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Welcome to Tell All Class Students!

Gosh – we Professors really must say that we’ve been loading you all up with some very tough Teasers lately and for that – we’re sorry – sort of.    I say sort of because I think some of you have had a blast trying to figure the TOUGHIES out but it CAN be frustrating when you try and can’t get to the resolution.

In fact, for the second week in a row that’s what happened.    We had at least two of you who got VERY CLOSE to guessing the right location but NOT QUITE.

So, before we get into that, why don’t we start with our FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS.    We had TWO (well, really THREE)…………..who were they????

The winners were (ta da)………

Phenny and Oliver/Calvin !!

Congratulations!  Each of you gets one of these lovely badges!

WOO HOO!!! I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of January 15, 2019! I was an EARLY BIRD!

Aw heck….I was here early but not early enough and I was hoping for my FIRST badge!!!

Sorry Rodney – you just keep trying OK?

Then we began watching the guesses coming in…………………and while most of you had your lunch in the cafeteria and gone home, we waited at the computer for you to email your guesses in and know what?   We had LOTS OF GUESSES – some super good and super close ones BUT – nobody got it.


That’s right – NOBODY guessed the location of the Roman ruins in the photos.    Let me tell you who sent these STUMPERS into us then we’ll tell you where these ruins are.    Here are the photos once more:

These super photos were sent in by our good friend and your fellow student Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS !    She and her husband were visitors at this location during the Christmas time this past year………they stayed at LITTLECOTE HOUSE which is in Wiltshire, near Hungerford in the UK for a few days and they explored these Roman ruins which are on the site of the beautiful hotel.    Here’s an additional photo which we didn’t show because it would have given it away – the restored mosaic floor is well known.

Rather magnificent isn’t it?    Here are links to a couple of VERY interesting descriptions and historical information about this beautiful spot.    It’s definitely worth reading – the site of the Roman ruins pre-dates 70AD as a place that was active in whatever community it was part of in that day.

This is about Littlecote House  CLICK HERE  and this is about the Roman ruins at Littlecote CLICK HERE .

We really want to thank Miss Jackie for sending us these fabulous photos – we actually thought that even though it would take some research by you students looking at Roman Ruins, you would eventually run across these and recognize them.   HOWEVER, we soon discovered that many Roman ruins look much like each other!!!!     It was a TOUGH TEASER.

Thanks for these great photos Miss Jackie………………….this is for you!

My fabulous photos were featured on the Tuesday Teaser of January 15, 2019!

It was a TOUGHIE…..I am not amused we had two impossible Teasers in a row Professors!!!!!

Well, we will try to have an EASIER Teaser next week – how’s that?    No pouting please…………!!!

No pouting? How about screaming? Is that allowed?

I am happy to say that we ARE awarding a lot of one of our badges today though – the world famous and much coveted GREENIE!!!!    Everyone who tried – you get one of these of your VERY OWN!!!!

I tried to guess the Teaser on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 but it was TOO HARD FOR ME!!! Pooey!

Maybe our Cheer Team can cheer you all up????

This week’s Teaser was really rough
You all tried hard but it was just too tough
The Professors are mean and a bit too tricky
It’s not nice to make you students feel icky!
The Professors have promised next week will be better
If it isn’t we promise we’ll write the School Board a letter!
Don’t be discouraged because you all tried
If they promised an easy one this week they told us a LIE!!!!!
BOOOO Professors…..

Alright alright……….as if we didn’t feel bad enough.   If we always gave you EASY photos to guess you wouldn’t learn as much about this great big interesting world we live in.   Try to remember that will you?     We are helping you learn about all the places you should see and things you can do once you’re out and about in the world!!!!!

It’s a BIG world to explore – so STRETCH yourself!!

Now if you’d like to drown your sorrows in a nice lunch, follow us to the cafeteria.    I’m sure a full tummy will help you forget today’s Teaser experience!

So who’s up for lunch?   We’ve got a nice lineup of deliciousness for you – oh – and Evil Squirrel – the sunflower seeds we have for Kismet’s lunch every day are imported from the fields of sunflowers in Tuscany!

Today’s Delicious Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you next week students for an EASIER TEASER !!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy



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  1. Congrats to Phenny and Oliver and Calvin for being on the ball at Teaser Time!
    Congrats to us too, Teddy and Angel Sammy for fooling everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Littlecote on the prairie?
    I actually tried the sunflower seeds figuring that the seeds are still in the shell and can’t be messed with. They’re good but need a touch of chocolate and a glass, no make it a bottle, of Chianti. I won’t drink and fly.


  3. Tuscany? Tuscany!?!? With ten million billion sunflowers in Kansas, we have to import seeds? Well, apparently Tuscan sunflower seeds are kinda like Mexican jumping beans since they seem to move on their own every time you try to eat one….


  4. Dudes, we weren’t far off the mark fur the furst time effur – we knew they were Roman and down south!!! MOL MOL

    Happy Purrsday!


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