Sundays Selfie Hopping


Hello friends…’s Sunday and time to HOP with Kitties Blue again.     We all get together on Sundays at “their” place and do selfies then visit each other to see how FINE we all look!    If you click their badge above you can go there, enter your link, and join in.

I’m continuing my series of FLASHBACK selfies this week………………….this was from exactly (or within a day or so) of LAST YEAR at this time – I really don’t look any different do I ??    Which reminds me – my Mom says she would absolutely LOVE to have been able to have a “baby” photo of me but when I was taken from wherever I was to the shelter and Mom and Dad saw me and adopted me I was already 11 months old.    Oh well.    I was YOUNG anyway!

This was my Sunday Selfie of January 14, 2018 which is the CLOSEST one we have to one year from today.  

My goodness – I do look stripey and fluffy don’t I????

If you’re REALLY a glutton for punishment, I did a jigsaw of this photo…………seems to me it might be a little bit challenging just because of the patterns but YOU are all smarties and I’m SURE it won’t take you ANY TIME AT ALL to do the puzzle if you wanna!    Just click the MINI ME below and it will take you to Jigsaw Planet ASAP!

We have snow!    I’m staying inside like the intelligent cat that I am…..and my Mom and Dad are thankful that I’ve not screeched at the front door to be let “OWWAAA”.    I know all about COZY!  

Hugs, Teddy

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  1. OH my goodness! I sure hope that doesn’t;t slide down and over toward HERE! The weather guessers threatened us with the S word Friday but so far, it hasn’t happened. You DO look stripey and fluffy and adorbs on your sweet back!
    Katie Isabella

    pee ess tomorrow is my Gotcha Day! I have fuds and bacon beer….hint hint
    Katie Isabella


  2. Cosy is good , and really a cat thing, MOL. Your selfie this week is really warm and cosy too, and makes me think of the fire I am sat beside at this moment, warm and out the wind and rain, and thinking of mice 😉
    Toodle pips and purrs


  3. I bet you were an adorable kitten. You still are adorable. I bet the puzzle will take me all day ( I keep going back to it) , but it will be fun. XO


  4. Teddy, we bet you were one of the cutest kittens ever, and we too wish there were some baby photos of you. But every photo of you is adorable. This will be a great puzzle. Thanks for being our pal and hopping each week. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  5. That is a lovely photo of you in traditional ginger mancat pose, Teddy. I will be over in a few minutes to do your puzzle.


  6. Mee heerss you Teddy! Iss snowy an freezin here an mee stayss inn-doorss where it iss warm an dry. How mee survived 4 Winterss outside mee will nevurr know….
    Yore artsy photoe iss furry strikin!
    Iss lovelee to have a home to call mee own.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


    • I saw your snow and you guys playing in it on your blog – WOW – I think if I were just a little bit bigger (or had longer legs!) I could play in the snow too but ten inches of it is a BIT too much for me!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  7. Mom sure wants to do that puzzle, She is so far behind on everything. She is quite looking forward to getting some time off and being able to do some fun things (instead of working). We have not had snow here in Vancouver this year, but I, Marvelous DID get to see some in Midway over Christmas.
    did NOT go outside!


    • We had TEN INCHES of snow Marv! I couldn’t go walk in it but I sat on the front porch and watched it……not for long though because it was SUPER COLD too! I hope your Mom gets some well-deserved time off as well..would give you, Ninja and your Mom some FUN time……..

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Thanks Timmy – I have asked several times to go out and Mom always takes me but I only stay about 60 seconds before the cold gets to me! I’m no dummy – gimme a warm heat register any old time!

      Love, Teddy


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