today is not a Guest Teaser – our Graphics Department provided the photo.    So sit back, take a few deep breaths, and prepare to be TEASE-TESTED!

I’m ready!

I’m TOTALLY ready and dressed for sleuthing!

OK – let’s begin.    First of course a quickie review of rules and badges……..

I think we’ll get the Cheer Team to pump you all up and get you ready for guessing – you know how inspiring they can be (cough cough) !

Not sure I’d say inspiring – bossy maybe……

It’s time to tease
So sit down please
Your desk chairs are warm
So your tushies won’t freeze
Take a look at the pic
As the school clock ticks
Try to be FIRST
Getting a badge would be quite a trick!
No cheating allowed
Make us all proud
If you figure the Teaser out
Don’t yell out loud!
Good luck to you guys
We know you’re all wise
So show off your brains

Well done ladies – let’s bring on our Security Guard with today’s photo so you can get started figuring it out!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where in the world is this?????????   We’ll TELL ALL tomorrow of course but for now – try to figure this out using your own clever mystery solving!!

Sherlock can figure out ANYTHING!

Now you may stay here and work on the Teaser OR you can follow we Professors as we head to the cafeteria because something that smells delicious is wafting down the hallways and we’re READY TO EAT!    Remember, class tomorrow will be at regular time and we’ll get the scoop on today’s photo.

Hello Students!   Step right up for your delicious lunch selections of the day!   Make sure you eat something nourishing so your brain will be ready to tackle the Teaser!!!!!!  


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See you tomorrow!!!   Your Professors………….


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  1. My first impression was that I saw this – maybe in the episode about Mediterranean gardens of the BBC series “Around the World in 80 Gardens”. But couldn’t find it. It seems to be somehow strange. Not ancient but wannabe-ancient-looking. I’m puzzled. No, I’m not puzzled. I’m teasered!!!


  2. That is quite clearly the Edwin Hubble planetarium and intergalactic prison… also known as the Hubble Bubble of Trouble. Some of the solar system’s most dangerous illegal aliens can be found within the confines of what is known as Area 69. One word of caution… never ever use the showers in the cell block for the gangs of Uranus.

    I hope Miss Dingleberry is resting comfortably in the hospital getting a dose of her own medicine with that awful hospital food…

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  3. I am here fat and full after having lunch out! I am sure I have seen that place before but in a photo. It is not somwhere I have been. It has an Indian look about it but something keeps niggling at me that it is West Coast USA. I will have to google “Domed buildings West coast USA” and see what if anything comes up.


  4. Today we are late cause petcretary had a flat tire in this wicked weather and had to go and get it taken care of…as well as drive with white knuckles to the tire fix it place, and then there was a whiteout to boot, and of course she forgot that this is Teaser Day. Phooey!
    That picture sure looks like some Greek or other ancient structure, but since things are all white and buried in snow, maybe a nice splash of green would be welcome! Can there be two so these silly pups don’t have a tiff? Somehow share is not in their talents…

    We sure hope you are not getting buried or frozen in in this wonderful winter weather…global warming?? Hmmm…maybe more like ice age frozen!!


    • OH NO! Flat tire? This is not flat tire weather and I’m so sorry that happened to your petcretary. Thank heavens she got to the tire place OK. We have snow but it’s just BARELY coming down and not supposed to amount to much – we’re more worried about the FRIGID AIR coming our way. Going to be brutal. BE CAREFUL!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Take it from us – Miss D is fine……she thought the plastic route would be fun but we’re afraid she skimped a little on it and – well – it’s not working out! She will be back next week.

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Too bad Mom didn’t come by sooner, as she knew this one right away. Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA. She had a premonition. when she didn’t come by earlier that she would know it. At least we’ll still get a badge.Thanks for having an easy one for us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


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