Teaser Tell All Class Is In Session!


Time for Class!!!   Please have a seat at your desks and prepare for Teaser Tell All.

Our first thing to tell is that we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday.    Believe us when we say that the Cheer Team almost fainted when we told them.    They asked for a raise until I reminded them they aren’t on the payroll in the first place so now they want new uniforms.   We think we MIGHT just be able to manage that one.   Maybe next week.

The other thing to say is that this week’s Teaser was a WHOPPER.    We’ll explain that in a bit.



No not you I’m afraid……….maybe next week……………….the firsties were:


None of those is ME!

Congratulations EVERYONE!!!

So many firsties yesterday morning – we went live and within 60 seconds four of you popped right on to say HOWDY DO……………….all of you get one of these!

I was one of FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Jan. 8/2019 – YAY FOR US!!!

Then we Professors waited…………………..and waited………………….and waited…………………..and saw some guesses coming in and a few were CLOSE but by the time we stayed after class – long after all of you had gone home – and we’d had an early dinner in the cafeteria – nobody had guessed it correctly.    Here’s both of the photos again THEN we’ll tell you who our Guest Teaser was and more importantly WHERE WERE THE PHOTOS TAKEN????

Such a beautiful and peaceful place isn’t it?    Very few clues though so a hard one to guess.   Some of you knew it was a canal somewhere – maybe Ireland, maybe England, maybe Scotland but nobody knew where PRECISELY the photos had been taken…………we’ll put you out of your misery now.

First of all THANK YOU to CARRY of Carry Loves Cats for the photo (hers is the TOP photo of the marina)……this is one of her favorite walking spots and many of you know that Carry lives in Scotland.   This photo of hers was taken at the Auchinstarry Marina in Kilsyth, Scotland, UK.   The name of the Canal is the Forth & Clyde Canal and it’s the OLDEST canal in Scotland!    The other photo below it was one our Graphics Department found of the Marina and the beautiful fog in the sunshine.    If you’d like to know a bit more about the Canal and this area, CLICK HERE.

This is for you Carry:

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of January 8, 2019!

We had no RIGHT GUESSERS for the Teaser this week so everyone who tried but didn’t guess correctly will get one of these 2019 Greenies to add to your collection of Teaser awards!!

Well NONE of us guessed the TEASER of January 8, 2019 so ALL of us got a GREENIE!!!!

Darn……I tried!

I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

Well POOP! None of us won…..NONE OF US!!!!!!

Now students – you tried – we had some good guesses and some close guesses but no RIGHT guesses.   Miss Carry fooled everyone this week.    Good for her!!!!!    Next week I’m SURE someone will guess the Teaser.   Perhaps you just need a good lunch to cheer you up.    What do you say we file down to the cafeteria and PIG OUT!!!


Welcome to the Ding Dong Cafeteria Students!   I have another grand menu for you today!   Enjoy!!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you enjoyed Teaser class this week!   We’ll see you again NEXT week for more Teaser fun!  

Your Professors

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    • It really IS and my Mom had to do a little investigating to make sure that the canal we thought was the location of our photo WAS the canal we said it was and not the one you guessed. There must be a lot of beautiful places like this marina along ALL canals!!!

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  1. Motor Mommy says that picture gives her another reason to be brave enough to fly across the Atlantic to visit Scotland (and England) where her ancestors lived. Such pretty pictures!
    You stumped us all this week, Teddy!
    Love, Sundae


    • My Mom and Dad as you know loved Scotland – every single place they visited – AND the Scottish peeps too. It’s just a gorgeous place and combining it with seeing the sights of the English countryside is beyond wonderful especially the Lake District AND Cotswolds. All of my Mom’s ancestors were Irish/English/Scottish too. Mom was a Johnson and that’s part of the MacDonald clan.

      Hugs, Teddy

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      • Thanks to Ancestry.Com mom found she has even more Scottish blood than English and that’s a lot right there. She’s about half and half of both Countries. She said she was surprised through my other favorite brothers hard work with the family tree just how Scottish it is. XXX
        Katie Isabella


    • Carry says it’s a great walking spot – AND that the pub in the photo has great food…..nice combination of peaceful spot for walking and restful food stop all rolled into one!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. YES YES YES YES! Yessity YES! I have my badge and after it’s been on the side bar it will go into my awards page. LOVE winning. And I love that woofie face in there when he said he didn’t win first comment. Miss Dingleberry has been to the doctor I see and has gotten a makeover? I’ll miss that mustache!
    Katie Isabella, Supine Drinker


    • She had a HUGE pile of plastic surgery before Christmas……but who knows if it will “last”…..she might not have gone to the most reputable surgeon in the world – we’ll find out!

      Concatulations on your badge!
      Hugs, Teddy


  3. That was a great guest Teaser. How cool that Carry gets to walk along this. Congrats to the speedy guessers and congrats to the professors for stumping everyone 🙂 XO


  4. Good for Miss Carry stumping the class. Is the cheer team on strike? Thought they had a contract? They do need new unifotms, but we sure miss them when they aren’t here! And they only had firsties to cheer…no winners. We had no clue. Happy we don’t need to have the right answer to get lunch.. MOL! XOCK, Kitties Blue


    • The girls were penning a cheer with FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS well into the night and just didn’t have it done – they fell asleep in the hot tub writing………so they gave it to me this afternoon and I’m going to TACK it into tomorrow’s post from Angel Sammy. I guess we have to cut them some slack – they get “DISTURBED” when they have a lot of names. Wimps!

      Hugs, teddy


    • Well they occasionally get a day off…………..!! Actually they were working into the night to try to incorporate FOUR First Commenters and promised they’d have SOMETHING done in time for me to tack it onto tomorrow’s post from Angel Sammy with his poetry. Those girls are SLACKING OFF lately!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Congrats to us 4 early birds, and congrats to you and Carry for fooling everyone. I did get the right country at least when I said it looks like Scotland or Ireland. Trouble was I spoiled it by coming back later saying Henley.


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